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Akuma 12th of July, 2010 16:31

IC: Flagstand Shopping Trip
And thus do our intrepid duo make their way to the heart of Flagstand, AZ. The bus ride isn't so good. The bus's engine has a fit and breaks down in a loud bang (from a dropped transmission) right in front of a police station.

The loud bang of course attracts the attention of the officers inside, who come with guns drawn towards the bus thinking a weapon went off.

Five of the hispanic riders in the back of the bus nearest to Pope and Flynn panic, thinking that they will be charged with border violations. Screaming in Spanish, one pulls a gun and starts firing through the window at the police, two of the larger men *attempt* to grab Flynn and Pope for hostages. The two remaining hispanics are women. One pregnant woman tries to restrain the man with the pistol, while the other, older woman tries to undo the emergency exit latches on the opposite side so she can escape.

qwerty123 13th of July, 2010 00:21

You have got to be kidding me!

Nevermore just lowers his head, shaking it in disbelief.

His right hand begins tracing the symbol of the ankh in the palm of his left; his mind racing to figure a way out of this that will not cause too much attention.

Akuma 13th of July, 2010 00:53

OOC Using life 3 Better body: 2 successes. where do you want them? I would guess physical, but want you to make the call.

Akuma 13th of July, 2010 01:00

OOC By the way... while sitting in the stalled bus in the beginnings of a shootout at the police station... Flynn and Pope can't ignore a billboard for the station clearly stating, "Welcome COPS TV productions."

You can almost hear the music..."Bad Boy, Bad Boy, whatcha gonna do?"

qwerty123 13th of July, 2010 03:42

OOC: lets bump the Strength just in case things go sideways and I need to overpower a gunman. I also would like to do a life scan on the pregnant lady and her kid. I would like to see it I induce labor now via magic would she and the baby be ok?

Akuma 14th of July, 2010 01:12

OOC: Understood. The woman looks like she's gonna go into labor any moment regardless of any magical push. However, you would need to touch her in some way to ensure your magic does what you want it to...

OOC: Pope's attacker: Attempt to grapple (Dex + Brawl) = 2 successes.
OOC: Flynn's attacker: Attempt to grapple (Dex + Brawl) = 0 successes Flynn's a slippery fish...

IC Both Pope and Flynn are being grappled to become human shields from the cops' bullets which are starting to whiz past everyone. Yet despite the police having a pretty clear field of fire at the Hispanic man firing at them, their bullets seem to be missing everyone... Isn't that odd...

qwerty123 14th of July, 2010 04:47

"Hey, Starksey and Hutch! Take it easy out there, we got civilians in here!" Nevermore blasts at the top of his lungs.

I always wanted to be used as a meat shield, my dream comes true.

OOC: While in the process of getting, man handled and pulled from my seat is it at all possible to 'stumble' into the pregnant woman and gently push her into labor via my life magic.

Akuma 14th of July, 2010 08:20

OOC: just requires a bit of a reach as the guy is trying to manhandle you the other direction, but you have to break out of the hold being put on you. Fortunately, your enhanced strength gives you the ability to muscle your way out of the hold and a dexterity check to reach for the pregnant woman. And finally a Life spell cast (touching your tattoed ankh) and...

IC: Pope/Nevermore is able to twist his body and elbow his attacker aside temporarily as he reaches for the pregnant woman. He barely touches her when... kersploosh! her water breaks in a messy gush, and the woman's wails change from begging her man to stop firing into wails of pain as she starts labor.

From outside, the police are using a bullhorn amid shots to call for everyone to give up peacefully... yet they are still shooting at the original hispanic gunman... and missing.

lawwnum 14th of July, 2010 14:15

After deftly avoiding be grabbed Flynn takes a sec to evaluate the situation, and then wonders what the hell he did to deserve this.

OOC: ok time for a quickening roll for some extra actions. Also is ayone between me and the gun waving loon? If path is clear im going after him if not want to push the guy that tried to grab me into him.

IC:Seeing Pope getting out of the way, and hoping to defuse this before they end up on the national news, he makes a move to stop the gunman before someone gets hurt.

Akuma 15th of July, 2010 09:27

OOC: 2 quickening successes. Yes, there are roughly 3 people between you and the gun man. 4 if you include Pope. In my mental image Flynn is on the right side and Pope on the left side. The gunman is in the very back, on the far left. The man on Pope is in the aisle trying to get him out into the aisle. You are on the window side and the guy behind you wants to wrestle you over your seat (and wasn't that a foolish idea). Then of course there's the pregnant woman who has now doubled over clutching her belly and started yowling. The shooter is shakily trying to reload his pistol, a cheap knockoff of the .357 desert eagle. He is having problems putting the fresh clip in (botched roll).

So I figure that When Pope made his roll, he kinda knocked his attacker into the seat on the other side, or at least off balance momentarily, then reached for the girl to do his thing. The other passengers have pretty-much dived under their seats, though a football playing college student is trying to make his way to the back of the bus to be a hero. What are the odds of him getting there in time, vs. the hispanic man putting his clip in and shooting the "all american?"

lawwnum 15th of July, 2010 11:34

OOC: Ok then 3 actions.....Ok first things first, gotta ditch the idiot grabing me, ok he's behind me and didn't get a good grip sooo.
1 Need to twist aound to face the back and plant feet to lunge over seats.
2 nail the fool that tried to grab me that should make him keep his hands to himself for a few seconds
3 try to lunge as far back towards the gunman as possible
Also Do I notice anything odd with my Awareness if it will take an action Ill wait till next round if not....

IC : Once again wonders what he did to mess up his Karma so bad to deserve this. Oh wonderful its bad enough to have a fool with a gun now I got a jock that wants to play hero.
Spinning around in his seat he eyes up his assailent behind him and the gunman. A straight punch to Mr. Grabbies face and to get some space. Then he yells "Drop the gun Numbnutz!" And launches over the seats.

qwerty123 15th of July, 2010 12:14

Ok Thrice Great Hermes if you ever looked after me please do it now. This is gonna be a stretch.

While temporarily free from his assailant Nevermore turns his attention toward the idiot in the back of the bus. He watches the man’s hands shake while trying to reload his weapon. Time seems to stop for Nevermore. All of his focus goes to the metal jacket that is just visible on the top bullet in the clip. Passing his right hand over his left forearm and vice versa with the left hand; he feels the tug of the magnets on his brass bracelets. Letting that tug swell inside him, with a quick muttering of Enocian he pushes that feeling toward the metal jacketed bullets.

OOC: Attempting to have there be an accidental discharge from one of the slugs in the clip. I am trying to get this to happen via a Forces three effect that will ignite the gunpowder with ambient static electricity in the atmosphere.

Akuma 16th of July, 2010 10:39

OOC: for Lawwnum; With a Strength of 4 and a M.A./Brawl of 8, you can kill this thug with your single punch. let me know how much you are going to put into/pull your punch. I'll roll via whatever combo you use. If full strength, I will assume he's deader than disco with his nose sticking out the back of his head...

As for the lunge to the gunman, you don't have the acrobatics skill to cover that. Besides this is a bus we're talking about. Not much room for dives and jumps. It's just too crowded to reach the jerk without going through the woman first.

As for noticing anything odd... you are around Nevermore. there's always something odd going on... start with the fact that AZ cops are firing their weapons repeatedly into the back of the bus, but not hitting ANYTHING. Statistically, the amount of fire and training makes that impossible. And worse, is that there's a film crew outside hiding behind a trash can filming it all.

OOC: Qwerty; Forces 3, your major focus, it should work but with luck apparently running against you... first try has no successes... sorry. Try again, or a different idea?

IC: the Hispanic man finally manages to reload his gun, and glances around. He sees his woman hunched down, but misunderstands, thinking that she's been shot. He also sees the jock coming for him. He takes a shot... and misses despite the almost point blank range. what weird luck...

lawwnum 16th of July, 2010 12:20

OOC: Ok Im getting an Entropy vibe or something here, There's go to be another being involved here....just who and on who's side hmmmm. Well well whoever is keeping peeps alive so that helps. Of course they could all just be that terrible shots too.

Alright NO I dont want to put my hand thru the guys head just knock him out.

Ok jumping out of question then just have to try to fight thru then. AGAIN dont want to kill ayone just get them outta the way. Either knock down or try to push the pile into the gunman.

IC: Well 1 down and too many to go. Hmmm thats odd the fool obviously doesnt know how to shoot but still point blank and missed? Well looks like we do this the hard way. But this settles it I'm NEVER going anywhere unarmed again, 1 Chakra and we'd be done already.

After knocking out the first guy Flynn wades out into the aisle. Looking at the next guy between him and the gunman he simply says "MOVE"

qwerty123 17th of July, 2010 13:19

Yea! It didn’t work. Think, damn it, think!

Nevermore closes his eyes and tries to find his center in the madhouse that is the bus. He tries to block out everything save for the barrel of the gun. Barking a word of command in Enochian and pointing his right hand at the gun, Nevermore channels his will toward the barrel.

OOC: attempting to use the gases that fill the barrel after it was recently fired as more fuel for the fire, so to speak. This time I am hoping that it will explode if he tries to shoot again. I realize that I am probable doing a Vulgar effect with witnesses, but I have to do something to save the idiot that wants to be hero.

lawwnum 17th of July, 2010 15:10

OOC: by the way was thinking and realized I was imagining a tour bus not a public transit bus. This kind of fight on something like the Loop bus is a whole different ball game then on a tour bus. and stepping or jumping over city transit bus seats is not really that hard to do.

Akuma 18th of July, 2010 01:52

OOC: It all depends on the bus. Yeah this is public transportation, but when you have the situation your in with big guys around you, civies cowering, and bullets flying, I tend to believe that unless you are spiderman and can stick to walls, your not going to be doing a whole lot of acrobatic jumping in a bus that's got... what, no more than 6 or 7 feet inside. probably less. and with poles and overhead racks... I'm still not seeing the jumping bit. sorry.

Akuma 18th of July, 2010 02:03

OOC: Since I didn't get a number from Lawwnum, I'll assume half-strength. That's 2 strength and 4 M.A. 3 successes to your punch. that's a temporary stun. Bloody nose, maybe some loose teeth.

OOC: By the way, Pope. you didn't get any successes with the first attempt of forces 3 on the guy's bullets. that means you gotta deal with failure... forces paradox. How you wanna go about it?

lawwnum 18th of July, 2010 03:29

OOC: Yes half strength is good, I dont want any dead bodies if we can help it. And didnt mean to say juping around like a fool, just the aisle are pretty wide and seats low so working back shouldn't be too bad. There should be plenty of room to get around or otherwise "relocte" people out of the way.

qwerty123 18th of July, 2010 06:05

OOC: I thought you only could get 'dox from botching a roll, not just failing. (Apart from the obvious witness and vulgar magic thing, but that goes with out saying). If not hit me up with backlash! I am a life mage, I can deal. ; )

Akuma 19th of July, 2010 01:45

OOC: Sorry to be a bit rusty. It's been some years since I played mage. Your initial magical attempt had a single 1 and no successes above 6, the target number. so that's one botch if I remember right. Now just 1 botch/paradox won't affect anything if I reread the edition correctly, but here's the stick. Someone else is messing things up. Someone is using some entropy... either as a spell, or from a talisman and its affecting Pope's entropy ability (or lack there of). kind of like 2 magnets. put them together, and if they either push each other away or attract each other. In this case, your entropy is attracted to the other source but from that other source, vulgar observed magic is bieng done and you may be the unwilling recipient of second-hand paradox if it can't go to the other person...

Akuma 19th of July, 2010 01:53

IC: Pope can't help but feel the twinges of pain... cast off of paradox flying at someone nearby. No one appears to be either a marauder nor a mage, yet there has to be a reason for all the bullets to be missing everyone.

The Hispanic jumps up at the approach of the collegiate even as Flynn throws himself over the back of his seat and onto the man he dropped with a half-strength punch to the nose. The hisapanic man shouts something and tries to fire his gun, but it blows up sending shrapnel in all directions... yet hitting no one (though some pieces bury themselves only inches from popes face in the apolstry).

"HAHAHA!!! you deserve that! you burrito-eater!" The Collegiate crows. "I'm invincible!!!"

lawwnum 19th of July, 2010 06:24

OOC: ok I'll asume that with the gun blowing up in his hand mrtrigger finger will be looking for his fingers and no longer a threat.

Burrito eater? Ahh the future leaders of this country, glad I'm not from here.
IC: As he looks up at the sound of the exploding gun Flynn realizes he's no longer needed at the back of the bus and looks to the other Latino's that were causung trouble. Doing his best to knock them out without killing any of them.

OOC: Im thinking 2/3 strength that should be about 8 dice to hit and 3+ for damage. I want them UNCONCIOUS.

Akuma 20th of July, 2010 08:15

IC: The Hispanic gunman yowls in pain, clutching the bloody ruin of his right hand. He is doubled over for the moment and not really doing much while next to his senorita. With a quick second set of blows from Flynn, the 2nd attacker is put down, leaving only Pope's attacker, who is suddenly feeling very lonely and desperate. He tries to find a way out, but there are no exits with cops shooting in through the nearest windows and Flynn in the way of the window where the woman escaped. Pope in front of him still in the seat, and coming down the aisle is the collegiate.

As noted, the aisles in a public bus are better than the aisles in a tour bus so the remaining man will try to make a rush for the front of the bus past Mr. Invinciple.

Collegiate makes a haymaker swing that normally wouldn't hit anyone and certainly wouldn't normally hit a street savvy person like the remaining man appears to be, but then that luck hits in and the hispanic man trips over his own two feet falling directly into the line of the wild swing. It connects, he spins and hits a metal bar and promptly cracks his head. The last man is down, but now the Collegiate seems to have his eyes on Flynn as the next attacker, clearly missunderstanding the situation.

OOC: an awareness check shows a rabbit's foot hanging from Collegiate's neck... It feels magical to Pope.

qwerty123 20th of July, 2010 09:20

"Good work there, fella." Nevermore congratulates the college guy after his haymaker.

Then noticing the rabbits foot and the college guys intention, Nevermore lets the smile slip from his face.

"Easy there, dude. He's on our side."

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