View Full Version : Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - The Setting?

Cadogan Trahem
17th of May, 2002, 15:49
If anyone has heard of the PS2 title Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, they have probably heard of the Anime series based around it. Which leads to what im about to say.

How many people would think the setting in which Scion of Sorcery takes place would be a cool D&D setting? I mean there is alot of coolness, Magic, Monsters, Old Black Powder Firearms, and advanced Machines from a Long Forgotten Race.. it would be cool, if only I had more information on it..

17th of May, 2002, 18:03
I didnt realise there was a series behind it
And i didnt get the game as it looked like a game that was just knocked up for the launch week (saying that to my eternal shame I got eternal ring, ewwww)

From the little bit you have written it sounds alot like the FFT world, old forgotten technology and all that

I might see if i can find some more info on it