View Full Version : How much are you worth?

24th of July, 2002, 23:42
How much are you worth? (http://www.humanforsale.com/default.asp)

Turns out I'm worth $2,288,174.00. Not too shabby although if it's true I am not getting paid nearly enough.

24th of July, 2002, 23:59
I am worth $1,929,080.00, alot more then I was expecting.

25th of July, 2002, 00:27
You are worth exactly: $2,684,216.00.

cool :)

25th of July, 2002, 00:30
Sometime I'm going to fill that thing out using all the lowest options possible. I'm curious how much the lowest denominator is worth.

25th of July, 2002, 01:00
No comment... :(

25th of July, 2002, 01:28
its about $30, 000 .. or was that $13, 000?

25th of July, 2002, 01:46

Damn family and the bad genes they gave me....

25th of July, 2002, 14:11
I'm going to agree with Leech..... no comment here. :cry: :hurt: :cry: :disa.ed:

14th of August, 2002, 10:49
I'm worth exactly: $1,954,960.00

Setzer Gabbiani
20th of August, 2002, 04:31
1,040,000.00, though it would go up substantially if I could:
-Lose 70 pounds
-Remember my IQ and SAT scores
-Not feel like **** (I would have made my personality higher)

Setzer Gabbiani
6th of September, 2002, 03:23
Since you can only get one quote per email (I used my other one for the real one.), I could only get the worst guy's number. And that number is... 390,920.00. Remember, this is a human being.

One more thing. I checked the most expensive guys list, and a 257 lb college drunk is worth more than I was put on for.