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Anas 30th of January, 2010 05:10

IC Chapter 2: Lost In Ruins
It has been three days since the four of you left Lianna. While calculating the hyperspace route to Ossus, Xann encountered difficulties because there was no fresh data on the Holonet. To work around the inconvenience Xann employed a puddle jumping method to nearby systems in the Belderone sector before safely making the jump to the Auril sector and finally to Ossus.

Despite the lengthy travel time, you have arrived safely above the ancient jungle world. Several large continents cover the planet's surface along with two equally large oceans. Preliminary scans show numerous ruins and you also see overwhelming life form readings, though nothing specific as to their nature. Of particular note is complex located high in what the computer calls the Eocho Mountains. There is nothing else in that area for hundreds of kilometers except open jungle. You ultimately decide that the remote facility is likely the best place to start, and Xann brings The Legacy in for a closer look.

As you fly through thick clouds over the dense rain forests you can make out hundreds of brightly colored birds and other flying creatures inhabiting the canopy, but anything further down is obscured by the trees. It is not long before you make a pass over the ruined complex. All of the buildings have been charred black by fire and overgrown with vegetation. Numerous squat buildings surrounding the complex have mostly been crushed beyond usability, however a few remain standing. Larger structures within the perimeter have been reduced to their foundations, and there is no telling what they might once have looked like. In the center of it all is an enormous ziggurat, or what is left of one, and immediately next to it is a smaller pyramid. Both temples have part of a large transparisteel cube on their peaks, and from the general angles of the breaks it would seem that the smaller pyramid at one time rested inverted upon the larger, separated by the cube. Because the side of the ziggurat shared with the smaller pyramid has been crushed and all of the debris has gathered between the two, it would be safe to assume that the inverted pyramid fell in the destruction of the complex and caused the damage to the ziggurat.

A few towering trees protrude from the remains of the transparisteel cube on the ziggurat, and as you fly around the temple you notice that the northeast side has also been destroyed and has caved in. Xann makes a second pass around the complex, looking for a suitable place to land, and he notices a tram line that seems to have survived the devastation. Following it leads to a fairly large hangar set into a nearby cliff face. The bay doors are open, and it looks to be in good condition, if not somewhat of a mess. Deciding it is probably the only suitable landing spot, Xann brings the ship in and sets her down.

dabocim 30th of January, 2010 06:09

Je'Koth begins muttering to himself as he sees the ziggurat. "It could be here. Soon I will finish what we started."

IG44 3rd of February, 2010 06:42

Xann turns off the ship's engines and grabs his rifle from its resting place against the console next to him. Though they seem friendly, and do not appear to be too dangerous, he does not trust them very much. The fact that there has been no talk of monetary compensation also troubles Xann. Caught up in the bustle on Lianna he had completely forgotten to bring it up. After readying himself he takes a gander outside at the rather large building in the distance, and lets out a sigh. "I suppose they're going to want my assistance, and it's better than sitting with the ship and waiting I suppose."

embo33 10th of February, 2010 03:38

Glad to be able to get off the ship and away from her cranky companions, Glas Aon runs off the ship, and makes her way through the clutter to the main hangar door where a gnarled tree has begun to grow across one corner of the opening. Deftly grabbing some vines, she swings herself onto the trunk and scrambles upwards a few meters for a better vantage point to observe the landscape.

dabocim 10th of February, 2010 06:29

Je'Koth walks down the entrance ramp, and follows Glas Aon to the hangar entrance where he gazes at the broken temple in the distance.

IG44 12th of February, 2010 06:41

Xaan comes down the ramp, stopping short of Je'Koth, and places his hand on his shoulder. "Well, I hope that whatever you're looking for is here, because if I do say so myself it doesn't seem very logical to give you another bout of safe passage without a little compinsation." Xaan smiles at Je'Koth and walks past him, makeing sure that his weapon is properly loaded.

dabocim 12th of February, 2010 06:45

Je' Koth says, "You'll be compinsated eventually, because when we go in that temple I bet something will try and kill us and then your compinsation will be your life. However, if you manage to survive I will pay you in due time, don't worry friend." and then he begins walking into the jungle.

IG44 12th of February, 2010 06:48

Xaan smiled at his passanger, looking up into the tree to see the female climbing. "Anything interesting in your sight? I daresay if we meet resistance I would much rather not be ambushed at all."

embo33 16th of February, 2010 04:09

Glas Aon says with a sly grin, "This is an oh so populated planet and I am sure they are about to ambush you and only you. However, in some company it is best to watch your back at all times, even with out suspicions of an ambush. Now in all seriousness, the only thing I saw was the empty tram line." She then hangs upside down in the tree, expecting the two sith to break out into an argument.

dabocim 19th of February, 2010 06:37

Je' Koth says, "Xann come over here I think I found something. It looks as if somebody was here a long time ago. It looks as if they were running away from the temple."

IG44 19th of February, 2010 06:40

Xaan looks down at Je'Koth, and frowns a little at the sudden interests at past civilization. "I'm sure that whatever these people were running from is either dead or has fled this planet do to lack of food." Xaan crouches next to Je'Koth to examine the area around the young passanger.

dabocim 19th of February, 2010 06:45

"You are assuming that what ever it is was alive." says Je' Koth distantly, "I think that this may have been the explorer that found this crystal." He pulls a small crystal out of his pocket that seems to pulse and glow in the dim light, he continues, "In the temple over there, and in that temple may be what I seek."

Anas 10th of March, 2010 06:01

Ool'yn walks down The Legacy's entrance ramp with an air of pompous entitlement. Looking around at the disheveled hangar bay he grunts with disgust. "Je'Koth, since you seem to have taken the initiative here, have you figured out how to get from this mountainside to the ruins? I think that might be more valuable information than anything the long-settled dust can tell you."

Ool'yn takes a few steps out into the hangar casually taking in his surroundings and memorizing the layout. You can never be too prepared.

dabocim 10th of March, 2010 07:25

"There seems to be a trail here we can follow." Je' Koth says with increasing contempt.

Anas 10th of March, 2010 09:33

"Yes, well, appearances are all well and good, but where does it lead? You certainly are taking your time." Catching sight of Glas Aon hanging from the tree at the hangar entrance, Ool'yn exclaims, "Get down from there girl! If we lose this carefree galoot," indicating Xann with a disrespectful wave of his hand, "who will keep the ship in working order?" Turning back to Je'Koth, Ool'yn says, "Check the stairs over there," pointing to a stairwell descending into the south wall. "Perhaps there is an airspeeder in a side hangar that we could use."

IG44 12th of March, 2010 13:48

Xann stiffens a little, carefree galoot? He inhales and exhales deeply, closing his eyes so as to try and not to get ruffled by this alien's baffling comments. "I daresay Ool'yn, if there is any air of doubt on your side on my ability to act as an astute captain, feel free to say so. But judging by your actions on that last dusty rock we left behind since I've known you, stealth and subtlety aren't exactly your stengths, which seems to me far more important to appearing cautious rather than carefree when it comes to us... what did you say? Galoots?" Xann keeps his back to Ool'yn, staring at the temple. "And although it seems like it would be so much fun to stand here and argue over who's more incompetent, I think it would be much less counter productive if we were to go and search the surrounding buildings, and that tram line. We wouldn't want to meet up with any unpleasant surprises along our journey, now would we?" Xann puts his hands behind his back and makes his way to the edge of the hangar entrance, smiling slightly at Glas as he moves past her tree.

Anas 14th of March, 2010 09:36

"I have neither the time, nor the desire to argue with you, Cerean, but I do agree. We must get moving," Ool'yn growls.

IG44 18th of March, 2010 11:56

Xann grins to himself, "Indeed," he says. His grin wavers a bit. "Well then, if you agree with me that we have no time to chit-chat, then perhaps you would like to lead the way to that tram line." Xann turns almost completely around, and keeps his left hand behind his back, while he extends his right arm towards the trail, inviteing Ool'yn to go in front of him. "By all means." He raises an eyebrow.

embo33 19th of March, 2010 04:37

Glas Aon lingers in the tree for a moment longer before jumping out of the tree. She then says, "The tram line seems intact, and I could not see the tram itself anywhere along the line. To me it seems like it would be worth while to search here for it, since it could save us a long trek. If its not here, we have only lost a couple minutes."

IG44 22nd of March, 2010 12:44

Xaan smiles at Glas, "Why, what a lovely idea Ms.Aon. might I recommend that I take Je'Koth and search that end of our little Hanger." Xaan points to the west side of the hanger, and wiggles his finger up and down while he talks. "And that Ool'yn and yourself search that end of it?" Xaan points his other finger towards the opposite side of the hanger, both fingers wiggleing up and down in a fashion that created a miniature wave on either side of him.

dabocim 23rd of March, 2010 05:33

"That sounds like a good idea Xann if we split up we can double effectiveness." says Je' Koth

embo33 24th of March, 2010 03:56

Glas aon glares at Xaan and says, "Call me Ms. Aon again and I will make sure you regret it." She then starts to head in the direction that Xaan had indicated.

Anas 31st of March, 2010 06:54

Ool'yn walks with Glas to the northeastern corner of the hangar, keeping silent, but noting every detail. Most of the dust covered crates are full of power cables and other supplies. Wrenches, hydrospanners, and other tools litter the ground near workbenches with long abandoned repair projects lying unfinished on top of them. Of particular interest in their little section of the hangar, the pair finds an access panel to the serviceways beneath the hangar.

"Most likely we'll find power relays and piping down there," Ool'yn says casually, uninterested. "So tell me, young lady, how did you meet Je'Koth? You two are a curious pair, indeed."

On the other side of the hangar Je'Koth and Xann find much the same as the other two. Descending the stairwell, they come to find themselves in the side hangar meant for the tram. Luckily, the single-car tram is docked and appears to be in working condition. However, none of the switches on the control console appear to work, so any attempts to open the doors, let alone start the tram, are met with failure. The computer will not even turn on, and neither will the lights. It would appear that the facility has no power.

dabocim 2nd of April, 2010 06:19

"Xann, I think there should be some way to get power to this tram line. I'll bet Glas Aon would have some sort of idea how to restore the power to this facility." says Je' Koth. He then walks back to where they started so he can ask her about the power.

dabocim 16th of April, 2010 04:42

As Je' Koth gets back to where they started he absent mindedly wonders if the new comer Xann could have gotten the power back.

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