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17th of October, 2005, 18:16
Tauro Dan-Uial

(Pronounced: Tower-o Dan Oo-ee'al)

[Apologies in advance for any errors, I have D&D 3.0, but don’t have 3.5. Work in progress subject to GM mods]

Tauro Dan-Uial is a tall, lithe sinewy man, with the unmistakable stamp of Elven ancestry. His skin is bronzed into a deep tan, his eyes a vibrant golden brown color verging on amber and are possessed of a distinct ‘tilt’. Tauro’s hair appears wild on first inspection, a tousled mane of pale blond almost white locks, but somehow it never becomes a problem, always seems to remain in its chaotic place. He wears a beard and moustache, which appear to be well trimmed.

His face is thin, angular, hard looking until he smiles, when he seems among the most genial of men. There are indeterminate marks upon his neck, which prove to be tattoos in the form of writhing curves and lines that extends onto his arms and chest, although this will not be apparent unless he removes his upper garments.

He habitually wears trousers and a tunic of green and brown, worn, almost ragged in fact. About his shoulders is thrown a dark grey cloak of fine workmanship, on his feet he wears short boots crafted of soft leather.
Class: Druid
Lvl 15
Ht: 6'2"
Wt 180lbs
HP: 104 (149)
Half Elf (Sun)
Align: CN
Deity: Silvanus (God of Wild Nature)

STR__ 10 (base=10) Bonus = +0
DEX __22 (base=15, +1 level, +6 gloves) Bonus = +6 (+3)
CON__20 (base=14, +6 Amulet) Bonus = +5 (+2)
INT___14 (base=14) Bonus = +2
WIS__ 26 (base=18, +2 level, +6 periapt) Bonus = +8 (+5)
CHA__12 (base=12) Bonus = +1

Ref +20 = +6 Dex +5 Cloak of Resistance +9 Level
Fort +16 = +6 Con +5 Cloak of Resistance +5 Level
Will +22 = +8 Wis +5 Cloak of Resistance +9 Level

Init +10 = +6 Dex +4 Feat

Attacks Bonus'
Scimitar +14/+9/+4 (+11 base +0 Str +3 weapon)
Sling +22 (+11 base +8 Dex +3 weapon)
Melee +11/+6+1
Ranged +19

AC 28 (10 + 8 Bracers of Armour + 4 Ring of Protection + 6 Dex)

Item Bonus's
Saves +5
Cloak of Elvenkind/+5 Resistance

AC +12
Bracers of Armour +8
Ring of Protection +4

Hide +10
Cloak of Elvenkind/+5 Resistance

Move Silently +10
Elven Boots

Class Abilities:
Base Saves
Ref +9
Fort +5
Will +9
Base Attack +11/+6/+1
Feats 6
Ability Increases 3 (Figured in)

Weapons: Club, Dagger, Dart, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sickle, Short Spear, Sling
Armour: Light, Medium
Class Skills:
Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (Nature), Listen, Profession, Ride, Spellcraft, Spot, Survival, Swim

· Druid Spontaneous Casting
· Cannot cast Lawful Spells
· A thousand Faces
· Animal Companion
· Nature Sense
· Resist Nature's Lure (+4)
· Timeless Body
· Trackless Step
· Venom Immunity
· Wild Empathy
· Wild Shape (Tiny-Huge, 5/day)
· Woodland Stride

Race Abilities:
Medium Size
Base Speed 30'
Immunity to sleep spells and effects
+2 save Vs. Enchantment
Lowlight vision
+1 Listen, Search, Spot
Elven Blood
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Druidic, Orc

Craft Weapons & Armour
Empower Spell
Improved Initiative
Maximise Spell
Silent Spell

Skill Ranks
Climb 3
Concentrate 10
Craft (Herbalist) 5
Diplomacy 3
Gather Information 3
Handle Animal 2
Heal 15
Hide 3
Know (Nature) 10
Listen 3
Move Silently 3
Ride 3
Search 1
Spell Craft 10
Spot 3
Swim 3
Survival 15

Unspent Wealth: 18500

Elven Boots (2000)
Bracers of Armour+8 (64000)
Cloak of Elvenkind/Resistance+5 (27500)
Gloves of Dexterity+6 (36000)
Heward's Handy Haversack (2000)
Periapt of Wisdom+6 (36000)
Ring of Mind Shielding (8000)
Ring of Protection+4 (32000)
Vest of Health+6 (36000)

Scimitar +3, Vorpal (128000)
Sling +3, Thundering (50000)

19th of October, 2005, 03:20
Current location Essembra.

Raised and currently wandering through Cormanthyr and the Dalelands.

Detailed Background to follow.

19th of October, 2005, 21:41
Background Part I
Born in the depths of the great forest of Cormanthyr, Tauro was raised by his mother, Angwen, an outcast Sun elf who lived amongst the simpler Moon elves. Tauro never knew his father, since he had died before Tauro’s birth, but his mother gave Tauro such a great understanding of who and what his father was, that he always felt that he knew him.

Tauro’s father was named Grugyn, a human Ranger and a great warrior by Angwen’s accounts; he’d died defending her from a large band of Orcs and Ogres. Pregnant and alone, Angwen had barely escaped with her life before she reached the sanctuary of a Ranger stockade.

Tauro was raised as an elf, with all the cultural rules and beliefs, but he was also very much aware of his dual heritage, his contemporaries saw to that, the half-breed, the man-elf. It was for this reason that Tauro began to frequent the small human settlements, to meet and speak with humans, the irony of their reaction was too much for him, they simply referred to him as elf-boy.

Confused, angry and alone, his childhood was unhappy. He was only sure of the feelings of one person, Angwen his mother. At the age of thirteen he ventured into the wild alone, nothing unusual for him. But this time he became lost, a terrible fear entered him as he neared a great and venerable Oak tree, to him it seemed that the tree spoke to him. Tauro swooned and awoke in the company of a group of Elvish rangers who had found him whilst they returned home. The exact nature of the message the Oak imparted to him was lost to him but he knew from that day on that he would become one with nature, a protector of the wild, a druid.

As Tauro grew he spent most of his time with the elves in their patrols and their daily life, he gradually came to resent the artificiality of their morals, their mores. Why allow the evil to act as they would, why not fight fire with fire, if one also accepted that the path of goodness was desirable, if too idealistic.

Thus he began to acquire his dislike for authority and convention, this caused problems when he entered training to the Druidic community because he would often argue with his superiors, who would calmly accept his views and then go on. To Tauro this felt like condescension, but as he matured he realised it was simply the way of the Druid, to accept that all are free to choose. Although at first this never really struck him as a sensible philosophy since if one is free to choose then one is free to defile the natural world.

25th of October, 2005, 22:43
Background pt2

Tauro gradually began to realise that choice was essential, to have stricture placed upon one is against the way, against nature. So it was therefore obvious to him that it is the act of choosing which is important, if a man chooses to destroy, he has chosen freely, but he may have chosen wrongly, to force another choice upon him would be wrong, but to oppose him and prevent him from acting out this choice would not be wrong, for in so doing Tauro realised, choice would still remain for all concerned.

Finally he was acclaimed as a druid in his own right, a priest of Silvanus, fit to travel and protect the natural world.This was as Tauro desired, freedom to choose, freedom from stricture, freedom even from the illogical stricture of none choice espoused by many of his fellow druids. For twenty years Tauro wandered, spending time among elves, men and the fey. Throughout that time he sought to understand the natural order, the will of the Great Oak his god, to bring this message to all who would listen to aid where aid was warranted to oppose where opposition was needed.

In the recent past Tauro has dwelt in the Dalelands, among men, friend to the foresters, to the farmers even. Many of them heeded his words, some opposed him but they could not face him in the wild. For a year or more he has sought to act as mediator, to bring man back in tune with the wild.

Yet his sleep has been disturbed of late, a dream has come to him of disruption, harm, whether it is a thing that will be, may come to pass, or whether it already is coming to pass he does not know. He merely knows that he must oppose it. The dream shows a land convulsed in war, destruction and death, a dark blight flows out paradoxically from the image a number of glowing shapes, indeterminate in form, but hovering like carrion birds above the world. Tauro has no knowledge of what these shapes portend, he merely knows that they will cause or are causing disruption to his ward, the natural world.