View Full Version : GM Access to Tournaments forum

25th of April, 2006, 05:00
I'm requesting GM/Mod access to the Tournaments forum in preperation of the "8 Shall Enter, 7 Shall Perish" tournament.

Signup thread (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5967)

Much appreciated :)

Black Plauge
26th of April, 2006, 06:14
I'm the current Mod. If you tell me what you want I'll see what I can do.

Making you a mod, of course, is up to the powers that be, but I can help in the interim.

28th of April, 2006, 02:29
Would you be opposed to Canadian being a mod as well, BP?

You will have to promise to not ever get into a fight and delete each other's threads ;)

28th of April, 2006, 02:33
That's fine, I think I can avoid doing that :)

thanks :)

Black Plauge
28th of April, 2006, 05:25
I don't have a problem with it. The only reason I was made the mod originally is because I was sponsering the Gladiator tournament at the time we switched over here and somebody had to take on the job.

Well, that and I am a mod over at 3EBB so I was already doing alot of the thread management for the tournaments, both when I was a player in Andorax's tournaments and when I was running my own.