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8th of April, 2005, 12:44
Hey gang - well as you all know we've switched from DnD rules to the Hero system rules, and naturally there are some flavor differences that will arise from the switch.

I want to emphasise the prevasiveness of magic in the Eberron world. Magic IS this world's high technology. What i don't want to emphasize is the sort of rampant item whoring that DnD tends to produce. So here's what your characters know about your world -

there are lots of normal crafters that turn out very nice materials the old fashioned way. The cost of their goods is considered 'standard' price.

There are craftsmen who use magic items or employ a magewright in the production of their normal wares, magic enhanced bellows, minor shaping and hardening spells, etc. These items would be considered 'good to masterwork' in quality due to the superior technology used in their construction.

There are magewrights who use magic in almost every facet of construction. These items would be considered masterwork in quality and superior in most every way, but would not be considered true magical items (just magically enhanced normal items)

Then there are enchanters and master magewrights who are able to produce true magical items. They are similar to the masterwork items of journey men magewrights, but are manifestly superior in their potency.

Almost every person owns items created with or by magic, but only the elite can afford many true magical items. Minor consumables are an exception (ie simple potions). Almost everyone with some money owns at least one minor curing potion for 'emergencies', and there are a vast plethora of minor medicinal potions from ones that will change the hair color to reliable contraception to beauty aids. NOTE - in hero there is no hard lines between magic delivery like in DnD, so by potions i mean items that anyone can use - this would include 'scrolls' that all you had to do is say a series of words, a spell tile which only needs to be broken, or even a wand that needs only be touched to a wound to work.

True enchanted items are rarer. Not only do the devices require the skills of a much more trained individual, but they are by their nature more dangerous/powerful. Because of their inherent power it would make sense for those with the ability to create the items to attempt to control who has access to them. Sell too many wand of fireballs to the wrong sort of people and you're bound to make some enemies.

Man can i babble

So the long and short of it is that there is alot of magic in use in Ebberon, especially for commerical or practical needs, but flaming swords that can recite epic poetry are still super rare.

I'll have a Sharn Price list up soon so you can get a feel for the relative value of things. I'll also put up the Brelish currancy system, and even though i'll take some (ok alot) of flak for it, it will more than likely be more historically based than gamer based.