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11th of July, 2006, 10:11
Your resident piker!

11th of July, 2006, 13:37
Age:24 Race:Human
Height:6'0" Weight:131lbs
Eyes:Gray-Blue Hair:Blonde, Dyed Red
Alignment:Chaotic Good

Experience to Next Level: 1,000/7,000

Lv.6 Exoticist {Fighter Variant from Dragon Magazine 310}
Lv.1 Exotic Weapon Master

AC:20 (+1dex, +7arm, +2shield, +1def)


Fort: +10 =6base+3abil+1res
Ref: +3 =2base+0abil+1res
Will: +6 =2base+3abil+1res
Melee:+11/6 =7/2base+4abil
Rngd: +7/2 =7/2base+0abil

+1 Pike:+13/+7->1d8+9 dmg->15ft reach->x3crit
Brisbane's Edge:+12/+6->1d10+5 dmg->melee->19-20crit
MW Whip:+12/+6->1d3+4 subdual->15 ft reach->x2crit
MW Heavy Repeater:+8->1d10 dmg->120ft rng->19-20crit

Banded Mail (+7 AC, +1 max dex, -5 ACP, Heavy)
Light Shield (+2 AC, -0 ACP)

Languages: Common, Elven

Bluff +6(4.5rnks,cc)
Craft (Weaponsmith) +11(9rnks)
Disguise +6(4.5rnks,cc)
Sence Motive +7(4.5rnks,cc)
Treat Injury +7(4.5rnks,cc)

Feats: Expertise, Shield-and-pike Style {Dragon Magazine 338}, Long Strike, Weapon Focus (Awl Pike), Weapon Specialization (Awl Pike), Stand Still

Class Abilities: Weapon Proficency (Awl Pike, Bastard Sword, Heavy Repeater Crossbow, Whip), Exotic Attack, Strange Strike, Exotic Reach

+1 Awl Pike
+1 Bastard Sword (Brisbane's Edge)
MW Whip
MW Heavy Repeater Crossbow
+1 Banded Mail
Ring of Sustainance
Ring of Protection +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Handy Haversack
Everburning Rock (rock with Continual Flame cast on it by a 3rd-level
wizard. Set in helmet. Cost 110 gp)
Silk Rope
Artisan's Tools
Ale (1 gallon)
10 CP
04 SP
31 GP
38 PP

Haversack Distribution:
Center (79/80 lbs): Pike(10lbs), Whip(2lbs), Crossbow(12lbs), Banded
Mail(35lbs), Tent(20lbs)

Left (0/20 lbs):

Right (19/20 lbs): Flint'n'Steel(-), Bedroll(5lbs), Brisbane's Edge(6lbs),
Waterskin(4lbs), Artisan's Tools(5lbs)

11th of July, 2006, 13:38
Corry is tall, but a little gangly. He has long arms and legs, a long torso, and weak shoulders. His blonde hair comes a little over halway down his neck and is currently dyed red. Despite his military background, Corry has fair skin and a fair, slightly femine face, though his combat ability tends to quickly silence dreiseve comments.

Corry moves a little awkwardly. His long legs occasionally getting in his way and he tends to move a little stiffly in the morning. When not in march or at attention, he shows evidence of nebulous, ever-changing gimps.
Corry isn't muscly at all. his biceps are noticable if he flexes them, but a great deal of the force he exerts when he takes effort is from leverage from his long limbs.

Corry was a member of the 2nd Pike division in [NI will tell me the place's name later]. He was a rather elite soldier in his phalanx and on very good terms with the phalanx's commander. He had always occupied the second rank and excels in such a position- able to bring his pike a whip skills to use.

He left for reasons he declines to disclose and is currently, for lack of a better term, fleeing the country.

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29th of July, 2006, 11:26
Hiliarity is that, firsly, Corry looks nothing like that and, secondly, I used my fourth level bonus point to put strength from 17 to 18.

Also, you have time to do this, but not to put up some solid character stats? (aren't I a nag)

29th of July, 2006, 16:19
I have solid character stats. You just don't need to know them yet. But, if your character is inquisitive, you might one day.

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What, arm wrestling contests for figuring out strength? lol

30th of July, 2006, 08:23
We never know.

I almost want to insert Conan into this game.

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