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Krypton 4th of December, 2010 06:47

Table Talk (OOC)
Ahoy, folks!

Looks like we have this shiny forum to coat with the blood and tears of our enemies.

Vortigern 4th of December, 2010 09:46

I am not familiar with the Rhoynar Invasion, but I have just read up on it slightly in the campaign guide etc. This was an invasion of the Rhoynari/Dornish going North?

So, ours being a House established in this period, that means we fought against this invasion and were titled with conquered lands taken from the Dornish?

Krypton 4th of December, 2010 10:59

OR that you fought on the dornish side and the Prince of Sunspear granted you titles - after all, at that time he was a King. It's up to you which side you were on, then.

Vortigern 4th of December, 2010 12:08

Hmm. Personally I would prefer to not be Dornish and all egalitarian and whatnot.

AoM 4th of December, 2010 12:27

Should our house be traditionally based at Summerhall? Or should it have been based elsewhere, perhaps more south near the Prince's Pass into Dorne, and then recent events have moved us to our current location?

Conquest suggests that we won our ancestral lands with the partitioning up of newly acquired land, so it would make sense to have come originally from the borderlands between Dorne and the rest of Westeros. The Windfall event is huge enough that it would make sense that we might take up the new seat of Summerhall, if it allows us to leave lesser lands in the Dornish Marches.

Any concern about the young age of our lord? our heirs, should we have any, will need to be very young indeed.

Vortigern 4th of December, 2010 12:40

A.) I was thinking that there should be two parcels of land as well. The old, much diminished, holdings on the border with Dorne and the new holdings of Summerhall that the House has transfered to. Or we can have completely divested ourselves of the southern lands somehow in the transfer, trading or something, and have completely relocated north. But the initial lands, I agree, suggest the first investiture of the House was southern border lands.

B.) I was a bit concerned about that as well. A 17 year old Lord means effectively no one can play the Heir, and that if our Lord dies and leaves an infant heir, we are set up to turn on each other fight over our own succession.

Krypton 4th of December, 2010 13:09

Brothers can also be heirs, and sisters and their husbands could be family members as well. As yet, Lord Summerhall is possibly married, with the position of Lady Summerhall available as a PC if someone wants it. if no one does, he will be unwed at story's start. Ser Charlz died valiantly at the Trident.

Vortigern 4th of December, 2010 13:15

Currently, if everyone likes my version of the Scandal Event at least and the inclusion of the Targaryen Bastard in the Sotheling family, I was considering playing a direct/legitimate descendant of that bastard type person. A blood relation of the House, but not in an inheriting position. A bond-knight/retainer or possibly a sub-invested banner-house lord of the House of Sotheling. Possibly in the position of Castellan or some such.

Krypton 4th of December, 2010 13:28

Also a note, Ser Charlz was the second son of the Sotherling House, so you guy have relatives... wherever you decide to originally be from. And just because you were founded during the Rhoynar Invasion doesn't mean I'm going to restrict your origins to Dornish ones. You could as easily have successfully risen up against Lords in another part of the Seven Kingdoms, or gone the mercenary route somewhere.

It's up to all of you, but I recommend you wait to decide everything until everyone checks in.

Vortigern 4th of December, 2010 13:35

Ah? Was Ser Charlz the inheritor of the original House Sotheling Title? Or was his son invested with a Title he won at the Trident, in posthomous gratitude? i.e. are there in effect 'two' House Sothelings?

As for alternate origins, I'd be quite curious to hear any ideas. I confess to a personal fondness for the North and House Stark, but ... I was trying to just let the events speak for themselves as much as I could in my own brainstorming etc. Any alternate suggestions for anything I'd find quite welcome to discuss!

The only one I find I am getting rather partial to is the bastard interpretation of the Scandal Event, as I am currently leaning towards using that as part of my character concept.

Krypton 4th of December, 2010 13:50

No. Ser Charlz was not the original heir to the House Sotheling Title - it as as you say, Owyn was awarded a Title his father earned at the Trident. His older brother is now the Sotheling of... wherever y'all decide to have come from. Rather than make you a 'new' house, you'll have all the reputation of the old one. 'Windfall' made the most sense this way.

EDIT: Okay - it shouldn't actually work that way, in the rules. The Sothelings of.... wherever, have become the Sothelings of Summerhall.

AoM 4th of December, 2010 17:11

Hmm. So there's an older brother who feels he's been cheated out of the Southling lordship? Or is this just the case of a second son gaining lands of his own and not disrupting the older brother's lands?

Do they still have separate holdings? Are they now considered a banner house of ours, or simply a different house with the same name altogether?

As to the idea of being from a different area, I must say I rather like the idea of the old house being located on the border of Dorne and the Stormlands. As much as the North has its charms, I think I'm quite happy being a Southern house that has found itself a nice plot of land in King's Landing.

EDIT: After reading of the campaign guide, Summerhall is an intriguing entry - a former Targaryn retreat holding that burned down and is now a moss covered ruin - and considered to be haunted to boot. Hmm. Seems it's our house's task to rebuild it. I couldn't find its location on any of the maps provided. I'm wondering if that would allow us to place it where we wish?

The Rhoynar invasion has intrigued me - but I'm not certain that we need to be Dornish. Maybe we were involved in a dispute between Andal kings and it just happened to occur during the same relative time period. That being said... I think my character is going to have some blood of the Rhoynar. I've always liked House Martell in the books.

Krypton 5th of December, 2010 03:35

Summerhall is well south of King's Landing, kind of near where the Reach, Stormlands, Dorne, and King's Landing come together.

And yes - when you were awarded it ten years ago, Summherhall was overgrown ruins.

Krypton 5th of December, 2010 03:48

Tower of the hand has a map that shows you where summerhall is. Just google 'westeros map.' Also, the part where Charlz was not heir to the Sotheling estates is now recoceptualized. The old Sotheling lands were given to Charlz' younger brother.

Merbak 5th of December, 2010 06:58

I'm thinking of playing the oldest son of Charlz, who was a bastard and sent away from Westeros with a care-taker when Charlz had a legitimate heir. The care taker found training for him as a Water Dancer, and when the care taker passed away, he found work as a hired blade (which as a Water Dancer, was relatively easy to find). When he heard of the passing of his father, he waited a few months to allow any succession issues to resolve, and then returned to Westeros to see what had become of his father's house.

Merbak 7th of December, 2010 03:29

So... did my concept step on too many toes, or is a Water Dancer such a bad idea that everyone fled the forum, or have people just been busy? (I'm assuming it's more of the last, but if either of the former 2 are true, I'm willing to change)

Darius 7th of December, 2010 04:25

No issues here. I can see where my character and yours might butt heads ideologically in terms of philosophy of combat, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Krypton 7th of December, 2010 05:57

Meh. Weekends happen.

Just waiting on dabo to contribute his d6 before events start getting finalized and rolled for. (Basically, you'll decide on the event collectively, and then I'll roll and adjust the figures.) Then we'll move on the next event. Rinse. repeat.

Vortigern 7th of December, 2010 08:09

Sounds good to me. My bastard descended guy would probably have a lot of empathy for a bastard coming home and throwing in with family regardless.

AoM 7th of December, 2010 12:07

Vort and I have been hashing out our concepts in PM while waiting on the House Creation to roll along. We've almost got our characters ready, but I think we've hit on an issue that should be put before the public forum.

If Vort wants to play a legitimate son/grandson of a Targaryen bastard (remembering that all Targaryen bastards were legitimized) would it be a bad idea for him to go around with the Targaryen name in this current political climate? My own thoughts would be that such a character should hide any possible claim to the throne and go by the Sotheling name. Is it less of an issue than I'm making it out to be?


@Merbek: My original concept might have dabbled with fencing, but when you mentioned your idea to be a Water Dancer, I made my character's paltry fighting ability go along more traditional routes. What sort of disposition does your character have for his House?

@Krypton: Who is our mystery player? Will they be joining us in these discussions?

EDIT no.2

Just puttind down notes somewhere where it can stew ideas useful to character and house concepts:

Neighboring houses to Summerhall - to our immediate north is House Meadows of Grassy Vale, a minor house of the Reach that lies along the Blue Bym River. Lord Elwood Meadoes serves as second to the castellan of Storm's End, Ser Cortnay Penrose. And Lady Lysa Meadows is married to Lord Olmer Tyrell, one of the many cousins of Mace Tyrell. Lying north is also the closest bend of the Rose Road, and the western edges of the Kingswood.
To our east is the Reach, and the next major house are the Ashfords of Ashford Castle, alongside the Cockleswent River. Beyond them is Cider Hall.
To our immediate south is obviously the Boneway, a long valley stretching through the hilly and mountainous ranges of the Dornish Marches. The Boneway is ruled by House Wyl, a minor Dornish house whose seat of power is the coastal city of Wyl, and the Boneway Castle. House Dondarrion of Blackhaven rules the northen Boneway Pass through the Red Mountains and owes allegiance to the Stormlands. Lord Beric Dondarrion, the lightning lord, rules there along with his wife, the Lady Allyria of House Dayne.
To our east are the Red Mountains, and beyond them Storm's End, the Rainwood, Cape Wrath and all the houses of the Stormlords.
To our north are

Vortigern 8th of December, 2010 02:19


Originally Posted by AoM (Post 389215)
Vort and I have been hashing out our concepts in PM while waiting on the House Creation to roll along. We've almost got our characters ready, but I think we've hit on an issue that should be put before the public forum.

If Vort wants to play a legitimate son/grandson of a Targaryen bastard (remembering that all Targaryen bastards were legitimized) would it be a bad idea for him to go around with the Targaryen name in this current political climate? My own thoughts would be that such a character should hide any possible claim to the throne and go by the Sotheling name. Is it less of an issue than I'm making it out to be?

Well really my question is 'can' he shirk the Targaryen name? And would it really be 'possible' to hide such? If it is, it is certainly the more prudent course to begin with. But I was uncertain if it were possible.

Any critique available for the build I've got going would be quite welcome as I am still trying to 'feel out' this system. I was considering going with a status of six, but that seems questionable perhaps.

Goal: Power

Motivation: Validation / Excellence

Virtue: Honest

Vice: Ambitious

Age: 25

Adult ( 210/210 ) ( 80/80 )

Animal Handling: 3 ( 10 ) ( Ride: 1 )
Athletics: 3 ( 10 )
Cunning: 4 ( 40 ) ( Logic: 1 )
Deception: 1 ( -50 )
Endurance: 3 ( 10 )
Fighting: 4 ( 40 ) ( Long Blade: 1, Spear: 1 )
Language/Common Tongue: 3 ( 10 )
Persuasion: 3 ( 10 ) ( Intimidate: 1 )
Status: 4 ( 40 ) ( Stewardship: 1 ) ( Landed Knight & Castellan of Sotheling )
Theivery: 1 ( -50 )
Warfare: 7 ( 130 ) ( Command: 1, Strategy: 1 )
Will: 3 ( 10 )


Blood of Valyria ( Status Counts as one rank higher for influencing a target. +2 to Intimidate Results. +2 to
Passive Endurance when resisting Fire/Heat. )

Inspiring ( Gain 1 additional command each round in warfare. May expend one command to re-roll warfare tests and
keep the better result. )

Leader Of Men ( Once per round of skirmish/battle may automatically reorganize or rally a unit. Does not count
as an order. )


Honor-Bound ( Reroll any 6s in Deception and take the second roll. )

Krypton 8th of December, 2010 02:47

The real problem with your status, Vort, is that it's still too high at a 4. 4 is what heirs and family members of this house will have as a Status. Legitimately, you'd probably have a 2 as a House Retainer - but I'm fine with you taking one of the 3-slots as the House's Castellan, latest in a long line of Castellans.

Darius 8th of December, 2010 02:50

That's a... very high warfare. I take it there will be something in the background to justify it?

Vortigern 8th of December, 2010 02:52

Hmm. I took the 4 straight from the 'Landed Knight' entry, so I thought I was good. But 'Will Comply'. I could use a bump in awareness anyway. Any other critiques of the build non-relating to status?

Darius 8th of December, 2010 03:07

Ser Harald Sotheling

Background: Held as Hostage
Goal: Love (fell in love with the daughter of the Lord where he was hostage)
Motivation: Love
Virtue: Honest
Vice: Arrogant

Age: 24

Adult ( 210/210 ) ( 80/80 )

Agility 3 (10)
Animal Handling: 3 ( 10 ) ( Ride: 1 )
Athletics: 3 ( 10 ) (Strength 2)
Awareness: 3
Endurance: 5 ( 70 ) (Resilience 2)
Fighting: 4 ( 40 ) ( Long Blade: 2, Spear: 1 )
Persuasion: 3 ( 10 )
Status: 4 ( 40 ) ( Cousin to the heir )
Warfare: 3 ( 10 )


Threatening (originally was going to be Honor-bound, but Vort beat me to it)
Flaw: Deception

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