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27th of September, 2002, 02:24
Went from being the must have 2nd level AD&D spell to a so so 3rd level spell. What gives ?

27th of September, 2002, 03:23
probably because it was a "must have"...imo that means that its powerful enough to put it above the other spells..which means that you have an "advantage" i think they did it just to balance the game a little more..give it a little more depth...if u get that spell at second level..and wreak hell..sounds like a munchkin to me...well kinda...

Cadogan Trahem
27th of September, 2002, 08:28
If you find yourself always taking a spell its probably because its unballanced. It has been openly said that Magic Missile itself its overpowered, there are a few others as well. Of course there are underpowdered spells which somehow seem to do so little for such a high level but you can't win them all.

27th of September, 2002, 09:10
It's called Creative License!

If everything were just straight linear numbers, then everyone would be a fighter...

It seems that some of the spell-writers attempted to create the effects of the spell based upon some quasi-logical assumptions that would "make sense" to wizards actually weilding this power. Remember, class levels don't REALLY exist. Spell levels exist to some sort of extent... just because something is more difficult to do doesn't necessarily mean it's better than something easier! It's MUCH more difficult to captain a 10 sail pirate ship... does that make it BETTER than a cruise-liner?

28th of September, 2002, 12:34
I like playing fighters but because I've been playing for so long..almost out of necessity I have to play arcane spellcasters...I've really had a hankering to play my 1st level gnome cleric