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Cadogan Trahem
28th of August, 2002, 04:26
Im finally of legal age to do the following things;

1. Go into a bar/tavern/water hole and order a caffinated non-alcoholic drink and/or milk and sit there drinking it.
2. Vote for somebody in Federal Elections who is not an idiot and/or monkey of some kind.
3. Ask for a packet of cigerettes from any local store and take their name and number if they do not ask for I.D.
4. Use that 6 year old mysterious "18's only" video machine at the local Arcade.
5. Admit im actually old enough to claim responcibility for my own actions.
6. Go to gaol instead of juvinile detention centres.
7. Rent and Watch violent 18+ Movies - despite having been able to for neary 3 years.
8. Be accepted as an Adult at family gatherings - despite not wanting to be accepted in anything that has anything to do with 'family' and 'gatherings'.
9. Join several Non-Profit rehabilitation programs - despite not actually having any problems.
10. Buy the basic elements of High Explosives without being looked at twice.
11. Go into a hardware store and look like I know what im doing.
12. Open and Run my own legal business which has nothing to do about anything.
13. Get on a bus and saying "One Adult to..." - Despite having to say that on practically every trip for the past 2 years(!)
14. Waste my time and yours by making this post. :)

28th of August, 2002, 04:35
Welcome to the realm of adult hood. I must say in the several months sense i have become an adult i have ... done none of those things.

I need a job :(

28th of August, 2002, 08:36
Don't we all :(

28th of August, 2002, 17:40
Your laws are fairly different, I thought they would be a little more similar :P

1. Well age you can go into a bar depends on the bar, but i can now legally drink alcohol in them. Or buy alcohol from anywhere, it's weird as I have been doing for a couple of years now. And whats the deal with the drink being caffinated

3. We can do that at 16

13. We have to do that at 16

Hmm, so your drinking age is 21 then I take it?
You would think that neighbours would teach more more of your laws :)

28th of August, 2002, 18:24

(Silly foreigners and their ridiculous laws regarding under aged people)

28th of August, 2002, 19:43
well most youngsters ( he he, damn I'm old ) can drink thereselves to a dellerium without being asked their age at approx. 14

If we can sell some booze, we will.

well some sissy gouverment chaps are trying to push some laws so that people under 16 can't buy beer and under 18 can't buy hard liquer.

you aren't allowed to buy some smokes till the age of 16

that and including you can drive some motorized vehicle at 16. at actually driving a car at 18. makes this country, enjoyable and fun to watch sometimes

the times I laughed my pants of when I saw some drunken teens.. :D

Cadogan Trahem
28th of August, 2002, 21:14
We can buy alcohol at 18, we can get our L's (Learners Permit) at 16 (after 6 months you can get Red Ps for Provisional, and after another year you can get Green P's, and then two years later you finally have a full fledged licence), on busses it is actually 16 (hence the reason I said it "despite having to for the past 2 years"), Smoking has no legal age, but you need to be 18 to buy them.

And as for the comments about the bad and caffinated drinks, I dont drink alcohol, but I wanted to point out that I can finally go into a bar and order one. (down here Bar, or Pub is the same as 'place to buy alcohol' )

Social Responcibility comes at an Age. Thats the official stance of our government, and I believe it true.

28th of August, 2002, 22:00
It all becomes clear now

You can drive once you are 17 here
Or in theory you can, if you practised on private land and got the test booked on your 17th birthday

My test is on monday, i hate driving so i'm pretty sure I will fail

Letting kids drink early seems to work quite well though, as it stops them wanting to drink. Although most start a good while before they actually turn 18. I'm sure if they said you can guy booze from turning a teenager, most just wouldnt bother.

In the UK oyu get everything between 16 and 18 really, every birthday you get some more "rights" that you won't ever use :)

Setzer Gabbiani
1st of September, 2002, 03:36
That's the basic line of American life by age:
0-15: Can't do ****.
16: Drive.
17: Nope, got nuthin'.
18: Buy smokes, vote, and go just about anywhere legally.
19-20: These years shouldn't exist.
21: Drink, go anywhere at all legally.
22-59: Sucks.
60: Retirement, social security (Yay!).
61+: Wait to die.

My 13 Points:
1. I hate my new job.
2. "
3. "
4. "
5. "
6. "
7. "
8. "
9. "
10. "
11. "
12. "
13. When I get a new job, my current job will BURN...

1st of September, 2002, 04:18
didn't you have one of those fun jobs that involved making guns or something
i'm sure you posted abouyt it somewhere
Of course as usual my terrible memory could be playing tricks on me ;)

Setzer Gabbiani
2nd of September, 2002, 22:27
I made grenade launchers. Or at least the parts of GLs that blow stuff up.

I'm getting to like the new job actually, I just never liked the restaruant industry itself as a possible workplace.