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14th of September, 2004, 01:06
Also known as : Red Cultists, Bringers, Moon Cultists

Perhaps calling The Moon Bringers an organisation isn't quite accurate. In the current time they are little but a few disorganised gangs. In the past however, things were different.

The Past

Before the necromancers were shunned from the mainland and forced to create a
haven in the lands of Hollowfaust, there were powerful wizards and clerics who
stowed themselves away in great libraries, pouring over tome after tome in
search of an answer. Most people of the current age know not of the question
that the necromancers of the past felt compelled to answer, but this is the true
beginning of the Moon Bringers.

The organization was formed in response to a growing number of necromancers
dotting the lands, far before the time in which society cast them out onto their
dark island. These powerful wizards spent day and night searching tomes in
search for a way to extend their lives by any means possible. Their efforts
soon paid off, and the legend was pulled form pages and put into practice. This
is the time the Moon Bringers call The Setting. Moon Bringer lore says that
once the first necromancers abandoned mortal life and passed into the realm of
the undead becoming Liches and Vampires, the Red Moon set for the first time
since the beginning of the known world.

Every day and night the red unblinking eye was said to have stared down on the
world, ushering the souls into the netherworld once they had passed from the
mortal plane. It was an unspoken agreement between the world and the Moon, one
that no one had ever thought could be broken. Once the Red Moon set on the
world, society lost its grip and it pitched into a darker time. The
Necromancers were relatively unknown at this time, living in secrecy so not to
draw attention to their unnaturally long lives and power. Upon the setting of
the Moon, every wizard, cleric, bard, and sorcerer went to work to find a reason
for this sudden change in their world.

A wizard by the name of Kelryn Fell rose from obscurity with the answer. He
stated that in an old tome found in the Library of Edinway, there were ancient
texts referring to an entity called The Gatekeeper. This entity controlled the
Red Moon and ushered the souls of the dead into the Netherworld using this
crimson light. Should the Moon ever set, he told the world, it is because the
pact had been broken. That pact was an unwritten agreement between the world
and the Gatekeeper. When a person was chosen to die, their body was expected to
pass and their soul to make the journey. Any breach of this would cause the Red
Moon to set until the souls that were chosen for the journey were freed.

Kelryn then led the greatest wizards and cleric in an effort to hunt down these
individuals extending their lives by unnatural means, and their hunt was quite
successful in the end. They brought down over a dozen necromancers who had
betrayed the Gatekeeper and once the deed was done, the Red Moon rose. The
people praised Kelryn and his group, calling them the Moon Bringers and begging
them to stay around to dawning Moon. Kelryn agreed, and so the Moon Bringers
were born.

Over the years as the Moon Bringers did their job and brought about the Red
Dawning, the people of society went about their lives. Soon, despite all their
valiant efforts, the Bringers were eventually trivialized and taken for granted,
an organization no longer looked upon favorably, but not unfavorably, by the
average person. Only until a powerful being truly threatened some city and the
Bringers did a job did they ever get the praise they deserved.

As this relationship with the rest of the world evolved, the numbers of the
Bringers soon began to fade. Kelryn had long passed, and leadership went from
one person to another, no one truly having the vision and leadership ability to
ensure the survival of the Bringers. On top of that, very little fresh blood
was ever brought in. In the beginning of Moon Bringers, people would flock to
wherever they could meet a member to attempt to apply for membership, but now it
just wasn’t respectable anymore and so the numbers waned. Eventually, things
got desperate.

The core of the Moon Bringers could see the downfall of the group on the
horizon, and so they took steps to preserve the cause they had all lived for.
In a last attempt, they attempted to come together and create a soulless hunter
that could continue their work long after their souls had passed by the light of
the Red Moon. Legend says that in the process of creation, a powerful Lich
caught the group off guard and destroyed them all before their creation could be
complete. Others say they have seen The Hunter wandering empty streets in
search of those he was created to destroy.

This destruction of the core group of Bringers shocked society and rumors spread
that the organization had been totally eliminated. The remaining members of the
group went into hiding, fearing that if they exposed themselves that the
powerful Lich would exterminate them now that the Bringers was in a state of
weakness. It was this that caused the Moon Bringers to fade from the eye of
society and become another legend. But people still speak of them, looking to
the sky and seeing no Red Moon, wondering what will happen now.

The present

Most know something of The Moon Bringers, even if they believe it is just a story. However, in recent months the group (or the name) has re-emerged only without the noble intentions.

Clad in Red Hooded robes, gangs have been targetting specific individuals. Chiefly in smaller villages and usually against the more secretive members of a community the gangs attack. Looting and razing propety, slaughtering the individual (and on occasion any other occupants of the house) and leaving messages in Red paint accusing the target as having extended their life through unnatural means and in doing so keeping the Red Moon from returning.

These gangs seem a recent addition to Aos' problems but despite being a source of terror, some see them as a beacon of hope. The Red Moon has not dawned for over six years and the people are becoming desperate. Entire hamlets have been found with not a person left alive, the entire community destroyed by the spirits which cannot find rest in the Netherworld. Some are willing to embrace any means to bring peace to the world, no matter how radical.