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19th of July, 2006, 10:54
The Pattern of Rebma lays behind him. His muscles shudder and twitch with fatigue, but he stands erect. I am a Lord of Rebma...and of Amber, to hear Mother speak. I don't yet know what that means, really, but neither one of those will fall to his knees from mere tiredness.

The Pattern chamber is empty, save for the figure of Llewella standing near the start. She lefts a hand in acknowledgment, then places it back across her chest with the other as she stares, statuesque and statue-still. Where will you go, my son? - he can almost hear her thinking.

All I have to do is command it...

19th of July, 2006, 21:48
Haefen looks back across the pattern at his mother, offering a detached smile and a return of her wave before likewise his arms rest at his side.. Standing tall and doing his best to cope with the problems as would try to keep him from it. All the while he considers the gravity of the situation, adopting a more distracted and thoughtful look.

So, with a command I could be anywhere? That is an impressive amount of possibility. A normal person might ask to go to a place of their dreams, or perhaps somewhere simply relevant to their interests. I hardly believe its time to go and visit the merfolk, or a relative. Given I'm ill equipped to handle such things, I believe I will attempt to use this great gift in a simple, yet circumspect and fulfilling move. I'll tell it to send me behind my mother, which leaves me in the area for rest and other purposes. It also gives me a chance to see if she's surprised by the choice, a side benefit, but a tempting one. Forgive this bout of mischievousness, mother, it will be short.

Haefen focuses once more on the pattern, carefully keeping his face schooled to a neutral. Pattern, if you can hear me, I would like to be sent to a position behind my mother.

21st of July, 2006, 02:28
In an eyeblink, Haefen stands as he envisaged, behind Llewella, staring at her green tresses waving gently in the aquabreeze.

She takes a step, then turns gracefully to face him. "Conservative as ever, son?" Her mouth quirks upward in the faintest of smiles, and she sways forward to take his face in her hands. "I approve, of course. Rest from your ordeal. I am proud of you, and what you have accomplished."

A kiss on the cheek, and she turns to go out the great doors.

22nd of July, 2006, 09:38
Haefen looks at his mother with quiet understanding, his face faint traces of pride and admiration. through her actions and compliments. As she goes, he pauses for a moment to consider his mother as she leaves, feeling thoughtful. Mother was not in the least surprised, or if she was, it did not show. Part of being a lord, I believe.

Remembering himself, he moves to follow Llewella, erasing the look from his face. He sets a pace to catch up with her as she reaches the door rather than wasting energy to do it quickly, politely moving to open the door for her. "I'm glad you approve, despite the ability to go anywhere one could imagine, going there without enough forethought or supplies would have made it hard to enjoy. I did make an error of judgment of course..." He looks thoughtful as the trails off, picking up a moment later, "A further conservative plan would have involved asking to be put at the top of the stairs. At least we have company going up." He smiles quietly, shrugging his shoulders, ready to follow his mother up the stairs once they are through the door.

24th of July, 2006, 13:03
Her graceful half-shrug mirrors his own. "We can always Trump on up - or bubble..." The thought of her riding a bubble up gives him mental pause. I know she's been in tough spots, combat and rough living, but it just doesn't seem dignified somehow.

"But if you can handle it, we can walk. Builds character." Her eyebrow quirks upward, and she takes his arm as they begin the climb. "You've completed your last rite of passage, and you can now walk among the shadows. I've shown you the techniques, but now you have to perform them yourself. I'm trying not to be too much of a mother, but mothers ever worry for their sons."

28th of July, 2006, 04:50
Taking a moment to consider Llewella, he begins starting up the stairs with her arm beside him. Bubbling? her? I'll buy some time until I can think of the proper response.

"I am of course grateful for your concern, mother. I will be able to handle myself outside of these walls. No matter how hard the trail may be you never accomplish much unless you begin taking the steps, or so they say." He gives her a half-shrug and a peaceful glance It will be interesting."

Looking up the stairs his grows detached and his face returns to neutral, for a moment, before he returns to speaking normally, Perhaps in this light even the walk up these steps is symbolic in a fashion, yet... "That said, if you would like to bubble to the top, perhaps we can make a race of it."

Looking back to her to see her response, if its positive he'll begin the process for bubbling, and if negative, he'll continue up the stairs as if the suggestion was never made.

29th of July, 2006, 01:19
"Racing bubbles is like watching paint dry in Rebma," she says dryly. "If you faint, don't worry, I'll carry you. Have to preserve your dignity." He knows she's pulling his leg.

He muses more on the simple probability and shadow manipulation that allows Rebmans of the Blood - and accomplished sorcerers, for that matter - to form static bubbles of air around themselves, creating an easy method of ascent upward. Child's play...

Climbing the stairs is easier than Above anyway, with the bouyancy of the water to help, and the exertion steadies him.

Eventually they reach the top, him breathing deeply, her imperturbable as ever. She hands the glowglobe back to the guard at the top, and pushes open the door to the castle proper.

2nd of August, 2006, 01:00
Idly musing over the dryness of Llewella's comment, Haefen takes a moment to catch his breath before following his mother out into the castle. "Thank you for your company, mother. I will retire to my chambers now, perhaps we'll speak again later."

Barring further delay, he will turn to head off toward his room to rest, and regain some strength. Despite returning here, I should prepare for my exit. There is a lot to see out there, before I return.

2nd of August, 2006, 01:09
He is hardly in his room before he receives a Trump call from Llewella.

"Haefen...I am sorry to disturb your much-deserved rest, but I have received an invitation to a Family meeting this eve in Amber. It seems it may be a large and important gathering, and I can neither pass it up nor give up the opportunity to introduce you to the politics of Amber, and it to you. Will you be ready for dinner?"

This almost-command is not like her, who has given him so much freedom in the past, and disturbs him more than the prospect of plunging into the society he has only heard so much about.

5th of August, 2006, 04:22
That is troublesome, but I don't believe I have an option in the matter. Haefen fixes his mother with a small smile not entirely honest, but polite and reassuring, "Thank you for informing me, mother, I will begin preparation. Don't worry about disturbing my rest, the exertion "Builds character" as you said it, eh?" He gives a half shrug "It is a unique opportunity that should not be squandered, of course."

Interesting, even had I used the pattern to go elsewhere, then I would still be here now. So this is the Amber I've heard about. "When do we depart for Amber? Shall I pack my own or do they supply the dry outfits?"

Regardless of her response, he'll go to start preparing what he can, using it as an excuse to get a final bit of rest and a chance to accomplish some thinking.

5th of August, 2006, 11:52
"I'm sure the castle wardrobe will have something suitable, but you might be better off packing your own. We can Trump to an apartment I maintain in the city, change and then Trump to the main hall, so we won't drip on the floor. Take the next few hours to prepare, and be ready about six, please."

11th of August, 2006, 21:10
Haefen makes note of the the plan, mentally going over what he's going to need, "Prudent, I probably should have realised that there would be nothing to worry about. " He tries to keep his expression relaxed, but she can likely see the mental gears turning, as he thinks about Amber, and the sudden trip. "If that is everything I will see you at six?"

14th of August, 2006, 08:42
"Just come as prepared as you can...until then." she says as she closes the contact.

16th of August, 2006, 15:14
And so, Haefen does just that, preparing an outfit for himself and making the most he can of the time he has. Making a checklist and going over it twice, making sure he has the right articles of clothing to change into for a formal night in an out of water castle, his flute.

Lastly he removes his present cloak, looking it over a moment, then studies the one he found upon returning to his room, looking it over. Assuming this is what I think it its... He stops to put it on, brushing his hair aside with a hand, and looking at himself in a mirror. Interesting.

I suppose this counts, From here I wait for the call, then off to a first encounter in Amber. I believe a more poetic person would say something about the beginning of a new journey toward the future. Maybe I'll make a song of it.

28th of August, 2006, 22:45
Haefen recognizes Garb for what he is as soon as he touches it. There is a kind of basic psychic connection that established itself the first time he picked the garment up, and while he wouldn't call Garb sentient, he was definitely responsive to his desires, like a well-trained horse. Haefen wasn't even sure why he called Garb "he" - just a feeling.

Garb changes shape and material subtly, adjusting his aspect to Haefen's own current appearance.

8th of September, 2006, 06:29
Haefen is rather surprised by Garb's transformation and the bond created by that first touch, he hadn't been sure what to expect, but that had definatly not been on the list. He takes a moment to consider Garb, very intrugued by this new piece of responsive fashion. Unique.. yes... very unique. he remains for a moment longer than expected, studying himself, and Garb. He smiles fairly close to a true smile, distant though the rest of his face may be.

Perhaps a more common thought would be, "I should offer to walk the pattern again", but that just isn't for me.

21st of September, 2006, 04:19
Haefen soon tires of imitating Narcissus.

22nd of September, 2006, 11:07
Soon noticing he's spent more time than intended admiring garb, Haefen picks up his things, and puts them in a bag. He lifts his bag over his shoulder with some effort, more because bags are hard to control under water than anything like weight. Stepping closer tot he middle fo the room, he retrieves his trump for Llewella, peering into it closely, and working to establish contact.

Should it work, he'll simply giver her a respectful nod, along with "I'm ready to depart, mother. I would have been sooner, but I found something interesting in my room."

4th of October, 2006, 22:41
"All of life is interesting to the wise." Her green eyes under green lashes blink slowly, languidly.

"Come on, then," she says, reaching a relaxed hand to him. A moment later, and he stands with her as she shuffles out another Trump, to regard it, statuesque.

The second transition is less mundane, causing with it the usual bucketful of seawater on the floor, the shock of transition to air. Fortunately, Llewella seems to have built the arrival room to cope with this phenomenon. Nonskid textured tile underfoot drains the water to a grate, and pleasantly drying warm air convects from a nearby stove takeoff.

His usual stuff dries quickly, but any worries about Garb are soon dispelled. The cloak writhes and ripples slightly, and a thin trickle of water squeezes itself out of the cloth, leaving it perfect. His mother's eyebrow arches in amused evaluation as she observes the effect.

"Through there is a dressing room. There are drying racks and ventilators by the outer wall, I'm sure you can figure them out. The wardrobe has a few things in your size. Between what you brought and what's in there, I'm sure you'll do just fine." She turns to open another door, revealing her own dressing room with racks and wardrobes. She holds the door open for a moment longer than necessary, then closes it with a proud smile.


11th of October, 2006, 12:51
Haefen quirks a brow at Garb's antics, noting the response, and soon stopping to look over the waiting room with an indifferent glance to get his bearings. We shall see.

He heads through into the dressing room setting anything left needing to dry up, and soon works out an outfit he thinks will be passing for the coming event. He dresses in his colors for the most part, but boots being a bit slower than the rest at that drying thing, settles for a pair of black ones.

A moment later, after a quick hair brushing, he opens the door and steps out of the clothing chamber again, looking around to see if Llewella has finished yet. If not, its not much matter, he'll lean against the wall or door to wait.