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zachol 14th of November, 2010 17:19

Another Stupid Request
Is there a way you could get rid of the pop-up that says "are you sure you want to log out yes/no" when you click on log out?

I'm not even sure if this is a good idea, or one favored by others, but for me at least (since I use a lot of public computers) it's kind of irritating.
Actually, anytime a website gives a pop-up like that it throws me, since it happens so rarely otherwise.

I suppose my argument (besides "I don't like it") would be that I'm not sure what it's there to prevent, except having to log in again if you hit it accidentally.

itches 14th of November, 2010 17:24

Do you feel that, the tingling at the back of your neck like the very faint begining of a sensation?

That's me staring at you over the internet.

zachol 14th of November, 2010 19:54

Augh, I pushed it too far.

I still say it's annoying. Like me I guess.

Edit: Although I'm trying to stick to small things.
Not something like an automagic character sheet hosting thing or whatever.

itches 14th of November, 2010 21:19

I'll have a poke around, but I really doubt there is any easy way to do so without turning it off for everyone - if at all.

I'll stick it on the To Do list, right under the pixellated characters to equip and battle with

zachol 15th of November, 2010 08:33

Tell you what, how about I figure out that pixellated characters thing and you get rid of the "do you really want to log out" pop-up.

Tashalar 15th of November, 2010 19:17

Why would you ever want to log out? I never do...

itches 15th of November, 2010 20:09

If someone else is using the computer you're logged in on, like at school/work/library/netcafe you really do need to log out when you're done.

Lune 15th of November, 2010 22:07

Yeah. Cause if you don't they might come to ORP and... um... *scratches head* ... cause havok somehow? Sorry, my logic sorta turned off right there too. I mean unless there are two people using the same PC who both go to ORP. But c'mon. How likely is that? *duck*

zachol 16th of November, 2010 10:16

I'm fairly certain nobody else on campus even knows what ORP is, but I'm feeling vaguely paranoid.
But yes, right now I'm working exclusively on public computers. Every time I happen to sit down at a computer to come here and see I'm already logged in, I feel a little more irritated at myself.

And I already have enough of that.

Edit: So first I decide, "hey I bet I could make a Greasemonkey script that gets rid of the pop-up." But it's obviously even worse to install Greasemonkey and the script every time, so I'd need my own version of firefox on a usb stick. So I find that, get that working, get Greasemonkey going, start thinking about what the script should be, and pause.
I've now got a portable Firefox install on a usb stick.
What's even worse is this is by no means the stupidest thing I've done recently. This last week has sucked.

So yeah, I guess this is even less than a big deal.
Although I'll note that this is pretty much the only website I actually like which uses pop-ups of any kind. So yeah.

Lune 19th of November, 2010 16:07

ORP uses popups? I didn't notice.

Also, at least you admit your paranoid. Truely paranoid people will never admit that. In fact, they would likely get paranoid if someone even insinuated that they were paranoid and then become paranoid about what that person has on them.

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