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How do I post?
Unfortunately we can't answer this question. Discovering how to post on your own is a basic intelligence test required for all new users. If you fail, please move on.

What do I do if I'm having trouble logging in?
If you have already tried resetting your password, send a message to the Administrators with the Contact Us form explaining the problem.

What power does a GM have over his own game forums?
As the GM you are granted moderator status for all of your own games. This means you can edit, delete and move both single posts and threads, create private threads and fudge rolls of the inbuilt dice-roller. A GM may not create sub-forums however, and any that will be required should be included in the forum request. Should a GM need any additional sub forums he need only send a private message to an admin or simply post in the Forum Requests forum

How do I request a forum?
Go here and post a new thread detailing the name of the forum, a description, your players and any subforums you want. One of the Admins will then review your request and create the forum where you can host your game.
It is important to gather together a group of players before you submit a request.

How many players do I need?
That is entirely up to you and the people playing. Most games have 4 players, but there are no strict limits.

How many sub-forums should I request?
The simple answer is that if you don't know, none. The most standard array is to have a sub forum for player characters, and one to hold details of the world. However, if you are unsure about what sub forums you would need, err on the side of caution and try it without any.
Remember: asking for too many sub-forums angers the Admins.

The forum index is cluttered with games that I don't care about!
That is not a question.

Categories you do not wish to see in the main index can be removed from it for a more streamlined, yet soullessly empty, experience.

Go to your User Control Panel, then go to "Edit Options" and scroll all the way down, you'll see a large box with a list of nice categories. If you select one or more of these categories and submit the page, these categories will have vanished from the forumlist if you go there.


How do I use the built-in dice roller?
Dice can be rolled in any normal forum post by suing the following bbcode,


This notation is a familiar and standard die rolling notation used in many RPG books. Where

   1. X is the number of die to be rolled (1 if omitted)
   2. Y is the number of faces of the die, and
   3. Z is a modifier which could be positive or negative
   4. F is a special feature only available to GM's. F is the desired result that a roll should have. This is also referred to as fudging a roll.

For example,
   1. d4 or 1d4 means roll 1 four sided die.
   2. 3d6 means roll 3 six sided dice and add them together.
   3. 3d6+2 means roll 3 six sided dice, add them together and then add 2.

Should you wish to roll an amount of dice and only pick the best from that pool then the following special shortcut may be used,


Where X and Y are as before and now Z defines the number of "best" results to be taken.

For example,

   1. 4d6b3 rolls four six-sided dice, takes the best three and sums them
   2. 100d100b1 rolls one hundred hundred-sided dice and returns only the highest result

Note: In order to avoid cheating, you can not edit a dice roll into an existing post, or use the preview function with it.

Is there a Spoiler tag?
Yes, and it's easy to use.

Just use the following code:
    [spoiler]Text you want to hide[/spoiler]

Alternatively, you can specify the button text as an option.
    [spoiler=Button Text]Text you want to hide[/spoiler]

Also, if you don't want the "Show / Hide" text appended, you can use (note the double = sign):
    [spoiler==Your button text]Hidden text[/spoiler]

Is there a way to specify who can view a specific thread?
Why yes there is and in many cases it's a much better idea than asking an admin for a private subforum.

You may only make a thread private in a forum for which you have moderator rights (this should include the games which you run, if not then ask an admin to fix it for you).

Select "Edit Thread" from the "Thread Tools" drop down menu, then check the rather obvious "Thread is private" checkbox. Job done.

What are wiki threads?
Wiki threads are a function not yet added to Online-Roleplaying. The occasional reference to them seen around the forums are a preliminary placement in order to prepare for their presentation. Ignore them for now and stay tuned for further updates.

Is there anyway to disable all signatures in a thread?
Yes! (If you are the moderator of the forum the thread in located in.) Click the Thread Tools drop down box at the top, then select Edit Thread. Then all you need to do is uncheck the Allow signatures box and you’re done. Many people use this function to keep their In-Game threads free from signatures.

I'm the moderator of a forum, but when I delete a post/thread it is still half there.
Could you phrase that in the form of a question? Oh never mind. Moderators (GMs) can only perform 'soft' deletes on posts and threads. This leaves a ghost of the deleted object that only the moderator of the forum can see and allows you to restore it later if you change your mind. The ghosts never expire. If you are trying to remove something that is particularly heinous (spam), let Team Admin know and they will remove it. Complaining about it won't help and only irritates the Admins, so don't bother.

I found spam! What do I do?
Don't Panic! On every post there is a Report button. Pressing it will notify Team Admin of the problem.

What should I do if I have questions that aren't covered in the FAQ?
Create a thread in the Inquiries forum if it requires the attention of the Administration, otherwise ask the question in Uncognative Cackling and the forum users will attempt to aid you.

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