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dabocim 14th of July, 2010 16:46

Are my cookies broken?
I've had trouble logging in and out for the past few days and the system doesn't auto log me out is that my cookies or is it something to do with Orp

Explosive Cheese 14th of July, 2010 18:37

I know that Orp never auto-logs me off (unless maybe I clear my cookies, or maybe for long periods without coming on, neither of which have been true for me). This is a very, very useful feature. No one else on the computers I log onto use Orp, so I like just being able to come to Orp already logged on.

itches 14th of July, 2010 20:24

When you log in, if you fail to select the "remember me" option it should log you out when you leave. Should. This won't show up if you log in from the front page. When logging out, sometimes it will take you to a page saying "An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out." In order to log out you need to click there.

Apart from that, I'm blaming your cookies.

Gralhruk 14th of July, 2010 22:24

I'm pretty sure his cookies are to blame for your lack of posting as well.

dabocim 14th of July, 2010 23:21

At least there not the edible kind of cookies. whatever it just a force of habit that I try and sign in as soon as I come on to the site and then I just feel silly for trying to log in again

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