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Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 04:15

Chapter 1 - OOC Thread
If you don't know what this thread is for, I'll boot you from the game.

Gralhruk 30th of September, 2003 04:16

This is where we make fun of Itches, right?

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 04:17


On another note, it seems the description I set for the game was a wee bit too long. That's a shame, I was trying to make it suitably moving.

Gralhruk 30th of September, 2003 04:18

Let's hope our careers are not cut as short as that description.

Cadogan Trahem 30th of September, 2003 04:19

If you can provde a new description, I will edit it.

Gralhruk 30th of September, 2003 04:25

Cadrius, if it's okay with you I'd rather not post my background publicly.

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 04:34

If you'd rather remain more enigmatic, that's fine. Just be sure that I get all the details before we start playing.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 04:36

Traitor to the Shadow! GET HER! :fun:

Cadrius, I do not mean to impose on you, but I was wondering if you would allow non Fighters to take Weapon Specialization. If not, can you take a look at this thread and tell me what you think?

Gralhruk 30th of September, 2003 04:37

That's right: I'm an enigma to all who don't know me.

I'll make sure you have a copy.

Why do I feel like there is a disclaimer at the bottom of your post:
Anything you write can and will be used against you . . . ;)

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 05:21

Pull, Fighters are a class I've been mulling over since I first picked up Midnight. They are easily the worst off out of all of the classes. The Wildlanders and Defenders can fight almost as well plus they have their own benefits. The fighter can only do one thing: kill. As a result I've been toying with upping their skill points and adding a class skill or two to make them seem more viable. However, one must becareful not to go overboard here. First and foremost, fighters are supposed to fight, giving them a horde of support skills devalues the other classes a bit. Still, expect to see something of a house rule regarding this before we start.

That said I'm loathe to diminish anything about the already difficult to play class. I'm going to say that weapon specialization reflects an incredible degree of training, one that simply isn't possible to learn without dedicating such a large chunk of time to the study of combat. No other class really does that, not to the extent that the fighter does.

Does that seem like a contradiction? What I want to do is keep fighters doing what they do best, but give them an option for survival in populated areas.

On a side note, I've noticed the characters are shaping up to be generally dislikable. That's fine by me as long as you play it properly and accept the consequences.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 05:31

Thanks for the response. I realize it is easy to go overboard and make the Fighter class better than it should be. I understand your ruling on Weapon Specializiation, and have no problem with it. As for the low Charisma, yes, I do plan on fully roleplaying that and accepting the consequences.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 05:51

Just to make sure we are on the same wavelength as far as Charisma goes, my outline of how I view the statistic is below.

It is my understanding that a low Charisma is personal presence and power, not just charm. People with high Charisma have a palpable aura of strength about them, and even if you despise them you still feel compelled to respect them. I think it is completely possible to be abrasive, yet still maintain a high Charisma. Winston Churchill is a good example of this.

Low Charisma characters, meanwhile, are introverted and seem to have little outward strength. They are likely to be ignored and forgotten, while they keep to themselves. Isolationist, taciturn, and unwilling to take a leadership position, such characters should be reactive, not proactive, in their interaction with others.

To me, for the mental statistics, Wisdom is inner strength, while Charisma is outer strength. Would this point of view be accurate and in key with the way you run Charisma in your world?

Black Plauge 30th of September, 2003 06:24

Well, so far, only two characters have posted stats. Both of these have a 8 CHA but one is a Dwarf so his 8 is quite normal for his race. The other is a human, so that might be slightly unlikable.

As for the other characters, one is a Charismatic tradition channeler, one is mentioned as having a "silver tounge," and one (mine) is supposed to be paladinic. If those are any indication those three characters should have above average CHA scores.

That leaves two more who we don't know about yet. Still, I'd say that as a group we won't be totally unlikable.:cool:

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 06:25

Let me charm the pants off you
Charisma is, in my opinion, the most intangible stat out of the six. Because of this it grants people a wide variety of options when it comes to portraying this. It can involve physical attractiveness, general likability, force of character, etc. You can incorporate any number of things to represent the charisma.

I think your assessment is fair, although I imagine there are instances where charisma could be argued as inner strength. Perhaps not in the way that Wisdom works, but certainly in some capacity.

Edit: BP. I do recall a couple characters that are favoring Charisma, I simply wanted to make clear that people might react accordingly. As charming as the halfling and channeler might be, the dwarf and wildlander might put people a bit off. Hell, the dwarf will do that anyway regardless of how friendly he is.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 06:28

The reason I view Charisma that way is, it eliminates characters with low Charisma scores assuming leadership positions, unless forced to. I have seen far too many games where the ugly, dislikable character ends up the party leader, despite the fact his Charisma is too low for that to be feasible. A low Charisma, to me, precludes being a leader just as much as having a low Intelligence precludes a character from being a tactician.

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 06:34

While they might not make good, even-handed leaders, I wouldn't say that they wouldn't want it. We all have hobbies or know someone who practices something that they're not naturally skilled at. An ugly, mean, shy person will not make a good leader, but that doesn't mean they couldn't want the power or the position. So if that character grabs the reigns of command the party will have to deal with the lack of social graces, weird stares, or uncomfortable silences as he deals with NPCs.

Moreover, simply because a character is charismatic doesn't mean they want to be a leader, they just happen to be good at it.

I wouldn't deny someone the opportunity to roleplay a bad leader if they wanted to, nor would I do so with a dumb tactician. As long as they impose limits upon their character's actions; saying offense things, coming up with bad strategies, etc.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 06:36

Actually, you are right. And that does sound fair.

Maeko 30th of September, 2003 06:53

Hi everybody! glad I made it, thanks Cadrius.
Just one question: about elves the pdf says: 'proficient with elven exotic weapons as if they were martial weapons', which weapons are those?

Thanks for your concern Gral; we in the North got off lightly, just without power from 3,30 am to 7,30 am. only problem was my server started working again today.

PullOfTheSpirit 30th of September, 2003 07:00

The Elven Exotic weapons are the following:

The size of both weapons is Tiny.

Fighting knife 3 GP 1d6 20x2 2lb. Slashing
Sepi 3 GP 1d4 19-20x3 2 lb. Slashing

The fighting knives are the favored melee weapons of the Erunsil, or Snow Elves. Any Snow Elf wielding fighting knives in their traditional two weapon style recieves a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls.

The Sepi are the favored weapons of the Danisil, or Jungle Elves. Any Jungle Elf wielding Sepi in their traditional two weapon style recieves a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls.

Maeko 30th of September, 2003 07:05

Nothing 'trademark' for the Caransil then. Thanks PullOfTheSpirit

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 09:12

Nope, the Wood Elves don't have the fancy special weapons. Even in Against the Shadow the only new elven exotic weapons are for the other subraces (particularly the Snow Elves).

Black Plauge 30th of September, 2003 12:54

I'm getting there with my character sheet. Just equipment to work out now.

Oh, are there any halfling weapons I should be aware of?

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 13:40

Exotic Weapon. Lance, Halfling. Medium Size. 1d6 x3, 5lb. Piercing. 12 GP.

It has to be used in two hands unless it's specially attached to a wogren saddle. In which case the rider can use it one-handed and can add his strength bonus or one half the wogren's bonus to attack and damage. Attaching and detaching are full round actions that provoke attacks of opportunity.

Nomadic halfings may use the lances as martial weapons.

Dirigible 30th of September, 2003 15:36


Can I get a yea or nay on Luck of Heroes? I took if for the same reason as Toughness; Lyr's a survivor, due to his maltreatment by his adopted father Pitas. I could change the name if that's all it takes :).

Cadrius 30th of September, 2003 16:01

Luck of Heroes is fine with me. If you'd like to change the name to something a little more suitable, well, that'd be a welcome alteration.

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