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13th of August, 2002, 01:05
Thanks to some help from our beloved site admin aka LeeCHeSSS, I changed my name from Tereillian to Unregistered. I'm placing this post under uncognitive cackling, because it is.

13th of August, 2002, 01:48
so you wanted to be called Unregistered?

13th of August, 2002, 03:33
Must be taking lessons from Beidamon. I still can't get over calling his characer, "Unknown" I think I'll agree with Shadow Monkey, he's "Dark One" or "Blacky" :)

13th of August, 2002, 04:12
i think they called him Batman for a little while
but it got a little too cheesy for some

Still the whole name change topic thingy confuses me :P I can't decide if someone accidnetly changed their name to unregistered or if they wanted that for some reason

13th of August, 2002, 19:06
Actually I really wanted my name changed into this. How I got the idea? Well after voting for a poll I found out this site fills in the name 'Unregistered' automatically, how convenient that must be if your actual login name IS 'unregistered'. Saves you the trouble of filling in your name already.

Rather daft reason isn't it? I like it anyway.

13th of August, 2002, 19:15
i just use cookies to log me in :)

and i suppose if you really want that name then fine :) but i'll never respect you now :D