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EBNall 11th of February, 2011 03:52

Issue #2: Mr Magic
New York,New York. The City of Heroes. This is the place where heroes are made and villans are unmade. This is where Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider,where Daredevil brings justice to Hell's Kitchen,where Iron Fist and Luke Cage right wrongs. But today,true believers,our attentions do not focus on them, but rather on an exeptional human being: Frederick Stockton, a young man with a keen intellect and an intrest in religion.

All his studies hadn't stimulated him so far, even well into College. Today was just another College day for Frederick Stockton,or was it?

It was the last course of the day, Christian Studies. The teacher was asking various questions about the Bible and its contents.

"Now then, here's a relatively easy one,for those who have been paying attention...can anybody recite me Jobe,chapter 3, verse 14?",said the teacher.

Thanos 11th of February, 2011 05:25

Fred raises his hand and without even being called on starts in, " 'With kings and counsellers of the earth, which built desolate places for themselves;' or did you John 3:14 'And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up'? "

EBNall 11th of February, 2011 06:50

The teacher nodded and spoke. "Yes,very good, mister Stockman. Glad to see that my words dont dissapear in the gaping chasm that resides between half the class's heads."

The teacher continued discussing things that for the most part Frederick already knew. It went on till the end of the day when finally, at long last,the bell rang. It was time to go home.

Thanos 12th of February, 2011 04:40

I really have to get into the more accelerated classed. This basic stuff is getting rather dull. What I really need is a good senior professor that can compare and contrast things from an experts point of view.

His mind wonders through various religious dagma's as he drives his Mustang home.

EBNall 12th of February, 2011 05:49

As he drove onto the road, a figure seemed to appear out of nowhere,in the middle of the road. It looked like a man wearing robes. "STOP!" The words echoed in Frederick's mind like thunder.

Thanos 13th of February, 2011 02:43

Young and quick, Fred slammed on the brakes quickly, but remembered to turn the wheel just a little bit before hand. The smell of burning rubber accompanied by the screeching sound of the tires fills Fred's senses. His car misses the man by only about a foot and stops almost a full car length past him. That little turn of the wheel saved the mans life.....even if he was trying to commit suicide.

Jumping out of his car, he looks over it at the man and says, "WTF, you trying to kill youself!?"

EBNall 13th of February, 2011 04:01

The apparition vanished,as if it were never there after Frederick had gotten out of the car. Instead,a disembodied voice spoke.

"To answer your question, i would have no need to kill myself since i'm already passed from this world. If you can hear me,then you're the person i've been looking for."

Thanos 15th of February, 2011 07:00

"Fantastic....and I haven't even been drinking or anything."

After a pause, "OK, so I can hear you, what do you want oh being from the beyond?"

EBNall 15th of February, 2011 08:33

Images began to fill Fred's mind. Images of a previous life. "More than anything,i wish to transmit my knowledge. About 500 years ago,i was a scholar living in England,and against my mentors' advices, i dabbled in powers that not many understood...powers that would have me burned at the stake. To avoid reprisal,i sailed to the New World and became a hermit,perfecting my art away from the prying eyes of the English government,and sometimes leaving my wife and children for weeks on end...but i had grown old once i had finished. So as a last gesture, i used what i had learned to put all that i was in a necklace,for one of my descendance to find once 5 centuries had passed. I can see now that the spell worked."

Thanos 16th of February, 2011 17:23

"So I am a descendant of yours, that some kind of charmed magic spell has brought you to? What is this a Matrix Program like 'I know Kung Fu'?"

EBNall 18th of February, 2011 06:03

The voice sounded perplexed. "I am not privy to the subject of which you speak...but it will give you knowledge. Experience, however,you will have to gain with practice."

Thanos 18th of February, 2011 09:22

"Well, I am in school to gain knowledge. Lets get on with the downloading part of it I guess. Do I need to be somewhere special or just wear the necklace....and oh where is it?"

EBNall 20th of February, 2011 14:45

"I will tell you my phylactery's location,but you must swear to me that you'll use these powers in benine fashion...i have not saved my power just to make another heretic.",the voice said.

Thanos 21st of February, 2011 05:31

"Heretic, what do you mean a Heretic. Is there some kind of religion involved as well oh ancestor of the past, who speaks to me in the present using some kind of magic....if that can be what am I getting myself into?"

EBNall 21st of February, 2011 06:57

"Heretic is how the catholics of my time branded anyone, be they good or evil, who could use magic. They claimed the power we wielded only belonged to god and that if men used it,it would provoke his anger and doom humanity and all other nonsense. And if you are wondering, it is the knowledge contained inside the phylactery that allows me to speak to you. I am in the same time frame as you are."

Thanos 21st of February, 2011 17:01

"Oh, well I guess that does make some sense. If you do not wish to make another heretic then perhaps, while I am on the way to your receptacle of knowledge, you can explain more fully."

Fred will follow directions to where ever the disembodied voice tells him to go.....

EBNall 23rd of February, 2011 09:53

"I would, but you havent yet sworn to me that you would not make yourself irreputable with the powers i am giving you.",said the voice, snarkily.

Thanos 25th of February, 2011 09:41

"Ok, I got it. Do not become a villain like Baron Mordo or something. I promise not to turn into an evil despot! Happy?"

EBNall 28th of February, 2011 02:04

"It will have to do,I suppose. The amulet is close. I will guide you to it. There is a forest to the west,enter it. If i did my spell right,a trail should appear before your eyes, and only your eyes."

Thanos 1st of March, 2011 06:34

"As you command."

Getting back into the care he heads west till he finds a forest. He will park it, lock it, and then head away from the car into the forest....looking for a trail. Having found it he will follow it to the place where his new mentor has placed the amulet.

EBNall 1st of March, 2011 10:47

The trail lights up the ground in a straight line and takes Fredrick to a giant tree deep in the woods,a tree towering above all others. It must have been here for a great amount of time.

"Many have tried to cut or uproot that tree, but i have kept it alive and strong since my days in the New World. It is me, in a sense. The last step of your quest however will be a little painful compared to what it has been."

Thanos 2nd of March, 2011 02:56

"Whatever, bring it on old man!"

EBNall 4th of March, 2011 01:18

"As you wish. There is a thorny plant growing on the roots of this tree. Prick your finger on one of its thorns then press it against the bark of the tree."

Thanos 4th of March, 2011 02:54

Looking around, but still not 'seeing' the voice, he does as instructed. Me makes sure that it inside of his pinky finger. It almost drips, but he rolls his hand and keeps it on the finger. Then he just pushes his hand against the tree...where there is bark and waits for the real pain to start.

EBNall 17th of March, 2011 07:57

"Thank you....",the voice says,infinitely grateful. Through Frederick's hand,power surges from the tree and into him, making him feel like every cell in his body is burning. His hand cannot disconnect from the tree,no matter how hard he tried to escape the pain.

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