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10th of July, 2006, 15:39
Name: "Spring Foot" Jack
AKA "Turnback" Jack, "Yellowtail,"
Concept: Good-Hearted Coward

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'10" (175 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Hair: Brown, short
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: n/a; any who will listen

Level: Rogue 6/Thief-Acrobat 1
Current Exp: 22,000

Str 15 (+2)
Dex 17 (+3)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 17 (+3)
Wis 11 (+0)
Cha 16 (+3)

HP: 34
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Melee: +6
Ranged: +7
Grapple: +6/+5 (Escape Artist)

Fortitude +3
Reflex +10 (Evasion)
Will +2
Misc: +2 to Reflex saves against traps

Armor Class: 16 (+3 armor, +3 dexterity)
Flat-Footed: 16
Touch: 13
Misc: +2 to AC against traps
Worn Armor: Masterwork Studded Leather (+3 AC, -0 armor check, +5 maximum dex bonus)

Speed: 35 ft
Initiative: +9 (+3 dex +6 miscellaneous)

Appraise 2 (+6) (Int +4)
Balance 10 (+25) (Dex +3 Synergy +2 Insight +10) (+1 on checks to stay standing when struck)
Bluff 7 (+10) (Cha +3)
Climb 8 (+10) (Str +2)
Craft (Puppetmaking) 2 (+8) (Int +4 Competence +2)
Diplomacy - (+5) (Cha +3 Synergy +2)
Disable Device 7 (+13) (Int +4 Competence +2)
Disguise 1 (+6) (Cha +3 Synergy +2)
Escape Artist 2 (+5) (Dex +3)
Forgery 3 (+7) (Int +4)
Gather Information 3 (+6) (Cha +3)
Hide 10 (+13) (Dex +3)
Jump 8 (+12) (Str +2 Synergy +2)
Listen 7 (+7) (Wis +0)
Move Silently 10 (+13) (Dex +3)
Open Lock 5 (+10) (Dex +3 Competence +2)
Perform (Puppetry) 3 (+6) (Cha +3)
Profession (Sailor) 2 (+2) (Wis +0)
Ride - (+3) (Dex +3)
Search 4 (+8) (Int +4)
Sense Motive - (+0) (Wis +0)
Sleight of Hand 5 (+10) (Dex +3 Synergy +2)
Spot 9 (+9) (Wis +0)
Survival - (+0) (Wis +0)
Tumble 9 (+14) (Dex +3 Synergy +2)
Use Rope 1 (+4) (Dex +3)

Languages spoken: Common, Halfling, Elven, Goblin

Improved Initiative
Quick Reconnoiter
Arterial Strike

Special Abilities:
Trapfinding: The character can use the Search skill to find (and then disarm) traps with a DC higher than 20 and can disarm magical traps.
Sneak Attack +3d6: Attacks made from within 30' against an opponent who is flat-footed or or currently flanked deal an additional 3d6 damage. This bonus damage is not multiplied on a successful critical hit.
Evasion: Against spells and abilities which allow a reflex save for half damage, the character suffers no damage on a successful save. This ability does not apply when the character is bound, immobile, etc.
Uncanny Dodge: The retains their dexterity bonus to AC when caught flat footed or when being attacked by an invisible attacker.
Trap Sense +2: The character gains +2 AC against attacks made by traps and adds a +2 bonus to reflex saves against traps.
Fast Acrobatics: The character can ignore the following penalties: the -5 on Balance checks when moving at full speed; the -5 on Climb checks when moving at half speed as a move action; the -10 on Tumble checks when moving at full speed.
Kip Up: The character can stand up as a free action without proking an attack of opportunity.
Steady Stance: The character is not considered flat-footed when balancing or climbing and can add their Thief-Acrobat class level to checks to remain standing after suffering damage from an attack.

Short Sword +1
+7 to-hit, d6+3 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, slashing, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack

Dagger (melee)
+6 to-hit, d4+2 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, piercing, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack
(thrown) +7 to-hit, 10' range increment

+6 to-hit, d6+2 damage, x2 critical, bludgeoning, deals nonlethal damage, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack

Hand Crossbow
+7 to-hit, d4 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, piercing, 30' range increment

Carry Capacity
Light: 0-66
Medium: 67-133 (max +3 dex bonus, -3 check penalty, 20' speed, x4 run)
Heavy: 134-200 (max +1 dex bonus, -6 check penalty, 20' speed, x3 run)
Life Off Ground: 400
Drag: 1000

10th of July, 2006, 15:42
Short Sword +1 Paranx's Flayer
(+7 to-hit, d6+3 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, slashing, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack)
Description: A short, broad-bladed sword, the exterior of the blade is made from an unusual alloy of steel that is heavier in carbons than normal metals, giving is a dull hue. Runes in Abyssal engraved into the blade expose the lighter-colored metal underneath and allowing them to be read when the light glaces off the blade. The pommel is set with a small piece of onyx carved into a grinning skull.

Dagger (melee) x4
(+6 to-hit, d4+2 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, piercing, 2 lbs, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack)
(+7 to-hit, d4+2 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, piercing, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack, 10' range increment)

(+6 to-hit, d6+2 damage, x2 critical, bludgeoning, 2 lbs, deals nonlethal damage, deals +3d6 damage on sneak attack)

Hand Crossbow
(+7 to-hit, d4 damage, 19-20/x2 critical, piercing, 2 lbs, 30' range increment)
50 bolts
(5 lbs)

__Normal Gear__
Masterwork Thieve's Tools (1 lb) +2 circumstance bonus to rogue skills
Bedroll, winter blanket (8 lbs)
Flint and steel (-)
Hodded Lantern w/Continuous Flame cast on it (2 lbs) 30' clear light, 60' shadowy light
Scroll case (1/2 lb)
Steel mirror (1/2 lb)
Trail rations, one week (7 lbs)
Silk rope (50') (10 lbs)
Paper, 100 sheets (-)
Ink (3 oz), Inkpen (-)
Chalk (-)
Bottle of fine wine (1.5 lbs)
Large assortment of puppets (20 lbs) A variety of stage puppets Jack has crafted, from peasants to kings, from goblins to dragons. They are made of wood and meticulously painted. Adds a +1 circumstance bonus when used with Perform.
Portable stage w/props (20 lbs) A small puppetry stage that folds down for carry. It has pieces for a small number of scenes (outdoors, small room, castle, battlefield, etc) and some props. Adds a +1 circumstance bonus when set up and used to entertain for Perform, which stacks with those of puppets.
Masterwork Puppetmaker's Tools (5 lbs) Paints, carving tools and strings for making puppets with.
Climber's Kit (5 lbs) Adds a +2 circumstance bonus when used to climb.
Belt Pouch x4 (2 lbs)
Money Belt (1 lb)
Smokestick (1/2 lb) Fills a 10' cube with smoke in 1 round.
Thunderstone (1 lb) Range increment 20'; Fort save (DC 15) within 10' or be deafened (-4 init, 20% miscast).
Chess Board (2 lbs)
Climber's Quiver (2 lbs) Covered on the top/etc so that ammo won't fall out when climbing.
Hammock (4 lbs) DC10 Use Rope suspends between two objetcs up to 20' apart, Spot DC20 to notice.
Finger Blades (-) +1 circumstance bonus on Sleight of Hand.

Masterwork Studded Leather armor (20 lbs)
Entertainer's Outfit (4 lbs)
Explorer's Outfit x4 (32 lbs)
Mask (1/2 lb) A simple black mask that covers the face from the eyes down.
Burglar's Vest (3 lbs) A padded black vest with loops for tools and covered by padding as well as tearaway panels. It adds a +1 circumstance bonus to Climb, Hide, Escape Artist and Tumble checks.

__Magic Items__
Bag of Holding I
Can hold up to 250 lbs of gear, taking up to 30 cubic feet of space. The bag itself always weighs 15 lbs.
A medium-sized leather sack with a shark's leather strap sewn on so the bag can be worn over one shoulder or across the back without excessive slipping, although doing so on bare skin is not reccommended. The flap folds over and can be fastened shut to prevent items from falling out or elements of nature from getting in.

Boots of Harmonious Balance
The wearer gains a +10 insight bonus on Balance checks and may even walk up vertical surfaces as if climbing, but using the Balance skill rather than Climb. (The surface must still be able to support the character's weight, obviously.) A character with 10 or more ranks in Balance may walk on semisolids (like snow) or liquids for short periods of time but must move continiously when doing so. The DC to move across such substances increases by +5 each round. Originally Sandals of Harmonious Balance, from the Complete Adventurer supplement.
A pair of fine leather showman's boots, dyed a variety of cheery shades and laced with silk. They will stick to or balance on almost anything they are put on, seemingly of their own will.

Current cash:
sp: 9
gp: 43
pp: 7

Bag of holding (on back)
Explorer's Outfit (worn)
Money Belt (under clothes, with all current cash)
Belt Pouch x4 (two on belt, one on neck, one sewn into cloak)
Masterwork Studded Leather armor (worn)
Short Sword +1 (worn at side)
Dagger x2 (one in boot, one at wrist; both concealed)
Sap (small of back, concealed)

10th of July, 2006, 15:43
Appearance: On the short side of average, Jack looks even smaller than he is because he tends to hunch over, shrink into himself or otherwise make attempts to seem as nonthreatening as possible. His brown hair is cropped short, usually just long enough to stick up from his head in an unkempt imitation of a bird's nest. His face is long and thin, almost as though it had been made specifically for simpering, which he excels at. He always appears nervous, glancing around constantly as though watching for something- anything- that might be nescessary to be scared of. The rest of his body is thin and lanky with a core of powerful, well-toned muscles that are the clear mark of a lifelong athlete.

Dress: Varies, but Jack prefers loose, practical clothes in drab colors, as they make it easy to move around in and especially to escape in. When on the move, which is most of the time, he tends towards long pants (tied off at the knees and ankles and belted at the waist) and a similar shirt worn loose, unbuttoned and tucked in. When not completely inappropriate he covers these up with a fine suit of studded leather armor, generally sans the cap unless he's expecting a fight. He wears a pair of beautifully-made leather boots which are dyed a variety of pastel shades, obviously intended to be worn with an acrobat's or courtier's costume of some sort. His hands are left free, as he often needs them for fine manipulation work. When he can get away with it he adds a mid-length cloak to his ensemble, the better to conceal himself with. Only rarely can he be found without his Bag of Holding outside of arm's reach, as all his most important possesions are inside. Two belt pouches adorn his midsection, with two more tucked into the folds of his clothing more discretely, holding a variety of illicit and semi-legal goods. He always has, at the very least, a dagger in one boot and one inside his shirt; he also commonly carries a few more on his person along with his small sword and crossbow, as the neighborhoods Jack moves in are not always very kind. When thieving, he wears a padded black vest and mask over his normal clothing to better conceal himself.

Speech: Jack is friendly and non-threatening with anyone who responds likewise, happily chatting up anyone who will listen. A slight stutter mars his words on occasion, especially when he is nervous, but disappears completely when he is onstage with his puppets. His voice has an astounding range of pitches, all the way from a deep bass reminiscent of a dragon's rumble all the way up to the titter of a pixie. He speaks casually and freely (sometimes a bit too much so) and has a noticable city accent, although this has faded somewhat over time.

Personality: Generally a really nice guy, Jack gets along well with almost anyone. In most situations he is quite happy-go-lucky, rarely troubling himself too deeply with the future or even the details of the present. He greatly prefers food, drink and entertainment to virtually anything else in the world, though he isn't picky enough to demand the best of any of those things; a cheap copper-a-mug ale and some tavern drinking songs are just as enjoyable to him as centuries-old elvish wines and the finest poets in the land. Even when carousing, however, he prefers to stay on the edges of the spotlight, avoiding being the center of attention, as this makes him very nervous and worsens his stutter. He is also extremely fumbling around attractive women, particularly the flamboyant, assertive kind that tend to frequent popular bars.

In any situation or place, however, Jack is a bit of a coward. It's not that he isn't interested in helping other people or that he greatly values his own safety- indeed, he often tries to stick danger out and he's perfectly happy to help others as best he can. Unfortunately, his inner nature and lack of willpower often get the better of him and he convinces himself that perhaps a quick retreat to engage the danger under better circumstances might be in order. In short, he usually ends up running from danger when the option is available, although he often rejoins the fight once attention is off him and he can regain his nerves. More than once this has cost him friends and he truly wishes he could be a better person, but he seems destined to abandon people. Only when he is irrevocably pinned down does Jack show anything resembling courage and even then it is more desperation than actual bravery.

Background: (outline only; completion pending world info)
-Born in a large city to a lower-class family; grew up doing odd jobs on the streets and stealing when nescessary to get by. Three brothers, three sisters, father was a traveling sailor who stopped in town only on occasion but did his best to keep money coming to the family.
-Recruited by one of the arms of the local thieves' guild to do petty robbery, burglary because of his exceptional talents in those areas. Gained some small fame as a local cutpurse who could outrun any law officier and slip over any rooftop.
-Continued to unwillingly rank up in the guild as his success continued; eventually attempted to withdraw when his ties drew too close and his family was implicated by the law. Guild attempted to teach him a lesson when he confronted them and sent an assasin after his siblings, killing two of them. Jack interrupted him and, in a struggle atop the roof of a nearby house, slew the man. Inspecting the body he discovered that beneath the mask was the face of one of the local nobles. Fearing for his and his family's safety, Jack sent them away to another city and joined the local army to disappear after claiming the assasin's magic blade, clothing and enchanted boots.
-Managed to get shuffled around in the army for several years, avoiding battle until a small border war broke out with a nearby kingdom. During the course of the battle most of Jack's squad was scattered or killed and he himself eventually broke ranks and fled into the nearby wilderness for a time.
-Carefully made his way out of the country and began traveling the world, posing as master of a puppet show (or occasionally joining with an acrobatics troupe). When money grew too tight he resorted to stealing again.
-Currently wandering without any real purpose, helping out small villages and those in trouble with the law where he can and trying to stay entertained.

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