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Dirigible 22nd of December, 2003 20:52

OOC Thread
So, here we are.

Any questions re character creation, ask 'em in the Vigilance Act thread. Post draft characters in the Roster.

I'll post some setting info in a day or two.

mpickett81 23rd of December, 2003 08:30

It might take me a little bit longer than normal to get a PC up... Christmas is so close... furthermore I'm about to head to my parents house for a week and they just have dial-up (gasp!). Anyway, I will try to get my PC worked out ASAP nonetheless.

Dirigible 23rd of December, 2003 13:43

No worries. We won't be starting til after the main part of the hecticness of the Christmas hols is over, anyway.

tKL 23rd of December, 2003 16:57

tKL reporting for duty. I'll have something up after I get back to Chapel Hill (in Massachusetts until the 28th).

Happy Holidays, folks.


Chronaltap 24th of December, 2003 00:05

MWahahahahaha!!!! Foolish heroes... you have no idea a villian is in your midst...

Oops.... did I say that out loud?

Kaos 24th of December, 2003 10:24

I will have my rough draft up in a day or so.

mpickett81 27th of December, 2003 19:09

just letting you know that i'm still around. i've been busy with holiday-type-things. normally i have far too much time on my hands, though, so I'm going to try to get a character worked out this weekend. After New Years, I'm sure i'll be able to communicate daily.

tKL 29th of December, 2003 16:24

I'm back and should be able to have a rough draft of a character up within the next couple days (maybe even tomorrow night). :)


Cadrius 3rd of January, 2004 05:00

Looks like I'll be joining the ranks of the would-be heroes. I'm actually quite interested to play in a G&G setting. Most of the M&M games I've played have been four color, or something close to it. Glad to be aboard.

Dirigible 3rd of January, 2004 16:15

Welkommen, Cad.

Cadrius 4th of January, 2004 05:37

Wreck, the consumate reluctant hero, is up. I might tweak him a little but I think I'm happy with how he's set up. I figured it'd be fun in this grim setting to play someone struggling with a reason to be a hero. Of course I'm banking on one of other good guys to give him that, or at least point him in the right direction.

Dirigible 4th of January, 2004 06:40

Got to be better than Captain Destructo, the Orphan Crusher, at any rate.

I've added some more background info, at last. If you have any questions on the setting and so forth, ask away. If you need an organization, character or event for your background, you should feel as if you have a fairly free rein to add 'em.

mpickett81 6th of January, 2004 15:34

I was away for the holidays longer than I expected... but I'm back. I'm still interested in playing... I've just got a lot of other stuff to deal with at the moment. If I can have 2 or 3 more days, I still should be able to get a PC up.

Dirigible 6th of January, 2004 16:49

so far, we've got

Seer, master of perceptions beyond space and time [tKl]
Bolt, just plain fast [Kaos]
Wreck, flying meathammer [Cadrius]

Welcome back, Pickett.
Chronaltap? You still here?

Chronaltap 7th of January, 2004 00:03

Yeah... I'm still here... Havne't had my M&M book.... Working out my guy now... Should hav a gadgeteer up shortly. :)
I always did love toys. :)

Cadrius 7th of January, 2004 07:24

Ah yes, perhaps I should change his name to The Flying Meathammer!

Nah, sounds too much like a pornstar.

Incidentally, Dirigible, how would you feel about a rival/enemy flaw? I suppose how much it's worth would depend on how strong this individual is. A rival would be constantly attempting to one-up the hero in question, taking jobs, etc. An enemy would be trying to thwart and/or kill the hero. Just a random thought.

Dirigible 7th of January, 2004 07:28


This is a superhero game. Rest assured you'll all acquire enemies pretty toot sweet, so I can't really give you any PP for having extras, can I?

On the other hand, providing your GM ammo makes him very, very happy, and you never know how that favour may be expressed...

Cadrius 8th of January, 2004 07:30

Here's a thought for a shady superbeing.

Maim. A non-flying meathammer. Worked with Wreck on a gig. They were to "acquire" several tons of arms and munitions for an employer, but the cargo plane they were using was shot down. Given the choice, Wreck left Maim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, deciding the goods were more important (no cargo = no money). Needless to say, Maim survived and has neither forgiven nor forgotten.

GusPorterhouse 8th of January, 2004 08:43

Are there any slots left?

Dirigible 8th of January, 2004 16:14

Mmm... what the hell, sure. Gus takes us up to six.

But no more!! :D

Great NPC, Cad. If the rest of you want to do something along the same lines, you're most welcome to.

Chronaltap 10th of January, 2004 11:01

Well... soon as Gus get's his guy into his own thread he should be good. Sorry about the delay with my char BTW... Just wanted to make sure I ahd something solid before puting anything down. Looks like we're pretty close to go time here.... Arent' we?

One other thing... Wouldn't it make more sense for Demolitions to fold into Disable Device than the other way around? Just wondering.

Dirigible 10th of January, 2004 13:13

Yes, it would. But, when you aren't looking properly, two D-words can often look the same!

tKL 10th of January, 2004 16:21

Just checking in. I'll have a background, etc., for my PC up tomorrow night (after I get off work at 6 PM EST). :)


Dirigible 10th of January, 2004 18:25

Seer, master of perceptions beyond space and time [tKl]
Bolt, just plain fast [Kaos]
Wreck, flying meathammer [Cadrius]
The Mechanic, can he fix it? yes he can [Kaos]
Osprey, daring young man on his flying trapeeze[GusPorterhouse]

Those of you who don't have histories yet, make me a happy GM and write 'em.
Pickett said he'd be posting a character fairly soon... after that, we can get started.

tKL 11th of January, 2004 10:36

Posted the Seer's history for you, Dirigible.


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