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LuneMoonshadow 18th of August, 2006 18:51

[Principality] Principality Out of Character
This OOC thread is restricted to Principality characters.

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 16:41

I like your idea, Gnarsh. Feel free to take some liberties as you flesh out your character.

Oh, a question: Is your character into combat, or more of a tactician?

Gnarsh 19th of August, 2006 23:58

More of a tactician, though he's not afraid to get his hands dirty if necessary.

For levels, I was thinking Aristocrat 1/Bard 6/Something Else 3.

LuneMoonshadow 20th of August, 2006 03:21

Sounds good.

generaljimX 20th of August, 2006 15:43

I would like to have full progression of the blackguard, but it has spellcasting. As such, I suggest that all spellcasting be pushed back 2 levels(thus, it doesn't receive any ability until 3 level in the class). Any other fix that allows me to take full progression of the PrC would be helpful.

LuneMoonshadow 20th of August, 2006 15:50

I assume you're using the non-casting paladin variant?

If you are it counts as a non-caster, so those levels can balance out the non-major caster levels of blackguard. The only requirement is you need one level of variant paladin for two of the blackguard.

Your build should work.

generaljimX 20th of August, 2006 15:53

I did forget to mention that. Yes, I'm using the non-spellcasting paladin. It actually works out well like that, Ragnar only getting spells after he turned evil...

LuneMoonshadow 20th of August, 2006 15:57

I like the character concept you have. Does he now lead a selective unit of merciless soldiers? Berhaps leads a "church" of like-minded followers/zealots?

If so, what does the Prince think of this sect of his?

generaljimX 20th of August, 2006 16:07

Good questions.

I like the idea of him leading a "church" of zealots, so he will. They will be his elite soldiers, fighting alongside him if at all possible. The Prince will not REALLY know of the sect, but have an idea that Ragnar is up to something.

LuneMoonshadow 20th of August, 2006 16:08

Sounds good. Include any information about your relationship with other churches and the public too when you flesh out your concept. It could lead to some interesting roleplaying.

generaljimX 20th of August, 2006 16:10

I will. I'm going to go to bed here soon, and will finish up most things tomorrow, including a more thorough background and the actual statistics.

LuneMoonshadow 20th of August, 2006 16:11

No rush on completion. We still have three people who haven't even posted in the forums yet (kinda a bad sign). Midweek should be a good time to have it done, though.

generaljimX 20th of August, 2006 16:15

I prefer to get everything done at once so I don't forget. Plus I'm a procrastinator, so if I don't do it tomorrow it will be midweek before its done.

Gnarsh 21st of August, 2006 01:57

Some questions:

1. How old is Prince Garrett?

2. About how powerful are the nations, relative to each other? (Mainly in terms of military strength)

3. Could we get a map?

EDIT: 4. I'm assuming deities are just the ones listed in the core books, correct?

EDIT again: 5. For Severyn's leadership feat, would you say it's fair to consider his reputation to be one of special power, but aloofness (Breaking even there), and getting +2 for followers due to having a base of operations? (This would bring his leadership score to 15 for a cohort and 17 for followers.)

LuneMoonshadow 21st of August, 2006 04:27

1. Prince Garrett is 28
2. Renlock -> Principality -> WOE
3. Map will be created after all backstories are done. I'm doing this because if anyone has places of interest they create I can build the world around it.
4. Create whatever you want. If you have nothing specific I will post a list along with the world info.
5. That's fair.

Gnarsh 21st of August, 2006 04:36

And how does Tallus fall in on the scale of power?

LuneMoonshadow 21st of August, 2006 05:02

Tallus is between Renlock and The Principality.

LuneMoonshadow 21st of August, 2006 05:16

Just for you, Gnarsh...

Cohort Rules:

25000 gp
xp for whatever level he is
32 point buy, all stats start at 8

Gnarsh 21st of August, 2006 05:41

You are a kind and benevolent DM.

ajsuson 21st of August, 2006 13:24

Give me a little time and I'll hang for my character on it.

generaljimX 22nd of August, 2006 00:25

Just for him? Aw, that's not fair.....;)

Seriously, though, I plan on Ragnar taking leadership, and making most of the followers myself. I'm going to just use the elite array for them. It seems appropriate for him to at least have followers. He won't have a cohort, no matter his leadership score, because he will be getting one later in his progression from blackguard. No need to have 2 second in commands, you know?:paranoid:

Oh, and I'm so sorry I havn't gotten stats or anything up. I slept all day yesterday, and have to go shopping here soon. I will do it when I get back, however.

Edit: I don't know if he will take leadership or not....He's cruel, has caused more than one death....Hmm.....we'll see. We'll see....

LuneMoonshadow 22nd of August, 2006 01:33

No rush on the character, like I said before. I've set the deadline to Friday, so just have it done by then.

generaljimX 22nd of August, 2006 04:29

I will. I just don't have cable anymore, and I've watched just about all the movies in my house. Its either read or do this, and this is more productive.*shrug* Oh, plus I'm awake. That's a big plus.

generaljimX 22nd of August, 2006 07:05

Well, I've decided to take leadership. He breaks even with his charisma and being cruel, so it's just his level until he gets a base or becomes(really) famous.

Also, I've decided to use the cohort feature, after re-reading the section about the Blackguard's companion. I would like to have an imp, but its really up to you. I can just see the little thing sitting on Ragnar's shoulder like the little angel and the little devil(concious), except without the angel.:evil:

LuneMoonshadow 22nd of August, 2006 10:05

I'll allow a special cohort in this case. I'll look over the imp in a little bit and see how the cohort rules will apply to him (stats, etc.)

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