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Real Name: Jonas McAllister
Assumed Name: Jonas Smith
Concept: Ex-Government Psi-Operative
Power Level: 10 (155 PP)

Abilities: [25 pp]
Str 10 +0
Dex 13 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 14 +2
Wis 18 +4
Cha 16 +3

Dmg +0
Fort +2
Ref +7 (1 + 6 Amazing Save)
Will +10 (4 + 6 Amazing Save)

Combat: [24 pp]
Melee +4
Ranged +5
Mental +8 (+9 Mental Blast)
Defense: 18/16 (6 + 1 Dex + 1 Dodge)
Mental 20
Init +1
Run 30/60/120
Size Medium

Skills: [13 pp]
Bluff +6
Climb +3
Concentration +10
Diplomacy +9
Drive +4
Listen +7
Profession: Solider +7
Sense Motive +7
Spot +10
Swim +3

Feats: [8 pp]
Attack Focus (Mind Blast)
Indomitable Will
Psychic Awareness

Powers: [95 pp]
Amazing Save (Will) +6 [Extra: Reflex; Source: Nova; Cost:2pp; Total:12]
Telepathy +7 [Extras: Illusion, Memory Alteration, Group Link, Mental Blast; Source: Nova; Cost: 7pp; Total: 49]
Telekinesis +5 [Extras: Flight, Force Field; Source: Nova; Cost: 4pp; Total: 24]
ESP +5 [Source: Nova; Cost: 2pp; Total: 10]

Addicted to Painkiller: The techniques and chemical used by the scientist to push Jonas' power to their max has
cause Jonas to cope with a constant headache. If Jonas does not take painkiller medicine every four hours his
headache begins to build into a migraine. After six hours the migraine is at a debilitating level and Jonas is
essentially out of commission until he can receive painkillers. He can take over the count drugs, however he
needs to take ten times, and growing, the recommend amount for them to work. He has a prescription from a doctor
for migraine medicine, but the cost of the prescription medicine is abhorrent, so he will get the prescription
when he has money and uses the pills sparingly. Note, the migraines do not seem to affect him while he sleeps,
but he immediately needs to take the painkillers upon waking up.

Abilities: 25 pp
Combat: 27 pp
Skills: 10 pp
Feats: 8 pp
Powers: 95 pp
Weakness: -10 pp
Total: 155 pp

27th of May, 2005, 01:01
Jonas grew up in small town America, where everyone new everyone else and you could walk from one end of the town
to the other end in under a half hour. His childhood was nothing special, he went to the small school, help his
parents on the farm and generally did want ever other boy did, that all changed when he started high school. Jonas
did not particularly want to spend the rest of his life in a small town, he had bigger ambitions and goals and
high school gave him just the chance he needed. As a freshman he was bused almost 45 minutes to a high school in a
bigger town, that high school had an ROTC program and after a presentation by the local ROTC commander Jonas
signed up without ever asking or telling his parents. In fact, he didn't tell his parents for quite some time,
when they asked why he never cam home on the bus with the other kids he would blame it on chess club or choir or
something like that, but in fact he was with his other ROTC squad mates drilling and practicing. Now Jonas was not
a strong kid, nor was he fast or particularly graceful, but he did manage to qualify and pass ever test that was
required, more from his stubbornness and sear willpower then physical abilities. Many of his squad mates was
surprised with Jonas' performance and the way that he was able to march on when others who were more physically
fit dropped out. Finally, his senior year he had to tell his parents about the ROTC after all he was going to be
leaving for the military after graduation and his squad was doing the flag ceremony at graduation. Needless to say
his parents were furious with him, the forbidden him to go to the military and ordered him to drop out of the
ROTC. Jonas, was torn apart, he loved his parents, but he new he could not give up the military or the ROTC, so he
pack up some of his belongings and said goodbye to his parents. He moved in with a good friend and fellow ROTC
member and stayed there the rest of the year. When graduation time came about, he sent his parents tickets to his
graduation and a letter asking them to come and see what he was all about. Graduation came and went, his squad
perform the best flag ceremony the school had seen in quite sometime, but Jonas' heart was not in it as his parent
were no where to bee seen. The next week Jonas said good by to his friend from school and friends from the ROTC
who where going on to college and he boarded the bus to boot camp.

Boot camp was a lot different then the ROTC from high school, the exercises were more intense and what was
expected of Jonas was much much more. Fortunately, he was given some preference treatment because of his ROTC
background, but this proved to more of a hindrance then a boon. His other platoon mates began to despise Jonas for
his higher status yet he was physically inferior to all of them. Jonas soon became a loner and an outcast from his
squad and platoon. He was able to stick it out and survive until graduation, no matter how hard his squad mates
tried to injure him or remove him from basic training, Jonas always seemed to be able to anticipate his squad
mates intentions and avoid the trouble. After graduation, he was approached by a couple of suits and a high
ranking officer. They took him aside and explained a unique opportunity that was available to Jonas if he wanted
to. It involved complete secrecy and Jonas would be able to do great things for his country. It took Jonas all of
two second before agreeing to whatever it was they were talking about. The men told him to gather up his gear and
report to one of the little used side gate. Jonas double timed back to his bunk, threw everything into his duffle
and double timed to the gate. He arrived to find a nondescript sedan with blacked out windows and the one of the
suit leaning against it. The suit stepped forward to greet Jonas, suddenly Jonas new something was wrong and
started to turn when a sharp pain pierced the back of his neck and fire shoot into his brain and spread through
his body. He tired to scream, no sound came out of his gapping mouth, his duffle bag dropped from his paralyzed
hands and he quick followed it tumble to the ground. The last thing he saw was the two suits loading him into the
back of the car before everything went dark.

Jonas woke sometime later, he was not sure how long he had been out, but it felt like years. His body ached all
over but the worst was the pounding in his head. He opened his eyes and turned his head to examine his
surroundings, he immediately regretted that as the world spun and nauseous over took him, he had just enough time
to finish turning his head before he threw up. After he finished retching, he looked around slower. He was in a
small white room with a small desk next to his bed, a dresser and a chair by one of the two doors in the room. His
duffle bag was on top of the dresser and he noticed two things right away. The door at the end of the room by his
feet hand no handle on it and there was a glass of water, two small pills, and a note on the desk. Jonas reached
out and read the note, it said to take the pill if he was not feeling well. Reluctantly, Jonas swallowed the pills
with water, and swung himself out of the bed. He stood up slowly and doubled over with nauseous. he was able to
control himself and stopped from throwing up this time. After he regained his composure his rose up and went over
to his duffle bag. He slowly looked through it and found that all of his personal possessions were gone, the only
thing left were his military clothes. Jonas closed the bag and walked over to the door with a handle; he opened it
and found the bathroom he had been expecting. He quickly washed his face and splashed water on himself. To his
surprise he found that his aches were gone and his headache was fading rapidly, he had never heard of medicine
working so fast that was not directly injected. Jonas shrugged to himself then walked back into the small room; he
threw a wet towel on his small puddle of vomit then went to inspect the other door. He found no hinges and ho
obvious mean of opening the door, as near he could figure the door slid in to the wall and the opener was on the
other side. He was a prisoner, or at least that is what he assumed. Jonas spent the rest of the day, or what he
assumed was the day going over the room, examining every inch of it and everything in it. Finally, he gave up and
exhaustion over took him. The next day he woke up to find a figure sitting in the chair at his desk writing on a
pad of paper and occasionally looking at a device the was attached to Jonas arm. Jonas tried to move but found he
was paralyzed; he tired to speak and found he could. He ask the man what was going on. The man, a doctor or
scientist of sort, explained that Jonas was the newest recruit for a top secret government and military program
that was working on creating super-solider and spies. Jonas had shown remarkable potential when examined during
his basic training and another of the organization operatives peg Jonas has having potential psychic power. Jonas
was stunned and in total disbelief he denied and demanded to be released. The man just smiled and shook his head,
the only release for Jonas now was death, the doctor told him, then he detached the device stood up and left, the
door sliding open as he approached and sliding close even before he was all the way though. Jonas laid in bed and
started at the ceiling, less then ten minutes after the man left he had full control of his body again as suddenly
as it seem to leave his movement came back. The routine continued for God only knows how many days, many of the
days after the first one Jonas tired to stay awake as long as he could, but eventually sleep overcame him and he
would wake again to the same scenario. Jonas also begin to notice that after the person left a splitting headache
would overcome him and there were the pills and water next to his bed each time. Slowly, he began to notice
changes, for some reason when he was lay on the bed he noticed as he drifted in an out of sleep he could hear, see
and smell things outside of his room. He also began to pick up odd thoughts in his head that were hot his own, but
only when one of the doctors or scientist were in the room. Occasionally he would walk with a start and notice
that for some reason on of the chairs was floating above the ground only to crash down as he woke. He also noticed
that he was never once feed, nor was he ever hungry. He could only assume that whatever the doctors did in the
morning gave his body enough nourishment not to go hungry. Jonas spent most of his waking moment working out in
the small room or laying on his bed. This routine continued for quite some time until one day the door opened
while he was still awake and a man in a suit entered, He told Jonas that his training was to begin and the
everyday he would go through a stringent regime of covert training and training to control his growing powers and
he was going to start that very day. Jonas spent the next two years living in that facility learning about his
powers, how to control them and what he could do. He tried a few time to escape, but he found that all of the
workers were able to block his mental powers without any apparent effort. Jonas began to suspect that there was
some machinery or something in the facility the block unauthorized power use. Eventually, Jonas stopped fighting
the trainers and began to pay attention.

Finally, after the two years Jonas was put to a final test by the administrators of the facilities, he was given
an objective, equipment and was set free. Jonas was knocked out for his transport out of the facility and dumped
in a small run down apartment, with a small bag of gear. His assignment was to infiltrate an possible terrorist
organization and get close enough to one of the members to find out their plans. For Jonas this was a piece of
cake, the hardest part was getting reassimilated back into regular society, but he was finally able to get the job
done and find out what he need to know. He contacted his organization and they meet with him, it turned out he had
been under constant supervision and the terrorist group was in fact members of his organization. According to his
superiors he passed with flying colors and they were read to ship him out for real work.

Jonas spent the next decade or so, operating as a point man for his taskforce which consisted of other covert
agents, technical agents and military operative. His duties were to infiltrated and gather information on
terrorist groups, foreign government agencies, USA agencies and other potentially threatening groups. His psychic
powers helped him immensely, he was able to alter peoples memories, make them see things that weren’t there,
protect himself if need be and he was able to project his sense to far away places. Over time his powers grew even
more formidable, but one thing always remained, his constant headaches that started from the first day he meet the
suits. The scientist of his group blamed it on some of the techniques and chemical they had used to bring out his
psychic abilities, but he didn't really care as long as they kept up the supply of pills that took the pain away.

Jonas' life changed again a short time later, it was due to a botched mission where he was the only surviving
member of his team and even that was by pure luck. Things began to turn bad shortly after Jonas infiltrated a
terrorist cell operating in Chicago. Somehow, they discovered Jonas' true intentions and his abilities and turned
on him. His group scrambled to pull him out, but ended up walking into a trap. Jonas' powers were being block so
he was not able to warn them and quite a few of the members turn out to have superpowers. In the mayhem of the
attack Jonas was able to escape his captors and get out of the building, he was finally able to communicate with
his team and informed them of his escape, but as they began to pull out the entire building erupted in an enormous
fireball and he lost immediate contact with his team and with consciousness as he was blown a couple hundred feet
into the river. Some time later he came to having miraculously landing on some wood pylons in the river. He had
not go totally unharmed as he had a broken arm, leg, some ribs and probably a crack skull. He was quite nauseous
and light headed, but he slowly began to recall what had happened. He reached out with his senses to survey where
he had been and saw a few of the super powered terrorist sifting through the rubble and a few slowly searching
there way to the river. It took enormous willpower, but Jonas pulled himself off the pylon and into the river, the
freezing water engulfed him and began to pull him away from where he had been he was physically spent and mentally
not much better, but he was able to keep himself afloat and above water using his telekinesis ability. After what
seemed like hours of floating in the river and boat sightseeing boat caught sight off him and pulled him from the
river. He was transported to the hospital and he stayed there for quite sometime recovering. He was not given very
good treatment since he had no id and no money, the staff figured he was just some homeless guy and did just
enough to keep him alive and heal him. Eventually he recovered and was able to leave; or rather the hospital threw
him out onto the street. His first duty was to contact his organization to tell them what had happened. He got
through immediately and was told that someone would meet him at a safe house nearby to debrief him. Jonas went to
the safe house that unfortunately did not turn out very safe for him.

Apparently, there was some jealousy and contempt building in the ranks of his organization about Jonas' success
and abilities. There was a small group that feared him and that soon he would become so powerful that Jonas would
be able to take over the organization, and they frankly wanted it for themselves. They were able to manipulate and
setup Jonas last assignment, sending him to an extremely dangerous and radical super villain cell, while at the
same time selling Jonas out to them. The villains knew about Jonas even before he got there and there rest of the
story is history as they say. When Jonas arrived at the safe house he was greeted by one of the local operative
who wanted Jonas out of the picture. The talked about he events of what happened and during the conversation,
Jonas was again blindsided and captured of sort. Jonas was more surprised then subdued and listened to the
operative go on about their perfect plan to get ride of him and how now he was going to have to get his hands
dirty. Well, Jonas fury and disbelief over took him and he was able to break away from his captures and escape, in
the process he killed quite a few of his fellow operatives. Jonas soon went to ground, he gather up what
possessions he was able to scrounge up from a safe house that had not yet been put under watch by the faction and
left New York for the Midwest.

He has been laying low for the past year or so doing odd jobs for money and helping the occasional person who was
in trouble. He eventually made his way to New York where he is trying to lay low and blend in with the populous.
He knows there are other teams and cell from his organization operatin in New York, but he is hoping that they
sheer volume of people will hide and mask him.

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Here is what I imagine Mindwarp to look like...John Cusack.