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Croaker 6th of March, 2010 19:26

Hi all! Post here if you made it from the recruitment thread safely. We'll start discussing the game and I'll collect your email addresses.

Hopefully we'll get things rolling this weekend!

Gral Edit: I took the liberty of fixing things for you.

Darius 6th of March, 2010 23:21

Hi Croaker. Email address is in my profile.

Explosive Cheese 7th of March, 2010 02:31

Hi. I think my email address should be in my profile too...

Croaker 7th of March, 2010 09:52

Cheese -- your email address isn't in your profile.

Darius and Tag -- I sent you an e-mail.

Explosive Cheese 7th of March, 2010 12:34

Okay, I'm not quite sure how to make my email visible in my profile...
So my email is...

Explosive Cheese 7th of March, 2010 13:01

Thank you Croaker!

Croaker 7th of March, 2010 13:24

At your service, of course.

Tomorrow I will post instructions for getting started and hopefully the Oracle elements.

Speaking of the Oracle, there are four to choose from. Blood and Sex, God-kings of War, The Unquiet Past, and A Nest of Vipers. Just look them over; they're all in the rulebook. They basically determine what sort of mood or theme each chapter will have. You'll be voting on that tomorrow, sort of. More like coming to a mutual agreement. Or maybe I'll just say "First person to post after this post gets to pick the Oracle!".

See you tomorrow.

Explosive Cheese 7th of March, 2010 15:02

I read it over... It looks fairly sophisticated, but also much simpler than the d20 rules I'm in the middle of. I'm pretty excited to try this!
I'm leaning towards God-Kings of War as our Oracle.

Croaker 7th of March, 2010 15:09

Fret not about the Oracles; we'll have a chance to try them all out as the game goes on. Each chapter gets a new one. :)

As for the rules, they are simple on paper and complex in action. Hopefully I will be able to guide you all to understanding. Our first chapter will probably be a bit halting, but subsequent chapters will glide by.

Croaker 7th of March, 2010 21:23

Alright, I can't sleep. Therefore I'm going with Exploded Cheese's choice and throwing up the first Oracle, God-kings of War. I'll post it in the general forum in a moment.

Once it's up and you've skimmed the rulebook, you should pick characters. Once you've chosen what element you want to play as your character, we'll get into character generation. There's a sort of round-robin section where everyone states a goal or two, so I'll make a separate thread for that when the time comes.

Happy gaming!

Darius 8th of March, 2010 00:37

I was almost hoping for Nest of Vipers, but God-Kings was my second choice.

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 07:37

We'll get around to another Oracle in the next chapter, worry not.

Explosive Cheese 8th of March, 2010 08:18

I'm thinking of giving Sawrina a magical amulet that is her family heirloom as her particular strength. I want to make it unique (it's an heirloom, after all).

My backstory for it is something like:
"A small golden amulet with a brilliant emerald at its center. It has been passed down from mother to daughter in Sawrina's family for generations, as a simple family heirloom. The emerald seems to glow with a dull mystic light as it rests on Sawrina's chest."

It's usage would be something like:
"It grants the wearer increased understanding of the workings of spells, if they have some innate magical sensitivity. Whenever they are analyzing instructions for casting a spell, the emerald flashes brightly for a moment, and gives them a flash of insight into the workings of the spell."

It has to be used for myself. For NPCs it's good for action.

Significance 1: It's unique.

Its die is a d8.

Darius 8th of March, 2010 08:20

Heh, I put my strength in the Oracle page (mainly to keep everything together).

Explosive Cheese 8th of March, 2010 08:27

I wasn't sure if it would be my strength yet, so I put it here. When I decide on everything, I'll put the clean version in the Oracle page.
What do you think? Does the amulet look like it fits the rules?

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 08:30

That seems like a good Particular Strength to me!

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 08:32

Darius -- the short sword your character bears wouldn't happen to be the "cursed" short sword, would it? =D

Darius 8th of March, 2010 08:33

It could very well be. I figure someone might pick to be the spirit of the sword, or at worst you might NPC it.

Or it could just be a sword.

Explosive Cheese 8th of March, 2010 08:40

*Squee* My fist ever RPG character is beginning to take shape! may ignore that *Squee*...:paranoid:

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 09:47

It's up to you. If you want it to be, it is. If someone has a problem with that, we'll work it out.

Explosive Cheese 8th of March, 2010 10:14

I have a nice little physical description of Sawreena setup for when we introduce our characters; I can't wait!

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 11:30

Well, I'm very glad for your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is key; it will keep pBp games going longer than anything else.

As soon as Tag checks in and works out his character, I'll have you all repost and format them as character sheets in the Rogue's Gallery.

Explosive Cheese 8th of March, 2010 11:37

I can already see a potential conflict between Sawrina and Iraj - the shortsword's thirst for women's blood...

Croaker 8th of March, 2010 11:46

Depends on whether his particular strength is the cursed shortsword, but I'm glad you're looking for conflict. This game is all about conflict. =D

That being said, remember that this is cooperative storytelling and nothing can happen to your character without you giving permission. You can be injured or lose points from your forms, but you won't die until you think it makes sense/would be awesome.

It takes some getting used to, but I think you'll all enjoy it a great deal.

Darius 8th of March, 2010 12:00

I was going to wait until Tag gets his character up and/or wait for the interests round robin before making my mind up about the sword.

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