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dabocim 9th of December, 2010 10:39

The Cantina(OOC)
Alright I'll throw up the IC post tonight hopefully and we can get rolling

AoM 9th of December, 2010 11:35

Red 5, checking in.

Krypton 10th of December, 2010 02:44

Shadow 1, Checking in.

red_dr4g0n94 10th of December, 2010 13:00

Gravedigger 6, ready for action.

Edit: Just to verify, we're rolling for our Attributes and our health, correct?

AoM 10th of December, 2010 13:47

It seems to be what dabocim is asking for. (Though the previous campaign was points buy for attributes.)

Keylan 10th of December, 2010 14:03

Keylan checking in.

dabocim 10th of December, 2010 14:04

Well I thought we rolled because I had an old pm with rolled stats, but that was how I sent it to shakespeare the first time. Was it a 26 point buy or 28?

dabocim 10th of December, 2010 14:15

Now we're just waiting for the Explosive Cheese and Leodiensian then we can get the ball rolling

AoM 10th of December, 2010 15:21

It was 28 point buy.

Here's the cost in points to get an Ability Score

Ability Score - Point Cost

8 - 0
9 - 1
10 - 2
11- 3
12 - 4
13 - 5
14 - 6
15 - 8
16 - 10
17 - 13
18 - 16

This is pre racial bonus. You'll also get to then add a point for 4th and 8th level - remember to build your character in a way that meets appropriate requirements at all levels. So if you buy something with your level one feats, make sure you buy the required ability scores with your initial point buy.

Shakespeare let us roll for our starting credits I believe, and if we didn't reach a minimum amount, then we just got 10k I think.

Sent out PMs to Cheese and Leo?

Explosive Cheese 10th of December, 2010 15:52

Unmanned-Leader reporting slight technical difficulties.

I'm here, and near ready, but need to do the level up that dabo asked of me.

dabocim 10th of December, 2010 16:30

cool beans I'll fill you in on my ending to the first campaign tomorrow though

red_dr4g0n94 10th of December, 2010 16:49

So then we are doing point buy for attributes and rolling for health, yes?

I'm just making sure so i don't screw anything up is all.

AoM 10th of December, 2010 16:54


Krypton 11th of December, 2010 05:38

I need to do the level-up, too. Don't feel too bad.

But... spoiler alert... level 11 is when Ariq starts to become truly bad-ass.

AoM 11th of December, 2010 11:18

We all bow down to your superior character build. *bows*

Krypton 12th of December, 2010 12:48

Heh. It probably isn't that superior, min/maxer wise. I'm just kind of excited to show you what he'll be able to do, now, is all!

Krypton 13th of December, 2010 03:19

Yeah - the GM Area is private only to you, dabo - AoM and I can't see it.

dabocim 13th of December, 2010 05:38

Well crap... I didn't request it to be private. I'll just move the thread out of there then

Edit it is now under the player area

Krypton 14th of December, 2010 08:49

yup. Found it!

red_dr4g0n94 14th of December, 2010 12:28

Hey dab, I had a question concerning equipment and feats for my character.

First for equipment, since I'm gonna make her an armor specialist, I was planning on taking medium Battle armor, a rather big expense. I was thinking about also getting a light repeating blaster, however I'd have to be carrying around a big 'ol pile of power packs for that. I was thinking of getting a power generator (the 15 kg one listed in the core book) and just having it be strapped onto the back of her armor, with judicious use of mesh tap probably. This would give the LRB basically unlimited shots, so I wanted to run it by you first before I went too far into the realm of twinking.

Secondly for feats, there is a feat in the "Starships of the Galaxy" book called "Tech specialist". I was wondering if It'd be okay for me to take that for my character, or if I should just stick to core book stuff.

dabocim 14th of December, 2010 13:36

The feat is fine and I don't generally worry about shot counts so that's good with me.

Keylan 19th of December, 2010 07:32

Here is my Mando Character. Let me know if I need to make changes.

red_dr4g0n94 21st of December, 2010 13:02

I have to say, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I just get a 404 error when i click on that link.

AoM 21st of December, 2010 14:00

Me as well. Doesn't exist.

Keylan 22nd of December, 2010 15:15

Sorry about that for some reason it will not load so I sent a pm to dabocim with my character sheet. I hope to hear back from him soon.

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