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SponkleofInfini 11th of January, 2003 10:28

We failed................the

Laronar struggles for breath, smoke quickly fills the tunnels. head hurting and body aching from the explosion he has to strain his eyes to discern his surroundings.

"Fire................Cadogan.......are you......ok."

The Inferno it draws closer, the heat; grapples the two, it burns so much, a mere taste of what is to come. Laronar coughs, partially chocking on the thick smoke as he rises.

"Cadogan, I am affraid you must be my guide now as the smoke limits even my keen eyes."

Cadogan Trahem 14th of January, 2003 06:37

"Hold Tight." Cadogan says as he passes part of his cloak to Laronar as the two stand up in the blinding smoke, going from his memory Cadogan begins to retrace his steps as fast as possible before finally the smell of smoke is replaced with the pung of the sewers.

"You fools!" The call comes out and Laronar opens his eyes to see the man who approched them standing side by side with two others. "The tunnels are destroyed! You will pay dearly for this!"

Cadogan replies; "The Orc's.." but is cut off before he can continue.

"Shut up blind man! The Orc's where ruining our trade, but now that the tunnels are gone you've ruined it for good! For this you'll pay!!" The man nearly screams the last words as a Crossbow quarrel slams into Cadogan's upper right chest and the blind man recoils backwards in pain. Shrivel gives a great cry as though he shares Caogans pain...

SponkleofInfini 14th of January, 2003 10:12

Quickly drawing his bow and nocking an arrow, attention afixed upon the traiterous scum who had fired upon Cadogan. But Laronar hesistates, his sight is blurred, a side of affect of the smoke. As Laronar hesistates a bolt strikes him in the upper leg, he cringes, pain pulsating from his leg.

Although blinded, Laronar hears the subtle loading of the crossbow bolt, letting an arrow fly it strikes the man to the right in the forearm. Quickly nocking another and firing, it hits nothing but stone as the man pulls backward obviously in pain.

Cadogan Trahem 16th of January, 2003 05:02

Cadogan reaches up to the bolt protruding from his chest and grasps it tightly, ripping it from his chest with a gush of red blood he quickly puts his had over the wound and grasps inside his bag at his side for a certain vial. Finding it he quickly gulps down the clear bluish liquid and waits as the bleeding and some of the other wounds begin to heal at an excellerated rate.

However the wounds combined are too much for the single vial to heal all at once and still the crossbow bolt wound pains Cadogan.

SponkleofInfini 17th of January, 2003 11:25

Laronar focuses as one of the men runs off, injured and scared leaving the remaining two to take on the seasoned adventurers. They look nervous, even though the adventurer's are impaired in some manner they are proving more then a match still.

"Your companion has run off, one man down, perhaps you should follow his lead."

States Laronar, in a powerful and intimidating tone.

Two crossbow quarells fly at Cadogan and Laronar in reply to the threat. Missing, but not by a considerable margin, the bolts hit stone with a slight ping.

The blur in Laronar's eyes lessens, but still obscures his vision consderably. Not letting this hinder him Laronar fires off two more arrows, the first missing hitting stone, the second hits but just by the sounds of it; grazing the leaders right cheek.

Cadogan Trahem 22nd of January, 2003 14:14

Cadogan takes the oppotunity to take another potion, his wounds heal over again at an excellerated rate and now nearly full revitalised he prepares to fight.

In the distance heavy armour is heard rattling as though running. Against the entrance to the sewers shadows of atleast 5 men are cast out. It appears the town guards have arrived to investigate. The two remaining men look troubled but the leader is still determined to get his vengence.

SponkleofInfini 22nd of January, 2003 21:58

"Sir, perhaps it is best we leave, it sounds like the guard."

Says the henchman meekly

"NO.....not until we have finished with these scum."

Replies the leader harshly.

The two adventurer's still impedded in some way can only listen on, weapons at the ready.

"Sir Cadogan, your council would be most appreciated."

Inquires the elf.

Cadogan Trahem 25th of January, 2003 22:54

Cadogan takes a tedious step backwards as he prepares his plan.

"When fighting men of evil and Darkness, use your own!" Cadogan's hands glow for a second as the mage goes through the ritualistic casting of a spell. From his hands a mist of bitter black emerges untill finally it explodes into a total darkness. While the sound of fire and footsteps still remains, and the air still hisses past his ears, Laronar cannot see.

Not even a blurred image, at first thinking himself blind he strains his eyes but cannot see a damned thing.

Cadogan whispers; "Fear not, your eyes work perfectly."

Outside of his bubble of darkness, the three men looked puzzled at the end of the sewer system, before them nothing but darkness envelopes the dungeon. Fearing a rift, or gate spell, one of the men drops his crossbow and runs back down the tunnel only to run directly into one of the Heavy Guards - The elite of the town's soldiers, the most seasoned fighters available at this place.

The other two men stand idle for a moment, the leader cursing and sending a bolt into the blackness in protest. The bolt whizzing past Laronar's ear and into the cavern beyond. The second man turns to his leader.

"Sorcery! You choose a Mage!? A Mage!? We're both dead already! You underst-" His words are cut off as the leader clips the mans head with his fist.

"Shut up!" His stern reply comes.

"Both of you! Hold it where you stand!" The voice of a fourth stranger echos down the hall. "You're both under arreast!"

SponkleofInfini 29th of January, 2003 23:16

From within the darkness Laronar and Cadogan are only left to guess what is happening beyond the veil of darkness.

The two traders give a disdainful gaze into the darkness, wearilly they drop their weapons and fall to the mercy of the guard.

"The darkness!! A Mage and and his Elven mate. It was them......ALL THEM!!"

The guards cackle at the trader's ramblings but are soon hushed by what seems to be the head of the guard.

"Where I see nothing?"

Proclaims the fourth voice.

Cadogan Trahem 1st of February, 2003 00:28

Cadogan speaks and drops his darkness a moment later revealing the two worn and bloodied adventurers to the guards.

"I am forced to conceal myself from this man's trechery. I am Cadogan Trahem, Initiate of the Brotherhood of the Tripplets." Cadogan introduces himself. "This is my comrade Laranor. We where told that these caverns where filled with Orcs that threatend the town by the man you now hold, and that they where."

Cadogan steps back to reveal the opening where the now blazing light from the fires shines through.

"We where sent to dispatch the Orcs, and we did. However the last ignited what must have been explosives and brought the cavern down to cover its escape. The town was saved, however it appears the man before you had other plans for the tunnels that didn't involve the safety of the fortress city." Cadogan explains.

"Interesting." The guard captain explains. "You two will have to come with us, and explain these to the local magistrate."

"Of course." Cadogan says. "This will be a walk through the woods compared to what the last few hours have thrown at us."

SponkleofInfini 10th of February, 2003 13:54

"Yes, well come, I am affraid you and your companions will have to be shakled for now."

Replies the guard Captian

Two guards proceed to shackle Cadogan, and then Laronar. The process then repeated upon the traders. The adventurer's are lead out of the ruins, cuffed and shackled. All the while the head trader who betrayed the adventurer's scowls and whispers profanities to the pair.

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