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Vash The Stampide 16th of October, 2007 07:12

We then went to get me new clothing, and retreated to the apartment. Next day we went to the loction JM burned and had a vision, saw teh whole thing going down, yet this time it felt more real than al the others. And a man could see me in the vision and he threw me out of it. After this we returned to San Fransico. I told JM of current day where and how his great grandfather died, then asked if he wanted to meet and he told me he couldnt for he is going out of town till Wensday. Thus I crashed at Mary Anns, gave her a back massage. Then a bomb goes off in the town, so we go check it out. Later teat day the media vists and talks to Mary Ann about many things more than just the bombing.

Chris Chandler 6th of December, 2007 09:06

Take a look at the "Ethan" thread, but don't comment, just grin.

Vash The Stampide 13th of December, 2007 16:00

I KNOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, YOUR speeding up the meetings eh? lol

Chris Chandler 14th of December, 2007 04:07

We'll talk about that Friday, actually.

Chris Chandler 9th of January, 2008 13:47

Okay - you spend the day relaxing a bit, and Mary Ann heads to work, heading in early to avoid any media trouble.

So, what plans do you have? Mary Ann, of course, will have told you to "lie low", but since when has that stopped you?

Vash The Stampide 10th of January, 2008 07:50

lol yeah llie low, whats that mean. My english is still a little fuzzy lol.

When Mary Ann leaves it's feast time, then of course, head to my 'apartment'.

Chris Chandler 10th of January, 2008 14:55

Let's see 3 separate d6 rolls, please.

Vash The Stampide 10th of January, 2008 16:15

like proper fashion 1;3;1

Chris Chandler 11th of January, 2008 04:32

Most excellent. Okay - are you taking the bus, are walking?

Vash The Stampide 11th of January, 2008 07:34

Walking of course, I know the way well enough. Done it few times now.....

Chris Chandler 11th of January, 2008 11:05

Okay, well, first things first - you aren't harassed by reporters, they don't recognize you. You aren't accosted by bums, they are all asleep. No security detail with web gear and semiautomatics drag you into a van, their shift hasn't started yet.

You are being trailed.

Care to know by whom, or what, I should say? There are about 8 of them, as far as you can tell. It's hard to say, really - they are all over the place, going under cars, jumping in trash cans, dashing down side streets. The people they approach have a mixture of fear and disgust and quickly avoid them, and they don't seem to be bothered by those people's reaction toward them. They all seem to be coming back to you.

Vash The Stampide 12th of January, 2008 09:58


Well Ill keep going but try and get a look at them occasionally. But mainly head back to 'apartment'. Nooo its running time, time to get some more time in lol.

Chris Chandler 12th of January, 2008 11:13

So... you don't want to know what they are?

Vash The Stampide 12th of January, 2008 12:58


Yeah try and look at them occasionally while running, at a good pace.

Chris Chandler 12th of January, 2008 18:58

They keep up nicely. I mean, they are part of your pack. You don't realize it at first, as you are jogging to keep apart from them, but a rangy rottwieller keeps an easy pace with you. There are four mutts of various stripes, then a boxer, a yellow lab, and what looks to be some sort of terrier. They are all moving in and out with you, and, all of a sudden, you pull away from the rottie, but not before you, strangely enough, get the feeling that you are "down on his level". I mean, you're at eye level with him right now.

I wonder what happened?

Vash The Stampide 13th of January, 2008 04:16


Ah...What the hell?
Ill look around seeing whats up or down, checking myself out also.

Chris Chandler 15th of January, 2008 10:51

Everything else seems normal, you just... seem to be standing a little lower... and on your hands, I mean, paws and feet. Hey, those are new...

Vash The Stampide 16th of January, 2008 00:39

So another form, awesome!... I can run really fast now.

So Ill just start running around in this new form, toward the genaral direction of my 'apartment'.

Chris Chandler 16th of January, 2008 09:13

You'll find that you cover a lot of ground, but you, along with your pack, are starting to cause a commotion. People, specifically, are giving you a wide berth. It isn't long before you hear a siren. Actually, you can hear the siren from a good way off.

Any plans?

Vash The Stampide 16th of January, 2008 11:56


Im going to my apartment, Okomi doesnt know what that means except maybe amblence or fire truck. When I get to the Hotel Ill go in the alley way......Ok, need to shape back.

Rolled a 4

Chris Chandler 17th of January, 2008 15:25

Well, the hotel's a good bit off, and the siren is specifically just for you.

"Animal Control"

That's what it says on the side of the truck. What does that mean. It's cruising alongside you for about a block.

Vash The Stampide 17th of January, 2008 16:01


Ah that it was a good way off, but if its on me Im going to ignore them unless they try somethin. Pretty must lose them if they case me.

If they do get out and try to capture me Ill yell, "Getem boys"
to the pack following me.

Chris Chandler 18th of January, 2008 09:50

Interesting -

I'll need to see a Will check, then, if you please.

Vash The Stampide 19th of January, 2008 08:18


Rolled a 9

Chris Chandler 19th of January, 2008 09:44

You bark out a command (oh, I kill me) to the rest of the pack, then continue on. The rest of the mutts do, indeed, start circling the van as if it were a bull, or other large animal, trying to herd it. Naturally, the truck has to slow to a crawl to avoid killing at least three of the dogs, which affords you an easy escape.

Now then. Once you are in the relative safety of an alley near your motel, you attempt "turn off" being a dog. Interesting... it doesn't seem to want to go away. You're still a shaggy dog.

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