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Wired*Nun 12th of October, 2004 06:25

Roland, Raevyn, Katarzyna, Arrotel Keep Battle

Shutter 12th of October, 2004 06:46

"Sounds good Josh." Where the hell is he going to Trump us to?


Raevyn:As they leave, she turns back to Roland, speaking quietly. "I told you before, that my father wished to be informed of when we left for the Keep, so he could help, since he's convinced it was either Dunstan or Jasra, or maybe even Dalt, who killed my brother. I don't want to disobey him, Roland." Raevyn doesn't look too sure of herself.
"I have no more desire to disobey your father than you do Raevyn...Time presse on though, and Trump communication may not be safe right now. Did you make any explicit promises to your father?" I really don't want to make her rely on her deceptive abilities here...but I even less want Gerard to go charging in in the fullness of his grief.

Pygysys 12th of October, 2004 06:49

Not long after Heldrik's departure, all 5 Orphans appear at the door to the study. Darius enters after knocking and speaks quietly to Kat, but can be overheard - It seems he and Ethan have been dismissed by Heldrik.

Kat turns to her cousins, "Interesting, Heldrik no longer requires the extra assistance. How do the rest of you feel about your guard going from three to five? I've assigned Quinn a different mission but will require your assistance in ensuring he gets to his destination. I want him to travel to Kashfa and keep a watch on proceedings there." She says it flat out and in monotone to show that this is not meant to be personal.

"However, we'll need to get him there. We can stop somewhere along the way to enable him to catch passage aboard a ship, or I can Trump the General and have Quinn travel through to him and then onwards from there. What say you all?"

Wired*Nun 12th of October, 2004 06:50

"Someone raid the icebox, please, and set up some provisions?" Josh goes off to leave a note and to get the horses ready, since he gave the caretakers the day off.

LynMars 12th of October, 2004 07:00

Raevyn recalls her conversation with Gerard, the night before they left Amber. "I...No, I never did. I said I'd let you know of his suggestions, and try to stay in touch...If you think we need to get moving, I'll leave that to your discretion. I'll, um, think of something. I can get the provisions taken care of, in the meantime."

She heads off to the kitchens, to get together enough food to get the group through a short trip; anything more, they can find along the way, if necessary. 'I can always tell Dad that circumstances didn't allow it; I'm worried about him being rash at the moment. And it's not as if Roland ordered me not to; just said we didn't have a lot of time...'

Shutter 12th of October, 2004 07:01


Kat:"However, we'll need to get him there. We can stop somewhere along the way to enable him to catch passage aboard a ship, or I can Trump the General and have Quinn travel through to him and then onwards from there. What say you all?"
Roland pulls out one of his Trump decks and begins rifling through it. After a moment he produces the Trump for Castle Amber.

"We can send him through to Amber, from there it would be a simple thing to get to Kashfa I think...Seems the easiest way to me."

Pygysys 12th of October, 2004 07:13

Kat smiles, "So it seems. Quinn." She turns and gestures towards the doorway, and a young man enters the room. "Quinn this is Prince Roland, Roland this is Quinn. Quinn, we're sending you back to Amber via Trump. From there you'll be able to book passage to Kashfa."

For his part, Quinn bows his head respectfully to Roland during the introductions and then looks to the Trump held in Roland's hand. "I'm ready Captain."

Kat then gestures to Roland to do that Trump thing he does so well... Quinn has his orders, so the last thing she says to Quinn is, "Luck in the Shadows, Quinn."

Once Quinn has been sent on his way, Kat looks to Roland, "Do you want an honor guard of five or three? If you only want the original three, including myself of course, then we still have two operatives to utilise. If you want to keep them in reserve, then I think Benedict may allow them to travel to Avalon and perhaps train there a while? We have been very secluded in our own Shadow till this point, I would like for them, if possible, to remain with us to get acclimatised to Shadow travelling along with myself for that matter."

Shutter 12th of October, 2004 07:25

Roland smiles at Quinn, extending his hand to shake. "Good to meet you Quinn. Name's Roland, no Prince needed. I'm not about to be on a throne any time soon."

Roland focuses on the Trump, extending until it is fully real. He reaches a hand out to Quinn and encourages him, with body language, to step through. If it all works he covers and puts away the Trump, pondering Kat's last querry.

"I have no problem with your full compliment joining us for now at the least. The more familiar they are with the world, the better off we all are I think. Welcome aboard gentlemen." He says, bowing slightly to the assembled Orphans. It's a good thing I trust Kat...she has the manpower here to sieze us all I think. Excellent that it is on our side.

Pygysys 12th of October, 2004 07:32

The Orphans as one return the bow to Roland, "Sir," they say as one. Kat grins, "Don't worry, they're not always like that, in unison." As if to confirm that, one of the men smirks and Roland will learn that one was Zane.

"Sir," says Darius, stepping forward, "The Captain has informed us of the role she and we are to play. We will serve to the best of our ability. Do you have orders for us now, Sir? We can assist in preparations to depart, we are skilled in such."

Kat looks to Roland and waits, he is the commanding officer after all.

Shutter 12th of October, 2004 07:45

Roland seems a bit taken aback by all the "Sir"s being thrown around, and the sudden offer of help and obedience. Perhaps he was getting used to dealing with family?

"We need to prepare horses and provisions, hard rations for three lean days should suffice, in case of emergency..." Really though...what kind of emergency would you come accross that would be helped with only three days of rations? "Actualy, cancel that. We need food and water enough for today, and perhaps the next breakfast. We're travelling fairly light though, no wagon train, no pack animals. You're skilled men, you know the kind of things we might need on the trail, I'll trust to your judgement." Better to learn how good it is now, than in time of crisis...and I suspect they'll do just fine.

"I'm off to grab that painting and pack my things, I'll meet you all at the stables as soon as we're ready? Be quick, but do not rush the quality of your preparations." Roland takes off, walking briskly, clearly happy to be in motion once more.

After he gets the painting(which should still be sitting in the eisel) he'll double check the contents of his satchel, arm and armour himself in his quarters, and make for the stables. At the stables he'll brush and feed Bill. If the Kat and her men are singing a particularly repetetive song he might join in, more likely though he'll listen to them, enjoying the comraderie they exude.

Pygysys 12th of October, 2004 07:57

Darius bows, "Yes Sir, at once Sir." He then turns and speaks to the men, who divide in half. Two go off to the kitchens and the other two head to the stables.

When they arrive in the kitchens, Darius and Zane introduce themselves to Raevyn if she is still there. They then proceed to assist with the packing of rations and Raevyn is quick to discover that they know what they're doing.

In the stables, Ethan and Marc do the same thing, assisting Josh with readying the horses.

Kat heads to her room and grabs her few belongings before heading down to the stables and preparing her own steed if he hasn't already been seen to. She, Ethan and Marc pass the time singing a song about travelling.

LynMars 12th of October, 2004 09:36

Raevyn will greet the men warmly, then, when it becomes apparent they know more about this than she does, she'll leave them to it, returning to her room to collect her things; pack her few changes of clothes, double check her satchel of paint supplies, and head down to the stables when everything seems to be in order.

Wired*Nun 12th of October, 2004 17:35

Josh welcomes the help in getting the horses ready, and brings them all into the courtyard to be packed with the food and gear. Leaving them in Orphan care, he walks over to the open courtyard gate and sets a Trump carefully on a ledge, just about at eye level.

When everyone is assembled in the courtyard and ready to go, he begins to concentrate on the Trump. A short time later, he makes motions with his hands, boxlike, stretching, and a glowing rectangle appears in the air before him. He expands the gate to a large size, so that mounted riders can pass through without difficulty. Through the gate can be seen snow-capped mountains reflected perfectly in a still alpine lake.

"Ready when you are, O fearless leader," he quips to Roland.

Presuming everyoe is ready and willing, the group rides through the gate. Josh is last, and grabs the Trump as he exits, the gate collapsing behind him.

Looking around, everyone can see for miles through pure sweet air, to the granite peaks. The small lake is set in a grassy meadow, and there is a large ash tree with a pair of ravens sitting in it nearby. One of the ravens flies off as the group arrives. "Go tell him, bird," Josh says quietly, seemingly unworried.

Beneath the tree, but not too close, is a fire ring, as if from camping, as well as a large pile of stacked firewood and what looks to be a steel box, anchored in cement, padlocked. "Bears," says Josh in response to queries. "They will find and eat anything, but they can't get though steel."

Josh takes a canteen and fills it carefully from a stream that runs near the tree, feeding the lake. "Best water anywhere, for my money. Snowmelt straight off the Sierras." He drinks deeply of the canteen, then refills and caps it.

Shutter 12th of October, 2004 22:33

Roland watches Josh forming the Trump gate, trying to get a sense for how the hell he does that. "Impressive feat there Josh...Yet another thing I'll need to learn one of these days." When Josh gives the signal Bill is nudged forward and carries Roland through the gateway into the pristine mountain air.

When everyone is through Roland looks to Josh. "Shift from here then?"

LynMars 13th of October, 2004 00:10

Raevyn pats Spindrift's shoulder, glad to have the familiar mare back. The other horse, Jemani, stays behind in Jorden's stable. 'Josh will slow the time down drastically before we leave, and he said I can go back there whenever I need to, so she'll be all right, I guess; feel kinda bad, taking her out of the Amber stables, though...'

As they go through the gate, Raevyn's reminded of all she still needs to learn when it comes to the powers of Trump. She takes in the scene they arrive in, trying to determine if it's one of the same she and Josh paused at before on their way to his mother's home in Shadow.

Wired*Nun 13th of October, 2004 03:48


trying to determine if it's one of the same she and Josh paused at before on their way to his mother's home in Shadow.
It's not the same place, but the same shadow, for sure.


"Shift from here then?"
"In a bit."

"I have a confession to make." Seeing Orphans becoming alert and battle-ready, he smiles nervously and waves his empty palms. "Kidding, kidding, jeez! No, really, I do have someone to show you, that I've not shown many people. Even most of the elders don't know about this, I don't think. At least, it's not common knowledge. Will you keep my confidence? Especially since life and death can depend on it?"

LynMars 13th of October, 2004 05:18

Raevyn is a little startled by the Orphans' sudden readiness. 'What could they think he'd do? Unless there were more men hiding in the trees, I don't think we're about to be overwhelmed--and Josh wouldn't attack us, anyway.'

She looks to the others briefly, but even before she's certain of what their answer is, she gives Josh a supportive smile, and a nod.

Shutter 13th of October, 2004 05:43


Josh: "...Will you keep my confidence? Especially since life and death can depend on it?"
Roland looks curious, and replies with all solemnity. "Of course Josh." I wonder what this could be?...a child of his?...say...where did Lester get to?

Pygysys 13th of October, 2004 07:35

Kat watches the Trump gate display and grins, "You have to admit, this is a lot quicker than sailing." She like everybody else passes through the gate to the other side.

"Seems peaceful here," she comments looking around, scanning the area. "So who does the box belong to then, Josh? This someone you have to show us? I can only state that you have my confidence unless it is to the detriment of any here or Amber."

She signals to the Orphans and though it appears all of them have relaxed somewhat, they all remain on alert and fan out around the cousins, protecting the flanks.

Wired*Nun 13th of October, 2004 20:35

To Katarzyna, he says, "Umm...the box is mine, for bears, as I mentioned. So I can store my food when I come here and camp...but that has nothing to do with the other thing." He looks amused at the military preparations, but grows serious at her words.

"That's too broad a qualification. Almost anything anyone does could be to the detriment of Amber, including disclosing this information. Catch-22. I need you to give me your word that you will not discose my confidences unless there is some great and overriding reason. I'm willing to leave it up to your judgment what that might be, but I want to be clear. If you can't tell me that, we can go on, and it won't inhibit our mission in any substantive way."

LynMars 14th of October, 2004 00:58

Raevyn looks at Kat, tilting her head. "I don't see why you'd think Josh meant Amber, or us, any intentional harm, or to impede us somehow. If he were going to, he's had plenty of opportunity before now. I trust his judgements, and you should, too, considering the amount of trust he's shown us thus far, allowing us to stay in his personal refuge, and wanting to divulge yet another secret, one that may help us, either now or later. If you don't want to be party to it, however, you and your men can remain behind, and Josh can just show Roland and me."

Her tone isn't harsh or accusatory at all; she's quiet, mostly matter-of-fact, and maybe slightly confused as to why this is an issue.

Wired*Nun 14th of October, 2004 02:12

[Presuming Kat agrees]

Josh turns and takes Raevyn's wrist, gently, and draws her toward the ash tree. Placing her hand upon the tree, he says, "Teyawahnee, meet Raevyn, a good friend of mine. Raevyn, Teyawahnee, seed of Yggdrasil in this place. I planted him here, in one of my favorite of all locations."

Deep inside Raevyn's mind, a voice speaks. "Welcome, Raevyn, daughter of Gerard of Amber."

Josh does the same with Roland, and Katarzyna, and the Orphans together, letting them give their names. The Amberites receive a similar greeting, citing their lineage - Roland, son of Julian, and Katarzyna, daughter of Benedict. The Orphans' citation is "Bonded of Katarzyna."

Once they have touched the tree, Josh steps back and says, "Tey is a dear friend of mine, and a wise being. He brings me news carried by the ravens, from other of Ygg's seed. I bring him news as well, for it is a lonely thing to be a sentient tree, with only the birds for company. We have been discussing causing some aboriginals to settle here and worship and protect him, but he is undecided."

The voice sounds in all their minds. It seems to bypass any normal psychic defenses anyone attempts to raise, but seems in no way inimical. "Joshua is a good and dear friend, and I am happy to provide him with as much as I know that is not forbidden me to tell. What news of the wider world?"

Josh says, "Gentlemen," to the Orphans, "Would you mind watering the horses and let's get comfortable?" then gives Teyawahnee a very summarized version of their adventures since he got involved. "Tey will not reveal anything we do not wish him to, and the other trees, though they pass many tales, know the value of discretion. We may talk freely here."

LynMars 14th of October, 2004 02:41

Raevyn's eyes get wide, and she looks up at the tree, studying it, smiling. "It's a pleasure and an honor to meet you, Teyawahnee." She looks around. "I can see how it would get lonely here, unable to move, with no one around..."

Shutter 14th of October, 2004 03:44

Roland bows deeply to the tree, halfway through the motion wondering if it can see.

"Tis and honor Teyawahnee. I am glad you have such a good friend here in Josh, we too are luck to know him...Would you mind if I Sketch you?" Roland turns a questioning eye to Josh. If he approves Roland will pick a nice piece of ground to sit on and begin doing a Trump Sketch of the area in his sketchbook. He also does a Sketch of just Teyawahnee, though he has no idea if he can contact a tree that way, even a sentient tree. I wonder if he'd be interested in having a seed planted in Regan...Tibrone and the brothers would care for it well.

Pygysys 14th of October, 2004 07:51

Kat agrees to what Josh and Raevyn say, "Tis fair enough. My men and I will keep your confidence Josh."

She is slightly taken aback by the whole introduction and idea of a sentinent tree. "An honour to meet you too, Teyawahnee." We're talking to a tree. This whole expedition just gets stranger by the day. "Strange I admit, but amazingly so."

Looking to the others, Kat shrugs, "I am really beginning to believe I led a very sheltered existance before coming to Amber." The Orphans tend to the horses as bid, one or two of them a little relieved they don't have to talk with the tree any more than necessary.

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