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Left-Handed Bandit
5th of February, 2006, 06:47
aka Henry Elias Blackthorne, owner of Blackthorne Industries
34 years old - 5'11" - 185 lbs.
dark hair, brown eyes, moustache and goatee
(think Jim Rome in appearance)

PL8 (128pp)
Wealth +32 (just to give an idea of how filthy rich he is)

Attributes and Combat (48pp)
ST +1 DX +2 CN +1 IN +5 (+7) WS +2 CH +3 (+4)
Attack +5, Defense 15
+1 Toughness, +1 Fortitude, +2 Reflex, +2 Will

Skills (23pp)
Bluff (cha) 10 (+14), Computers (int) 4 (+11), Concentration (wis) 4 (+6), Craft (chemical) (int) 4 (+11), Craft
(mechanical) (int) 8 (+15), Craft (electrical) (int) 8 (+15), Diplomacy (cha) 12 (+16), Knowledge (business) (int) 12 (+19),
Knowledge (technology) (int) 8 (+15), Knowledge (current events) (int) 8 (+15), Knowledge (tactics) (int) 4 (+11), Notice (wis) 5 (+7), Stealth (dex) 5 (+7)

Feats (19pp)
Assessment (combat), Assessment (interaction), Attractive, Benefit (wealth 6), Connected, Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Inventor, Master Plan, Precise Shot 2, Quick Draw 2, Redirect

Powers (38pp)
(Device) Boom Gun 4 ranks
Easy to Lose; 3pp/rank
Power Stunt (2pp): Restricted 2 (only Blackthorne can use)
Power: Kinetic Blast 8 ranks (extra: penetrating +1, flaw: unreliable [5 charges]) 2pp/rank
-- Blast Power Stunts (4pp):
-- Alternate Power: Dazzle 8 ranks (Vision/Hearing, flaw: unreliable [5 charges]) 2pp/rank
-- Alternate Power: Fatigue 8 ranks (extra: ranged +1, flaw: unreliable [5 charges]) 2pp/rank
-- Alternate Power: Snare 8 ranks (extra: area +1, flaw: unreliable [5 charges]) 2pp/rank [10' x 10' microfilament-steel net]
-- Alternate Power: Stun 8 ranks (extra: ranged +1, flaw: unreliable [5 charges]) 2pp/rank
Device Powers PP Cost: 20 = (8 ranks x 2pp/rank) + 4pp for stunts
Device PP Cost: 14 = ((20pp/5) x 3pp/rank) + 2pp for stunts

The "Boom Gun" has five attack settings, allowing Blackthorne to react to dynamic situations.
(Device) Blackthorne Industries Incursion Outfit 3 ranks
Hard to Lose; 4pp/rank
Concealment 4 ranks (flaw: blending -1) 1pp/rank
Enhanced Communications (radio) 2 ranks 1pp/rank
-- Enhanced Comms. Power Stunt (1pp): Subtle
Protection 5 ranks 1pp/rank
Super Senses 3 ranks 1pp/rank
-- Senses: Radio (1 rank), Infravision (1 rank), Track (infravision) (1 rank)
Device Powers PP Cost: 15 = 4x1pp/rank + 2x1pp/rank + 1pp (stunt) + 5x1pp/rank + 3x1pp/rank
Device PP Cost: 12 = (15pp/5) x 4pp/rank

Still a "work in progress," this suit is made of an electrochemically-enchanced fiber that adapts its color to the surrounding environment. The fiber is supported by a strong protective layer underneath. The attached hood has a built in radio transciever and infrared lenses.
(Device) Telescoping Baton 2 ranks
Easy to Lose; 3pp/rank
Power: Strike 6 ranks 1pp/rank
-- Strike Power Stunts (4pp):
Extended Reach 1 (up to 10 feet from attacker)
Alternate Power: Trip 3 ranks (extra: knockback) 2pp/rank
Alternate Power: Paralyze 6 ranks (flaw: slow only) 1pp/rank
Alternate Power: Deflect 6 ranks (slow projectiles) 1pp/rank
Device Powers PP Cost: 10 = (6 ranks x 1pp/rank) + 4pp (stunts)
Device PP Cost: 6 = (10pp/5) x 3pp/rank

This seemingly innocuous 2-foot-long baton is made from a smart material that allows it to telescope out to a length of up to 8 feet, allowing Blackthorne to strike targets two squares (10 feet) away. The last tenth of each end carries a capacitor powered by small regenerative power supply in the center of the unit (which also powers the telescoping action). The capactiors build up a static charge that is discharged upon a forceful contact, providing extra concussive force when in melee.
Enhanced Intelligence +2 (natural) (4pp)
Enhanced Charisma +1 (natural) (2pp)

Left-Handed Bandit
9th of February, 2006, 09:15
Appearance: Henry Blackthorne is a handsome dark-haired man in his early-30s, with piercing, dark eyes that always sparkle with a hint of mischievousness (or is that smugness?). His perfectly-trimmed moustache and goatee frame his angular jaw and smirking curl to his mouth.

Dress: Henry dresses stylishly according to his station, but somewhat unconventionally. His suits are always black or charcoal gray, often worn over a black collarless dress shirt or turtleneck. When dressing casually, he'll wear a black sweater and black jeans/casual slacks.

Regardless of what he wears, Blackthorne has his personal logo embroidered onto the left breast of his jacket or sweater. The logo is a medieval longsword standing on the tip of the blade. A red rose in full bloom rests over the crossguard, with its thorny stem wrapping itself along the length of the blade.

Costume: The only item that resembles a costume is his BI/IO (which also bears the Blackthorne logo on its left breast).

Personality: It isn't enough to say that Henry thinks he's better than anyone else; he's certain he is. This extreme confidence often comes across as smug superiority in his public persona, although he doesn't actually fault others for being his lessers. He's actually quite friendly and amiable in person, since he follows the old adage that you attract more flies with honey.

As long as one knows that one is most-likely a means to an end in some obtuse scheme in his mind, Henry is easy to get along with.

History (incomplete): A genius and aspiring criminal mastermind, Blackthorne used his family fortune to build an multinational corporate empire for the sole purpose of financing his criminal enterprises. His genius extends into the realm of science and engineering, and he uses it to create his arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

While he has never been convicted of a crime (he's been indicted four times for various alleged violations of the law), Blackthorne's activites are closely watched by NYPD's Organized Crime Bureau.

(more to come after Henry's introduction in-game)

Left-Handed Bandit
19th of August, 2007, 04:01
Boom Gun Specifics
The protoype railgun itself looks more like something out of science fiction, although it certainly shares traits with modern military arms; originally built as a rifle, Henry had it modified into an oversized pistol. Using advanced computer and electronic controls for the thermal and pressure sensitive grip and trigger system (set only for Henry's particular biometrics), projectile selection and loading, and electromagnetic firing system, the gun is as much a work of art as it is a functional piece of high-tech hardware.

The individual projectile casings are more-or-less the same, with only a basic color code to denote function, but they are each equally effective in bringing down a target with the minimum of fuss: white for the base armor-piercing projectile, yellow for the combination high-intensity laser charge and high-frequency directed audio wave generator for blinding and deafening targets, black for the weaponized cytotoxins for inducing fatigue, red for the weighted microfilament-steel nets for snaring targets, and blue for the high-voltage capacitor charge for stunning targets. Selecting projectiles was simple, requiring almost no time at all to change. And, even better, they were designed to affect only a single target, meaning little collateral damage.