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18th of July, 2002, 02:20
I heard about Everquest of a friend of a friend the other day. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it. Like What the in the Abyss it is!!

18th of July, 2002, 02:54
The Most Popular MMORPG
It's utter crap as most MMORPG are (UO was the exception but it had gone far downhill)

S&S also converted the world to d20 as a campaign setting

18th of July, 2002, 04:10
Stay clear of it, MMORPG's or MUD's are utter evil!

You end up logging into them wasting time (and money for the majority of them), while being bored without knowing it yourself.

I've been addicted to Nanvaent.org (a mud), so I know evil when I see it...

19th of July, 2002, 07:14
All I can say is that Everquest nickname, Evercrack, is well deserved, it isn't really that fun of a game all things considered, but its really addictive.

19th of July, 2002, 07:40
MUD's ??
UO ??
d20 ?? wait no i know that one.

This is karma for you. After at least a good week of confusing people about mIRC it has finaly come back and hit me. I Didna understand one spit of that!!!

19th of July, 2002, 18:44
MMORPG - Massivly Multiplayerable Online Role-Playing-Game
MUD - Multi-user-dingeon (it's like playing one of those text-based adventures but with other people)
UO - Ultima Online the first of the large-scale MMORPGs, agreed by most to be by far the best and in it's current form it still outstrips everquest

As for the everquest nickname evercrack mot just called it evercrap

Steer clear of MMORPGs for now, I still manage to beta-test a fair few of them and most are utter crap

20th of July, 2002, 01:13
Would that also include Neverwinter Nights? It's a MMORPG so long as you have a high speed internet connection. With a dial-up modem you're limited to two players and a DM.

20th of July, 2002, 02:18
no, it has a decent story :)

Plus it allows custom worlds to be made and played.

20th of July, 2002, 03:04
NWN isn't an MMORPG
mainly becuase it isnt Massivly multiplayerable

25th of July, 2002, 00:34
Eh, I played EverQuest a couple years ago. I can honestly say, it wasn't that fun. I played for a couple of months off and on before I grew weary of the tedious gameplay and the complete lack of atmosphere. Of course there are plenty of people out there who have been playing it forever so who knows? Maybe I'm just a crackpot.

MUDs on the other hand at least tend to be slightly better when it comes to the RP atmosphere. Not much, but a bit better.