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The_Friendly_Fiend 1st of June, 2004 13:15

Chapter 2: OOC Messages
With regard to legend points, please keep them in two categories:

Total Legend Points Earned and Current Legend Points

The reason, both are important since you'll be spending them as you earn them. In addition, certain things can happen once you earn a certain amount of fame (aka. legend points).

The other thing to keep in mind when you're spending points to increase talents, you can't increase a talent unless you're fully healed! Anyone else feeling sorry for BigRedRod? :cry:

Zeff 1st of June, 2004 14:50

It's ok, legend points aren't temporary. They'll still be there when he gets to them.

And yes, I'm feeling sorry for the skinny little elf.

p.s. sorry for losing count with my own recovery tests. certainly unintentional.

BigRedRod 1st of June, 2004 15:29

nah, I'm waiting until I have 800, then I'll get a second recovery test free with my extra point of toughness :)

Talysian 2nd of June, 2004 02:40

So ff, how safe would our char's feel about resting in the giant geode?

BigRedRod 2nd of June, 2004 02:48

isn't that for us to decide?

here's a hint, Sador isn't going to agree with the "let's spend a few days resting where we are highly likely to run into badguys" plan :)
We'll find somewhere a little more safe, outside would be good, but we don't know how possible that is

The_Friendly_Fiend 2nd of June, 2004 06:59

Don't worry about it Zeff. I'm keeping tabs on these things.

If you rest in the geode, at least you wouldn't need to bother with light. But rest would be the prudent thing to do. For one, when you're out of recovery tests, booster potions won't work for you since they require the use of a recovery test when consumed. The other thing is for some (Zeff), there are abilities tied to recovery tests. Plus if you want to learn/advance a talent, or buy karma to spend, you'll need to rest.

Remember, if you want to buy more expendable karma , you may only buy a number of karma points equal to your karma ritual rank each day. I don't think anyone has a Karma Ritual of 2, so that means you're limited to buying one karma per day, so long as you have the legend points to spend.

Zeff 2nd of June, 2004 10:59

Zeff, being human, knew he would go through karma like water, so he (ahem, I) took a rank 2 in Karma Ritual...just for the sake of example.

BigRedRod 2nd of June, 2004 17:08

should we just assume we get back to the geode after a little walk, or is something unpleasant going to happen?

The Alcotroll 2nd of June, 2004 17:15

Something unpleasant would be just my luck. Let's go with the assuming.

Zeff 3rd of June, 2004 09:20

Do we have an approximation of how much time has passed since we left the Kaer?

The_Friendly_Fiend 3rd of June, 2004 11:51

You've been gone from the exit for about 16 hours. Right now you're really pushing yourselves.

Zeff 3rd of June, 2004 14:30

Wow, 8 hours of overtime already? This is gonna be one fat check!

The_Friendly_Fiend 5th of June, 2004 10:08

So where is it that Zalazar will be leading the group? Will he lead the group further down the tunnel or will he take them back to the four-way intersection.

Zeff 5th of June, 2004 14:20

Either way, we are going into the unknown, injured and very tired.

The_Friendly_Fiend 5th of June, 2004 14:26

Name three really bad things for an adventuring group?

What is the unknown, injured and fatigued! :)

Oh and don't forget to check your private messages!

The Alcotroll 8th of June, 2004 08:46

Gentlemen, might I suggest that we run like buggery?

The_Friendly_Fiend 8th of June, 2004 09:10


**Launches a cow over the wall to fall upon the poor porter Percy.**

"Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!" :)

BigRedRod 8th of June, 2004 17:12

Can we see the entire cavern?
i.e. are there any passages, or is it all too big to be seen

I'd rather not turn back. Outside seems the best place to be heading for rest

The Alcotroll 9th of June, 2004 00:41

Can anyone else see us having to scrape the effluent off that water and swim our way out?

Talysian 9th of June, 2004 01:58

heh.. I can see that... but not doing that...

BigRedRod 9th of June, 2004 02:34

either way if anyone is going to give up and head back like a little girl, it should be Sador
And as we really need to hole up for a time, it seems the best way in my eyes

Time to take deep breaths and swim ;)

The_Friendly_Fiend 9th of June, 2004 21:40

Just another reminder that it's a good idea to check your private messages when you visit the board. It's not that hard to do since there's a notification in the top right hand corner when the forums load.

I'll sort of spell it out this time, Zeff knew what you were dealing with before all the questions. Too bad he didn't check his private messages before he posted! And is it luck that the bats haven't swarmed down on top of you! Or better yet, is it luck that they haven't dropped a load of guano on your heads? :)

BigRedRod 9th of June, 2004 22:10

isn't bat guano white?

The_Friendly_Fiend 10th of June, 2004 06:16

Brown, yellow, white...maybe yoru crystal lights are shining in different colors and distorting what you see? Or maybe it's old and has begun to change colors?

BigRedRod 10th of June, 2004 06:23

That's ok
I thought it was a cunning deception :)

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