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Chris Chandler 29th of August, 2008 22:48

Yes, my nephew remembers that conversation, then we woke up, you were gone, and the dinghy was gone. For the entire day, we went searching the waters, after we'd searched the ship. Yeah, we "grabbed" you.

Vash The Stampide 31st of August, 2008 05:35


"Well then that's odd. But can you tell me now what it is you needed my help with tho?" Ill stand up and check myself for any major injury.

Chris Chandler 2nd of September, 2008 22:14

Seriously? You've been missing a day and can't explain it more than, "dunno", and I need to get back on task?

Vash The Stampide 3rd of September, 2008 06:24


"Alright then lets get back on task! Move it move lets get a move on, but what do we need to do?"
Now all excited and puzzled.

Chris Chandler 3rd of September, 2008 06:39

James shakes his head.

Help him get to a seat, please -

One of the young women helps you over. You are, indeed, a bit wobbly.

So, what happened to you during this time?

Vash The Stampide 4th of September, 2008 05:53


"Well I woke up you all were gone. Dingy was gone, so I searched for you on the the boat for a few hours then went to sleep. Woke up you were still all gone. So I look some more. Then saw something in the water and went in to check it out. Then I saw a scorched hole in the bottom of the dingy. BNut then those things attacked me. Rest is history."

Chris Chandler 4th of September, 2008 06:04

So... you didn't sink the dinghy either? That's really strange. Well, we're close enough to it. What say we check it out?

Vash The Stampide 5th of September, 2008 06:09


"Ok, Im up for that. That's kinda what I was trying to do, but those squids showed up." Now shuffling up to my feet," Well, lets get to it. Ah, but how we going to get past those squids?"

Chris Chandler 5th of September, 2008 06:12

Humboldts are a problem with fishermen and divers, not with submersibles. Here, let's turn the ol' girl around.

You look around, and the domed top and slight oval shape is... almost reminiscent of a crab's shell.

Vash The Stampide 8th of September, 2008 02:46


"Alright then lets get a close look shall we?"

Vash The Stampide 10th of September, 2008 01:43


Ill walk around," So what do you think might have sunken the Dingy?"

Chris Chandler 11th of September, 2008 10:04

As you approach the craft you can get a better indication of how it was sunk. It must have been the hole. Yes, that's it.

I think the hole, there, is what brought it down.

J.M. smiles at you wryly.

Now what caused it?

You notice what look like burn marks.

Vash The Stampide 12th of September, 2008 07:41


"Hey now, cant go blaming me of everything that goes a blaze after showing you that. I dont always set things on fire....not always." Ill take a good look at it best I can.

Chris Chandler 12th of September, 2008 08:14

Looking closer, the holes seem perfectly elliptical (round or oval), not rough, like as if you might have torched one.

Vash The Stampide 15th of September, 2008 04:45


"Well, yeah it looks torched. Its smooth though, what can burn smoothing round and smooth?"

Chris Chandler 16th of September, 2008 05:08

Blowtorch? Something solid, maybe, but not on wood.

One of his assistants speaks up -

Well, when I had to get laser hair removal, the incidental burns were pretty round. Maybe it was... a... er... laser?

James looks at her -

Blowtorch. Sir.

Vash The Stampide 16th of September, 2008 08:28


"Whats a blowtorch and Ive never seen a laser. But what else you think James?"

Chris Chandler 16th of September, 2008 10:41

I think that this is all very confusing, and we can't leave this here, even if it is a hulk now. Cho, put up a marker buoy right here, and we'll swing by later and salvage it.

The crewman obliges, steering the submersible around and then releasing a buoy, apparently carried on the rear of the craft. With that James orders all ahead full, following a predetermined course.

We're late to the rendezvous. Let's see how bad that puts us.

Vash The Stampide 17th of September, 2008 12:22


Ill sit down and take on the ride,"Who are we meeting up with?"

Chris Chandler 17th of September, 2008 23:19

With Kim and a few of his... associates.

Vash The Stampide 18th of September, 2008 09:50


....Hmm associates wonder what that means....

Chris Chandler 19th of September, 2008 05:17

Okay, the time passes pretty quickly, mostly because you are in a submersible like this. It's definitely a "never done this" sort of experience. You'll multitudes of fish, the distant shadow of what looks like a humpback whale and a few good sized thresher sharks hunting for sailfish. It's surreal almost.

You approach what looks like a coral bed just before a ridge. Naturally, you head down the ridge, and keep going down.

Vash The Stampide 19th of September, 2008 06:27


....WOW!! Awesome...

Over a period of time- "Oh James whats this, Oh James how deep are we, Oh James are we there yet? Oh James am I annoying you?" Ill be moving around of course checking stuff out.

Chris Chandler 19th of September, 2008 22:54

You are, indeed, just like a kid on a roadtrip. You keep going down. It starts to get dark.

Vash The Stampide 20th of September, 2008 05:44


Nice! What lies beneath.

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