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14th of June, 2005, 13:18
Well for starters, I have to apologize for my Vampire game... shit hit the fan with me just as I was about to start the game, and it has fallen through, for that I truley apologize, but I am wanting to know who would be intrested in playing a DnD game...

It would be a world without Arcane Magic IE no Wizards, and no Sorcerers, Clerics, and Bards would be available, and I'd consider having one psyion in my game, but feats and powers will be regulated closley.

If you wish to play either a Cleric or a Bard, I'd need to discuss things with you privatley, but otherwise I would like to know who would all be intrested in this game.

14th of June, 2005, 13:36
I may be interested. Throw out some more info and I will more than likely play.

14th of June, 2005, 15:54
What about Druids?

14th of June, 2005, 17:04
Basic history is...

Three hundred years ago, all the wizards, and sorcerers, upped and left with all their knowledge, books as well, and nobody knows why. At that time Dragons left as well, everything arcane left, and over the three hundred years, people forgot how to use the magic items they had, and had no way of being able to identify them. (Bards can't have the spell identify, and it also doesn't exist in the Magic Domain.) And Detect Magic is also no longer around. And along with the wizards leaving, the clerics/paladins of the world became unable to directly communicate with their deities. (IE: No spells that relate to communing with a deity.)

And even the long lived Elves are forgetting about magic. Travel is done with normal means, foot, horse, cart... boats etc... Druids are still around...

There will be a restriction on Languages, and Knowledges...

The restrictions for Languages is... no planar languages
Restrictions on Knowledges is...
Knowlege Arcana... is restricted to Bards and only two ranks total
Knowledge The Planes... is restricted to Bards and only two ranks total

And the skill Use Magic Device, doesn't exist.

Yall will be starting at level two, and 1k gp, the only magic item that can be purchased is a everburning torch. Mastercraft items are perfectly fine.

14th of June, 2005, 17:54
Hurm... this is looking more interesting. I'm not yet sure, but I'll keep paying attention.

15th of June, 2005, 02:39
Yeah, sure sign me up. I can probably have a character made up by the end of the day.

15th of June, 2005, 18:55
Well that's one.. and a half? If you have any other questions I'll do my best to answer what I can.

15th of June, 2005, 19:08
As for attributes, 32 point build.

15th of June, 2005, 19:20
And before it gets any further, Base book races, no templates, base book classes (with the exception of the Psyion)

And if you want your character to work for a Prestige Class, send me a Private message and ask me about it ahead of time please.

16th of June, 2005, 12:41
Man, where's the Swashbuckler love?! :(

32 point buy, is that 1 point per? Like going from 19-20 will cost 1 point or 3-4 (whatever it is)?

16th of June, 2005, 16:59
Ability Score
Can not purchase a score below eight.
8 = 0 points
9 = 1 point
10 = 2 points
11 = 3 points
12 = 4 points
13 = 5 points
14 = 6 points
15 = 8 points
16 = 10 points
17 = 13 points
18 = 16 points

17th of June, 2005, 04:17
Can you give me the names and descriptions of some major towns? Especially ones with a large Dock District. Also the name and description of the town we will be starting in. A map would be ideal, but far from required. Also any info on how/why we will be grouped together would be great.

I'm just trying to gather info for my background and to come up with a reason for why my character is in this starting town to begin with and why he would join up with this group of people.

17th of June, 2005, 11:04
You know what? Count me in.

I will go on two week-long trips this Summer, but I should be here the rest of the time.
Also, I'm interested in either Druid or Cleric... haven't decided yet though.

17th of June, 2005, 11:34
My character is a Rogue btw, but he is much more focused on Money and Forgery than other things.

17th of June, 2005, 11:53
what about the vampire game

17th of June, 2005, 12:23
|Well for starters, I have to apologize for my Vampire game... shit hit the fan with me just as I was about to start the game, and it has fallen through, |

19th of June, 2005, 02:41
heh, thanks Fulmen, I'm gunna just copy/paste what he said... :)

20th of June, 2005, 06:41
I'd be interested playing a Dwarven fighter.

20th of June, 2005, 06:47
I'm actually going to start work on my character. I'm sure I'm up to playing. Dwarven or halfling druid.

20th of June, 2005, 08:22
Just did my character.

I have nothing for skills.

20th of June, 2005, 09:25
You want the HP average, or rolled?

Oh, and what about scrolls for spell casters, because we can scribe them ourselves?

26th of June, 2005, 15:21
Hello? Should I just stop work on the character, or are you still alive?

27th of June, 2005, 03:42
Exactly what I was wondering

1st of July, 2005, 10:25
I'm like totally sorry, I got caught up in playing World of Warcraft, i'm still intrested in doing the game. Um excluding the casters I've already banned, feel free to have the ability to scribe scrolls, or buy scrolls. But unless the Arcane spells are on the Bard spell list, they don't exist.

1st of July, 2005, 12:05
Okay, I'll be gone for 11 days, but I will be back.

We all understand the WoW addiction.

2nd of July, 2005, 07:39
Should I PM you my charater?

5th of July, 2005, 04:13

10th of July, 2005, 15:31
I'm back, and I'll find my character again...

14th of July, 2005, 02:51
Alright, I've gotten Zero's character, and howabout you Night?

14th of July, 2005, 03:33
Still looking... while I was gone, my dog seems to have gotten into my room. Damage control be damned, I need the sheets.

17th of July, 2005, 15:49

On Sunday I will be going to Britain for 14 days. I will not have internet access.

This message will be repeated on all relevant frequencies. It is not spam, it is important news.

I hope to return on the 31st.

30th of July, 2005, 11:02
Yeah, so... in two days or so, I'll be back and ready to roll. We got anybody else for the game yet?

4th of August, 2005, 11:19
I'd be interested in playing :)

I came to this board itching to play a mage, actually. So.. of course the first game I find disallows mages, lol. I'd be interested in playing a Human Bard or Barbarian. I'd like to see what you have to say about the Bard thing before I decide though 0.o

Drop me a PM or IM me if you want to talk about it. I'm really looking forward to playing if I can.

5th of August, 2005, 15:52
I know I talked to you online about playing a bard, but I had a small change of heart. If possible, I'd like to play Rogue/Monk.


That's him. He's a work in progress, so his skills and stuff aren't complete yet. Let me know if there's anything wrong with him. If not, then I'll finish up his skills and crap and draft up his personality/backround/etc.

7th of August, 2005, 08:27
Monk/Rogue would be perfectly fine. I'd rather that over a bard.

7th of August, 2005, 08:37
I too might be interested in playing. Are paladins still kosher?

7th of August, 2005, 11:12
I think so, but we will need to wait and see...

7th of August, 2005, 16:37
Monk/Rogue would be perfectly fine. I'd rather that over a bard.

Awesome. How do you want me to handle HP?

10th of August, 2005, 04:01
WalkerUrza... ummm, you really should get on the ball before these potential players evaporate.

15th of August, 2005, 05:21



Is this game still alive or....?

15th of August, 2005, 10:50
I hope it is...

16th of August, 2005, 06:01
If it is, I don't even know who's still around. I'd still like to run this game, a Paladin is fine, Max HP at every level.

16th of August, 2005, 06:12
Me, Ray K, DaisyStrikesBack, possibly Zero. You should PM him.

16th of August, 2005, 06:41
You forgot about me! :(

16th of August, 2005, 07:11
You forgot about me! :(

Dammit, I'm sorry... *sigh* that still doesn't get us anywhere...

28th of August, 2005, 08:34
Okay, so should we take it as this won't happen?

29th of August, 2005, 09:37

29th of August, 2005, 13:42
Cock tease >.<

29th of August, 2005, 13:51
*Sigh* Well, at least I have a 2nd level character for future use.