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1st of October, 2002, 20:47
Well, seems it's time for me to finally step away from the current portal (vbPortal), since it creates 52 queries per pageview.

I'm going to replace it with vbHome which only creates 17 queries per pageview. Unfortunatly, vbHome isn't a ready-to-use-out-of-the-zip solution. I will have to design the portal from scratch.

I'm planning on keeping the layout as similar as possible to the current one. However, this seems a good time to get rid of certain unused elements:
- "Downloads" is going for sure
- "Reviews" is not used hardly enough and is going as well (sorry BRR)
- "IRC Chat" will be moved to inside the forum (I will change to another Java applet at the same time)
- The mini calender will be dropped too (it was only there because it didn't require any effort from my side)
- I'm still in doubt about "The News"; I could keep it, but could also simply use "Proclamations" instead.

If you do not agree with any of this, or have other comments/suggestions; THIS is the time to talk.

1st of October, 2002, 21:02
What about the post statistics eg: Number of posts and posts per day average. Will they remain unchanged upon the conversion to the new portal?

1st of October, 2002, 21:19
IRC Chat??
Will that effect the server and channel @ aLL? It will still be there right? There have actuly been people going in there

1st of October, 2002, 21:21
Sponkle: They will keep functioning exactly as they are now. The portal does not influence the fora in any way; it merely draws information from them.

Itches: The only thing that will change is where the links TO the IRC applet will be AND the applet itself.

2nd of October, 2002, 06:14
Well, I finished rebuilding the portal from scratch; EXCEPT for the polls. Somehow I can't get that to work just yet.

Would you people mind if I replace the current portal nonetheless (causing you to have to live without a working poll for now)?

2nd of October, 2002, 06:17
No Polls?? :o

Well BRR is the only one who ever uses them, so i think, we will survive. :)

2nd of October, 2002, 11:55
Hehe, true.......well I don't mind if there is no poll for now, I barely use them.

2nd of October, 2002, 23:33
Taaadaaa! Finished updating vBulletin to 2.2.8

vbHome is running smoothly (albeit with default layout), and it seems we've still got a poll. Sadly it works quite differently from what I had: now only a select few people can post polls ALL over the board, and it will show the latest of those. I intend to edit it back to the old method (all people can post polls in 1 select forum).

As opposed to vbPortal (with its 52 queries), vbHome (18 queries atm) gets updated frequently (think once a week at a minimum, with peaks of once per day). So we should be having a full grown portal soon again.

Cadogan Trahem
3rd of October, 2002, 02:52
What about the Galleries? If it will help you can take down Trahem's Tome of Lore and I can temporarily move it somewhere else (maybe Brian can put them in his Fantasy Gallery on Elfwood). It will also provide a convienient excuse for me not to update them in a while... :)

3rd of October, 2002, 02:55
Since you hadn't updated TTL in a while, I decided a new gallery was low priority. So it will return eventually...

...I think

3rd of October, 2002, 05:31
there is a reply thing down here .

Now if i could just get my computer to stop mooing at me, my life would be complete

3rd of October, 2002, 06:33

Is View Who is online, and the Sitestats still there?

3rd of October, 2002, 07:00
- Who's Online is still at the bottom of the forum's index.
- vbStats is still working, but has a few bugs that will get ironed out in time.