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Copper 26th of July, 2011 21:00

Forum Request
Please, godmins, grant me the following forum request!:

Name: Rokugan
Description: As the twelfth century draws to a close, Rokugan finds itself a land blighted by corruption, death, and evil. The Empire is in dire need of heroes, without whom it will no doubt crumble and burn beneath the foul taint of the Shadowlands. [Legend of the Five Rings]
Current Player List: Elpresidente, Darius, Vortigern
Sub-Forums: Ningen-do, Tengoku (Restricted)

I offer in sacrifice not only my players, but also the entire inhabitants of Rokugan.

BigRedRod 26th of July, 2011 21:21

Done, and with only one forum wide cock up during the process!

itches 26th of July, 2011 21:26

But the request was made in the wrong place. Damnit BRR, the system is falling down around us!

BigRedRod 26th of July, 2011 21:27

And with the number of games that Copper has requested, he should really know where. I'll go and delete and forum and ban some people.

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