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Public Commonness
The place for all your questions/comments unrelated to any of the hosted PBP's.
Proclamations (1 Viewing)
Behold! These messages are of extreme importance, and thus it is in your own interest to read them!
24th of May, 2017 00:32 Go to last post
151 2,423
Inquiries (3 Viewing)
Should you dare request the attention of those above you in the chain of power; do it here. Convenient both for you and the one you seek council of.
4th of March, 2019 23:35 Go to last post
627 4,199
Uncognitive Cackling (4 Viewing)
Tell the world how you feel! And hope to get responses from the select few lurking on this board.
8th of August, 2019 09:57 Go to last post
799 21,900
Discuss character creation, system mechanics, plot devices and all the other nuts and bolts of a successful game.
by itches
24th of May, 2016 13:29 Go to last post
208 4,270
Character Acquisition (7 Viewing)
Find players and/or GM's to share plots, schemes and adventures with. Then submit a forum request here.
by Danilo
16th of May, 2017 17:51 Go to last post
922 19,413
A place where serious freeform-roleplaying is committed to provide joy and amusement for the masses.
25th of October, 2017 21:11 Go to last post
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Akuma's Games
An awakened group is on the run from Iteration X in the states, and will have to hide out in a small Japanese village. Only to find that there's more than meets the eye... Some things need awakening... but don't open Pandora's box.
by lawwnum
3rd of December, 2013 08:19 Go to last post
9 3,023
Anas' Games
Follow two Sith Knights and their companions on a quest to overthrow the abominable One Sith Empire, and return the galaxy to its true form, chaos...
by IG44
1st of October, 2010 14:13 Go to last post
11 277
AoM's Games
Mystery, Blood, and Fangs in New York City.
11th of May, 2011 04:55 Go to last post
12 158
beowulf's Games
Changeling: the Lost (2 Viewing)
Lord, what fools these mortals be!
9th of June, 2014 05:04 Go to last post
8 107
BigRedRod's Games
City of the Dead (1 Viewing)
An empty and broken landscape full of lost dreams.
30th of November, 2011 04:24 Go to last post
160 15,799
Black Plauge's Games
Dünya (1 Viewing)
Building a homebrew on your own is hard, so rope some players into doing it for you.
10th of July, 2008 20:25 Go to last post
37 1,538
Scales of War (1 Viewing)
The Elsir Vale finds itself at the heart of a growing conflict once more and must find new heroes to come to its aid.
17th of June, 2011 01:47 Go to last post
22 1,475
Cadogan Trahem's Games
Lands of Dynasty (1 Viewing)
With the fall of the Han Dynasty and the rise of the Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu, China plunges into civil strife once again. [ARCHIVED]
7th of April, 2004 02:56 Go to last post
18 847
Cadrius' Games
Deadwatch Embers (2 Viewing)
Hope wears thin as the forces of Izrador tighten their grasp. Yet not all the light has been extinguished, for there are those still willing to stand and curse the darkness. The last heroes of Aryth fight to make a difference. (Midnight)
by Cadrius
28th of January, 2009 01:47 Go to last post
28 4,182
Captain Gavis's Games
A few mortals have been handed the power of the gods, but what will they do with it?
by Thanos
23rd of May, 2011 06:12 Go to last post
16 979
Travel back in time to a land shrouded in mystery....first edition!
16th of August, 2011 10:59 Go to last post
5 243
Chris Chandler's Games
Dr. Who meets Sherlock Holmes or Scooby-Doo meets Battlestar Gallactica?
12th of August, 2014 08:31 Go to last post
9 7,154
In the Colony of Last Breath, no one can hear you scream.
26th of October, 2010 10:26 Go to last post
3 3,033
The Trio's ongoing adventure, now with triple-DM goodness!
22nd of August, 2014 13:21 Go to last post
4 554
Epicureans (1 Viewing)
Powerful travelers find themselves on the scorched world of Athas.
by Doombot
11th of September, 2014 10:00 Go to last post
10 5,604
Sometimes you've just got to lose a noun in order to succeed.
12th of August, 2014 08:24 Go to last post
3 3,729
Church's Games
Masquerade (1 Viewing)
A V20 Chronicle. (Mature Content)
by Church
14th of April, 2016 08:42 Go to last post
10 694
Copper's Games
As the twelfth century draws to a close, Rokugan finds itself a land blighted by corruption, death, and evil. The Empire is in dire need of heroes, without whom it will no doubt crumble and burn beneath the foul taint of the Shadowlands. [Legend of the Five Rings]
by Solar
12th of October, 2011 10:33 Go to last post
12 336
A World of Darkness (1 Viewing)
Los Angeles, a city once belonging to the Anarch Movement, has been clamed by the Camarilla. The battlefield has changed hands and, in the wake of conflict, new Kindred rise to positions of power and prominence, or fall screaming into ruin. [Vampire the Masquerade - 20th Anniversary]
9th of June, 2014 05:03 Go to last post
3 17
After Earth (1 Viewing)
“In the coming years, our children’s children will look to us and ask: where were you, the day that Earth was taken from us?” - Captain Adam Wynn, Gaian Defence Fleet [D6 Space]
by Copper
4th of October, 2011 07:32 Go to last post
4 9
Croaker's Games
In a Wicked Age (1 Viewing)
In this wicked age, no man can be certain of his fate.
26th of September, 2010 18:58 Go to last post
22 914
The Terran Expeditionary Force wants YOU!
by Croaker
4th of July, 2010 11:37 Go to last post
11 220
crueldespot's Games
Jiangu! (1 Viewing)
D&D v3.5 SRD only. Homebrew w/ Eastern flavor. "Do you seek a short and painful but exciting life of prosperity? The fearsome wizard GOLOCK is hiring HENCHMEN to fight the evil menace haunting Shan Mountain and perform other tasks as needed." [ARCHIVED]
by Exarzun
26th of August, 2008 05:04 Go to last post
33 4,743
dabocim's Games
I have no description, I am descriptionless, woe, woe!
by dabocim
11th of June, 2010 10:23 Go to last post
6 7
Conspiracy (2 Viewing)
In a world of aristocrats a war to free the people rages on
by dabocim
10th of September, 2010 22:50 Go to last post
6 104
A band of champions, brought together through the will of the Force, have yet to fathom the challenges ahead [Star Wars SAGA Edition RPG]
28th of May, 2011 02:08 Go to last post
10 210
Daedalus's Games
Eclipse Phase meets Transistor in near space.
22nd of June, 2014 18:41 Go to last post
5 24
Darken's Games
Rivalry (1 Viewing)
Create your own adventure in Faerun [ARCHIVED]
by itches
25th of May, 2010 14:41 Go to last post
31 1,785
Darius's Games
Apocalypse World (1 Viewing)
The end of the world happened fifty years ago. Welcome to what happens next.
6th of June, 2013 05:46 Go to last post
13 345
Kingmaker (3 Viewing)
Exploration, kingdom building, monster slaying- what more could you ask for? A Pathfinder Adventure Path
11th of January, 2011 14:07 Go to last post
14 332
Against the Darkness (1 Viewing)
A Dresden Files RPG game
by zachol
10th of August, 2011 11:41 Go to last post
10 279
David's Games
Kingdom of Danleb (1 Viewing)
Adventurers depart from the Kingdom of Danleb to search for fame and fortune. GURPS 4th Edition.
by 5Solas
9th of October, 2009 17:01 Go to last post
13 524
Dirigible's Games
The Centinels (1 Viewing)
One murder made a villain, One million a hero. ~Beilby Porteous. A dark and merciless casting from the superheroic mould. (Mutants and Masterminds)
24th of October, 2009 04:46 Go to last post
28 3,113
EBNall's Games
A team of young teenagers become superheroes,team up and face the great responsibilities of vigilantism in New York of the Marvel universe.
by EBNall
17th of March, 2011 07:57 Go to last post
5 69
elmer_jok's Games
Into the Wilds (3 Viewing)
From the ashes of old dawns a new age.
4th of November, 2017 13:44 Go to last post
54 1,181
Even Gods Cry (2 Viewing)
Blue Fire spawns new nightmares into the lanscape of Faerun that threaten to consume all of Torril. Can this threat be stopped?
18th of March, 2017 19:39 Go to last post
23 163
elpresidente's Games
War is good for business. Especially if you sell guns.
by Solar
4th of November, 2011 06:23 Go to last post
13 53
Erendiox's Games
In the time before the Usurpation, strong bonds between the Solar Exalted and Lunar Exalted were made. After the chaos of the first age ended, the Lunars, shamed by cowardice, remained in the deep edges of creation to which they had fled. Can broken [Archived]
7th of February, 2009 03:54 Go to last post
39 1,228
The god's chosen are once but children, small and fragile in the face of many dangers… this is their story.
14th of December, 2010 12:41 Go to last post
31 822
A New Age (1 Viewing)
Caught in a struggle for freedom in the Threshold, those Chosen before their time will shape the future of Creation.
24th of July, 2013 18:48 Go to last post
22 513
Ergonomic Cat's Games
It's a Marvel Mystery, y'all.
18th of August, 2011 16:24 Go to last post
28 577
Here we are, on the raggedy edge. Cowboys and spaceships: Shiny adventures in the 'Verse.
by 5Solas
14th of September, 2011 21:35 Go to last post
7 62
Explosive Cheese's Games
Fantastic Reality (3 Viewing)
What happens when you roleplay a roleplayer?
by dabocim
28th of October, 2010 23:37 Go to last post
14 507
fhgwdads05's Games
Shadows of Death (1 Viewing)
Just as tall trees are known by their shadows, so are good souls known by their enemies
10th of July, 2013 20:42 Go to last post
28 392
Foxtrot's Games
A Lost Childe (1 Viewing)
Price of all this vanity is getting way too high; the maintenance of my sanity is taking too much time...
25th of January, 2012 00:29 Go to last post
8 127
Francis's Games
The city of Marash Pul boasts a large number of temples. Their clergy are lawful and all-powerful. On the edges of powerlessness, a thieves' guild tries to survive.
2nd of June, 2010 07:20 Go to last post
14 236
generaljimX's Games
You have been employed by Julius Caesar as part of his mighty army. Will you help him conquer or will it be your mistakes that vanquish him? [ARCHIVED]
by akiko
31st of January, 2007 12:59 Go to last post
16 621
Gralhruk's Games
A legacy of failed attempts and unfulfilled promises. But hey, I tried.
23rd of October, 2012 00:52 Go to last post
68 2,071
Greyroar's Games
Yesterday life was a test of survival of the fittest. Today it's a race against extinction. Can a few unlikely heroes save their races from annihilation?
18th of August, 2009 05:27 Go to last post
6 44
A band of heroes must save the day from a impending DOOM.
by Shoelip
30th of September, 2009 02:26 Go to last post
10 125
HeadHunter's Games
This will be an ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN (Revised) campaign in which most of the players will come from the townspeople of Raccoon City or Umbrella Employees fighting their way out of the infection that has swept the City.
23rd of August, 2010 05:47 Go to last post
19 136
hedgeknight's Games
Adventures in Sembia (1 Viewing)
Exploring the cities, port towns, and islands in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars.
27th of January, 2019 03:09 Go to last post
7 39
New heroes of the Realms, bound together by a common thread - discover and defeat their inner demons lest they be consumed!
22nd of May, 2019 11:52 Go to last post
31 4,067
itches' Games
A Band of Brothers, traveling from place to place. Singing songs and righting wrongs. All the while, trying not to set fire to themselves.
by itches
2nd of July, 2014 15:28 Go to last post
17 6,028
A huddle of hunters, awake and aware. The horror and fear of the dark city await, as soon as this show is over.
by itches
16th of April, 2009 06:13 Go to last post
5 97
Winterhaven Wanderers, on the edge of the map. A quiet, peaceful place - except for the overdramatic badguys.
Never 0 0
I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust.
Never 0 0
-J-'s Games
That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange eons even death may die. -H.P. Lovecraft [Hero 6ed]
23rd of May, 2019 00:52 Go to last post
5 31
Muahahahahaha! [Hero System 6.0]
by -J-
17th of November, 2013 03:54 Go to last post
12 361
An Iron Age world of myth, and legend. [Hero 5th Edition][ARCHIVED]
by -J-
26th of August, 2010 11:44 Go to last post
37 735
An enigmatic figure draws an unlikely group of metahumans into a shadowy world of lies and deception. [Hero System 5.0][ARCHIVED]
21st of October, 2010 06:11 Go to last post
37 2,087
Eberron (2 Viewing)
A lost diplomatic pouch brings together an unlikely group of hereos. Can they hide their secrets long enogh to succeed or will the truth doom them all... [Hero System 5.0][ARCHIVED]
26th of August, 2010 23:29 Go to last post
31 705
Constructed by The Ancients untold milenia ago, The City is a plane ruled by Great Houses - each of which are vying to extend their influence into the myrid of dimensions beyond [Hero 6ed] [Archived]
24th of January, 2012 09:09 Go to last post
15 242
Jimmboe's Games
When an Empire divides, which side will you stand on?
15th of May, 2008 13:55 Go to last post
9 62
Kahluah's Games
The Old Freeport (1 Viewing)
The bones of history lay here. [ARCHIVED]
by Kelemyn
13th of August, 2005 06:23 Go to last post
22 2,409
King Chopper's Games
The world is in ruins, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Just when things can’t get any worse a long dormant terror awakens, and now all of creation may very well be engulfed in the fires of Armageddon.
21st of January, 2010 14:53 Go to last post
4 4
Krypton's Games
The Miracle Cure went Miraculously Wrong. A band of survivors in Western Wisconsin carves out their own destiny. An AFMBE game.
6th of September, 2010 13:51 Go to last post
6 111
Seattle's forgotten live and die by the whims of the Megacorps. A Shadowrun 4E game
by Shoelip
21st of November, 2010 11:37 Go to last post
15 531
A Noble Family will rise to glory, or crumble to ashes, based on the whims of the Game of Thrones.
by Aegor
21st of December, 2014 00:58 Go to last post
19 611
Lando The Archmagi's Games
RIFTS: MercTown (1 Viewing)
It's PA 109, the Siege of Tolkeen is over, and has changed the face of Rifts Earth, one such place is MercTown open to any and all, a haven for refugees, mercenaries, and others on the run or hiding from the Coalition, Fed of Magic and others...
13th of August, 2011 04:22 Go to last post
48 2,794
Gleaming shell of an outworn lie; fable of Right divine -- You gained your crowns by heritage, but Blood was the price of mine. The throne I won by blood and sweat, by Crom, I will not sell for promise of valleys filled with gold, or threat of the H
18th of November, 2010 15:17 Go to last post
31 3,630
This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
by Lucky
21st of November, 2010 06:18 Go to last post
28 2,252
LeadPal's Games
Rise of the Runelords (1 Viewing)
Can you have anything left to fight for when you have nothing left to lose?
24th of April, 2009 05:02 Go to last post
22 553
Eleven times, the gods shall die. Twelve times, the gods shall rule. A 4th edition D&D campaign with a focus on world-building.
by Croaker
7th of July, 2010 17:27 Go to last post
39 763
Lidda's Games
a group of heroes travels from their homes to save the world they love and to aid the dragon who needs their aid they could save the world or bring it to its knees
by Lidda
20th of June, 2010 08:36 Go to last post
3 22
Linklegacy77's Games
Cordrean (1 Viewing)
Welcome to the metropolis of Cordrean, will you save the city? Or will you destroy it? [ARCHIVED]
12th of March, 2016 12:01 Go to last post
26 784
In a world without magic, will psionics reign unchecked? [ARCHIVED]
by Anori
31st of January, 2008 03:07 Go to last post
36 1,900
The world of Mieller, once peaceful and sane, is being corrupted. Something must be done. (4E)
by Valden
2nd of June, 2009 13:45 Go to last post
14 253
Mass Effect RPG (1 Viewing)
9th of November, 2012 04:53 Go to last post
11 134
The high tournament awaits....
1st of April, 2014 04:14 Go to last post
23 528
LonePaladin's Games
Rites of Succession (1 Viewing)
The Third Succession War rips apart the Inner Sphere. The five Great Houses vie for supremacy, and the front lines are dominated by BattleMechs, ten-meter-tall engines of destruction. In the midst of the conflict, a band of mercenary 'Mech pilots carve out a niche for themselves. (BattleTech/MechWarrior)
by itches
17th of September, 2009 16:47 Go to last post
13 170
LuneMoonshadow's Games
Factions at War (1 Viewing)
On the island of Balryn, three factions now wage war on one another over land, honor, and freedom. [ARCHIVED]
by Exarzun
2nd of March, 2009 07:13 Go to last post
144 5,951
marcoasalazarm's Games
Nobody loved me enough to give me a description (D20 Modern)
by Shoelip
1st of April, 2012 10:59 Go to last post
3 235
Mercutio's Games
Heave out, me hearties. There's booty t'be gettin'.
13th of April, 2011 03:07 Go to last post
26 783
The Red Hand of Doom (2 Viewing)
In the western frontier province of Breland known as Droaam, trouble brews.
by zachol
5th of January, 2013 12:23 Go to last post
24 12,326
XCrawl (3 Viewing)
Adventures in the Xtreme Dungeon Crawl League
26th of September, 2013 01:04 Go to last post
16 3,202
Moriarty's Games
A Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition RPG.
7th of August, 2014 23:17 Go to last post
2 2
Morrisyman's Games
Edge of the Empire (2 Viewing)
A Star Wars Roleplay campaign.
by Cairo
11th of November, 2013 05:11 Go to last post
12 1,096
Mr P's Games
Tales of adventure from the Sword Coast as told by the CHS RPG Club [Hero 6th Ed]
by LiAnSi
29th of December, 2011 08:35 Go to last post
7 48
nightinverse's Games
Greyscale World (2 Viewing)
In a turbulent alternate future, can a small group of corporate mercenaries walk the thin, jagged edge and still make a difference? [ARCHIVED]
by Jimmboe
7th of October, 2007 10:38 Go to last post
72 3,860
Lempfhyr Isles (2 Viewing)
Surrounded by water, cleansed by wind, besieged by sin, steeped in history - these are the Lempfhyr Isles. [ARCHIVED]
by Jimmboe
7th of October, 2007 18:38 Go to last post
48 3,084
P0L's Games
The world powers struggle for dominance over the Wlasny mountains. A rich and promising region. Cutlass, flintlock and magic are the weapons. [GURPS 4e]
22nd of March, 2010 01:36 Go to last post
7 73
Prince Yami's Games
Can a few brave heroes prevent the reopening on the shadow rift? Or will the legions of Orcus run rampant again.
by LeadPal
24th of September, 2009 15:27 Go to last post
15 598
qwerty123's Games
Follow the adventures of the Time Lord Corsair and her plucky crew of companions as they run amok and have adventures in time and space in the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space system.
28th of July, 2012 06:11 Go to last post
9 1,326
A decade after the end of the War for Ascension, a band of mages will try to re-awaken the Sleepers and defeat the Technocracy.
by Thanos
4th of October, 2012 10:38 Go to last post
7 737
Rawrster's Games
The Flight of Icarus (1 Viewing)
Follow the adventures of the Icarus crew as they explore the unknowns of space! Airs Tuesdays and 8pm. (Primetime Adventures)
by Lune
20th of June, 2011 13:33 Go to last post
20 188
Red_dr4g0n94's Games
Brass & Iron (1 Viewing)
Creation crumbles under the weight of it's failure. Before it, two new paths emerge: one shining with the corruption of brass, the other glimmering with the silence of iron.
21st of February, 2010 10:07 Go to last post
14 56
Some vacations are full of beautiful locals, exotic locales, picturesque scenery, and fun to be had everywhere. And some are like this. [Exalted 3rd edition]
9th of June, 2016 14:09 Go to last post
11 60
The players are initially servants of the Empire. Will they help to cause the downfall of the Rebellion? Or will they cause the Empires downfall from the inside? And what of forces from...The Outside? [ARCHIVED]
4th of January, 2005 07:09 Go to last post
17 378
Rimmerdal's Games
Dark New World (2 Viewing)
A world in which Atlantis was never populated. The Nema survivors on the east coast never perished. They rebuilt the world in the human image..but not with out cost. As the enemies of humanity fall..the only targets left are themselves...
27th of April, 2013 20:41 Go to last post
24 585
Saint Alphonzo's Games
Mercury Ascending (5 Viewing)
They can shape and bend reality with mere thoughts. They can manipulate the building-blocks of existence. They are human, and they are humanity's last hope. (Mage: the Ascension) [ARCHIVED]
by Viro
30th of April, 2004 16:29 Go to last post
24 1,215
Shakespeare's Games
The Danse Macabre (4 Viewing)
Herein lies the tales of a coterie of vampires, young and ambitious, fighting for survival in the shadows of the City of Angels. [Vampire the Requiem RPG]
16th of September, 2010 21:44 Go to last post
4 29
Marvel: Los Angeles (1 Viewing)
Herein lies the tales of a new band of superheroes, formed in the shadowy depths of the City of Angels. [Marvel Universe RPG]
16th of January, 2011 20:56 Go to last post
10 701
Herein lies the tales of a band of champions, brought together through the will of the Force to accomplish great things in a galaxy that is decimated and war-torn. [Star Wars SAGA Edition RPG]
by dabocim
12th of November, 2010 06:08 Go to last post
10 780
Herein lies the tales of a band of scientists, hapless heroes, and paranormal fanatics who open up their own Ghostbusters franchise in Chicago, Illinois. Who ya gonna call? [Ghostbusters International]
30th of August, 2010 01:35 Go to last post
5 39
Herein lies the tales of a Motley of changelings, thrown together by the whims of fate in the shadows of Manchester, England. [Changeling: the Lost RPG]
by AoM
29th of August, 2010 21:11 Go to last post
8 115
Herein lies the tales of a band of heroes, gathered together by fate and necessity to combat the forces of darkness, and keep shut the mouth of Hell. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG]
27th of August, 2010 02:03 Go to last post
6 304
ShatteredUniverse's Games
The Empowered have discovered that they possess abilities that puts them in a place of great power- but are ignorant uses of power with good intentions ultimately evil?
21st of August, 2010 11:30 Go to last post
6 303
Sheepmen's Games
Midguard (1 Viewing)
War always has its price, too bad it had to claim the planet. Epic Pathfinder Adventure
23rd of October, 2009 16:43 Go to last post
12 178
Vampire the Requiem story based on retracing history to discover an evil plot
by 5Solas
9th of October, 2009 21:38 Go to last post
14 601
SinbadEV's Games
D&D 4e Adventuring
22nd of September, 2009 14:33 Go to last post
12 312
Kill stuff and collect loot for Thaumco in a D20 Advanced Multi-Verse
5th of March, 2012 13:18 Go to last post
12 934
Solar's Games
The Avengers (1 Viewing)
"Avengers! Assemble!"
26th of November, 2011 00:02 Go to last post
5 51
SPQR Anarchy's Games
TPK-fest or a good time action adventure featuring intrigue, deception, and the ever popular panty raid of he kappa house.
by Doombot
11th of June, 2010 20:54 Go to last post
10 261
starivy1216's Games
A world now cut off from the power of the gods. In order to restore order and balance, the chosen accolytes must open the hidden temples to bring their deities back to Psia from their planar prison.
30th of July, 2010 09:38 Go to last post
2 3
Stringbean2142's Games
A Microlite20 Fantasy Adventure
3rd of December, 2009 05:38 Go to last post
9 128
Tashalar's Games
A Wicked Heart (3 Viewing)
Who knows what evil lurks in the bowels of Korvosa? Be very careful or you may just find out. [D&D 3.5]
17th of March, 2016 19:56 Go to last post
13 1,212
Thanos's Games
In the Age of Sorrows a bold plan is put into action. Will our heroes succeed or will creation descend into a World of Darkness.
by Thanos
9th of April, 2010 11:47 Go to last post
15 615
The Alcotroll's Games
The Lost Homelands (2 Viewing)
"Made great by magic and sorcery the city of Aterium has dominated the Western continent for centuries, ensuring prosperity and safety not only to its cosmopolitan inhabitants but to all the free cities of the West. How could something so trivial as the theft of a book possibly threaten the great City of Magic, let alone plunge the continent back into anarchy?"
5th of October, 2018 09:49 Go to last post
13 785
The Friendly Fiend's Games
Our heroic adepts step into the light from the safety of their kaer, but has the Scourge ended? [ARCHIVED]
22nd of March, 2006 10:48 Go to last post
22 1,907
thranduilsson's Games
Hard-boiled cyberpunk fiction in the City of Angels.
13th of June, 2012 04:11 Go to last post
8 144
treehouse's Games
An Iron Heroes campaign
12th of August, 2012 20:40 Go to last post
36 4,622
Mediorum (2 Viewing)
Yet another Iron Heroes campaign
18th of February, 2013 11:33 Go to last post
33 549
Containment (1 Viewing)
a Spycraft campaign
by zachol
5th of April, 2011 07:08 Go to last post
34 1,916
Age of Worms (1 Viewing)
A D&D 3.5 gestalt campaign
14th of June, 2010 09:37 Go to last post
13 226
Rise of the Runelords (1 Viewing)
A Pathfinder campaign
10th of November, 2010 05:13 Go to last post
15 1,111
Vortigern's Games
Sorcerer: Tales of darkness, adventure, and mystery in a Sword & Sorcery spirit.
19th of September, 2010 02:53 Go to last post
3 3
VonPenguin's Games
The last remnants of humanity.
by 5Solas
11th of October, 2009 01:33 Go to last post
9 62
WalkerUrza's Games
In a world wrought with war, the adventurers try to unravel the mysteries of the multi-verse.
23rd of March, 2010 07:59 Go to last post
8 229
Wired*Nun's Games
AMBER DRPG - Ambercentric, tight to canon. Picks up a bit after the Merlin chronicles end. [ARCHIVED]
by Thanos
2nd of March, 2007 02:41 Go to last post
77 11,234
Serenity system, Serenity Game - the usual bunch of misfits and their tragicomedy ensues
3rd of September, 2010 12:36 Go to last post
24 1,327
Amber DRPG, following on to the My Enemies Have Sweet Voices game.
by ikay
17th of February, 2011 18:48 Go to last post
17 936
First-edition Vampire: The Masquerade. Blood things come to those who wait, and there's always blood in Washington, DC. Loosely based on DC By Night.
by ikay
4th of September, 2010 00:29 Go to last post
23 1,657
The Cult (1 Viewing)
Modern diceless storytelling with a supernatural flair. No particular system, the players and storyteller will make it up as they go along.
3rd of September, 2010 12:38 Go to last post
39 3,688
youareanoobnoob's Games
A group of strangers awaken with amnesia and an empire hunting them down. As they try to escape, their pasts begin to catch up with them...
6th of July, 2009 12:06 Go to last post
7 54
zachol's Games
4e My Little Pony!
18th of June, 2011 13:36 Go to last post
11 358
Blank slates are fun!
by LeadPal
11th of June, 2010 10:23 Go to last post
14 80
D&D Next Playtest
22nd of August, 2012 07:12 Go to last post
2 136
Got nothin' to do but simmer above all day. [AW]
29th of March, 2013 10:33 Go to last post
9 387
Atropos (1 Viewing)
17th of May, 2010 16:55 Go to last post
22 1,177
Zoombie's Games
The year is 2259, and the place is the Babylon 5 universe. The system is a D20 base, with some major differences.
by Zoombie
26th of August, 2010 07:42 Go to last post
19 147

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