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5th of May, 2004, 14:46

Real Name: Paul Forrester
Concept: Teleporter
Power Level: 10 (155 PP)
Description: When in his normal guise, Paul Forrester doesn't look like anything special -- brown hair, blue eyes, favoring clothing that would fit in most offices (khakis, button-down shirts, decent shoes). He is physically fit, having good muscle tone and an agility to match; it's obvious he works out. When he speaks, his voice has a rich baritone that suggests he might do well as a singer.

When he manifests his powers and assumes the guise of Quantum, however, that all changes. Surrounding him is a sphere of energy, blue shot through with crawling purple lightning. Everything within seems to twist, warp, and bend slightly. His body becomes a dark blue, with bright purple eyes and writhing hair that seems to defy gravity. His voice gets a strange echoing effect, and he always seems to float just a little bit off the ground.

Ability Scores
• Strength: 16
Quantum is well above average in terms of physical power; he works out at every opportunity, keeping muscle tone gained in his youth as a gymnast. He is capable of lifting loads in excess of 200 pounds without appreciably slowing, and is able to hold his own weight off the ground for extended periods.
• Dexterity: 17
Quantum's background as a gymnast is primarily reflected in his agility and reflexes; while he no longer has the finely-toned acrobatic skills he'd learned growing up, he still has a high degree of natural ability in that regard. Given a refresher, however, he could likely be Olympic-class again.
• Constitution: 14
With his accident and recent long-term cryogenic storage, Quantum's health isn't quite what it used to be -- but he's still extremely healthy nonetheless. Capable of holding his breath for over two minutes, he has more than adequate stamina for long-term tasks, and can take a fair amount of punishment.
• Intelligence: 16
Able to process tricky concepts and retain information well, Quantum's IQ is in the lower-end of genius range: perhaps a 160. While trickier concepts, such as quantum mathematics, or high-quantity memorization, are still lost on him, he has a sharp mind, and good learning ability.
• Wisdom: 13
Unexceptional in this regard, Quantum's willpower and determination are somewhat lacking, though still slightly above average. He may be prone to following whims, or going along with a group consensus, or buckling under pressure.
• Charisma: 12
Quantum's complete change in lifestyle, newfound powers, and unfamiliarity with recent changes in the world have left him a little dazzled. Not quite sure how he fits into the whole picture, his self-confidence is a little shaky, hindering his chances of influencing others or holding his own in a determined stare-down contest.

Hero Points: 1 (currently 1)

Combat Information
Saving Throws
• Damage: +2
• Fortitude: +2
• Reflex: +3
• Will: +1

Initiative: +5
Speed: 30' / Teleport 50' / Fly 50' / Superteleport 819,200' (155.15 miles)

Defense: 19
• Base: +6
• Mental Defense: 17
• Flat-Footed: 16

Base Attack Bonus: +6
• Melee Bonus: +9
• Ranged Bonus: +9
• Mental Bonus: +7

[Note: Only skills with ranks are noted; ranks are noted in braces]
Computers +9 [6]
Diplomacy +7 [6]
Drive +9 [6]
Knowledge (local) +8 [6]
Listen +7 [6]
Spot +7 [6]
Repair +9 [6]

Feats & Weaknesses
• Detect Spatial Anomalies*
Quantum's reality-shifting field already alters the nature of space within its confines, but also tends to respond to similar changes outside itself. Through its connection to him, he can detect such occurences.
• Dodge [+1 Defense, or +2 vs. one opponent]
Quantum's background as a gymnast can prove useful in combat, allowing him to twist and leap out of the way of an anticipated attack.
• Expertise* [–attack, +defense, up to +/-5]
When his reality-shifting field is up, Quantum can focus his attention on the deflecting power of the field's threshold, making it even harder to penetrate. This reduces his accuracy, however.
• Extend Reach* [+5']
By teleporting short distances, Quantum can strike at opponents farther away than apparently possible.
• Identity Change (Super)* [can switch to hero form]
Activating the reality-warping field takes almost no noticeable time for Quantum; he simply wills it into being.
• Immunity to Pressure*
Quantum's reality-warping field prevents changes in air-pressure from affecting him, allowing him to travel into the stratosphere. It does not provide air, however, so he gains no protection from the vacuum of space or the depths of the ocean without special gear.
• Instant Stand* [standing up is a free action]
If Quantum is knocked prone or found in such a position, he can regain his feet instantly -- by teleporting himself to the same location, in a standing position. To onlookers, there's simply no transition between the two.
• Move-By Attack* [move before & after attack]
Able to call on his teleportation at will, Quantum has the ability to teleport into a combat, make an attack, and teleport elsewhere immediately.
• Rapid Strike* [extra melee attack at -2]
Hinting that Quantum's reality-shifting field works on a space-time level, he can use his teleporting ability to position himself for an additional strike without transitioning. This tends to be disorienting for him, though.
• Whirlwind Attack* [attack all within 5 ft.]
Using the harmful aspect of his reality-shifting field, Quantum can take an offensive stance, extending his field to all opponents within his reach. This strikes as a physical attack, inflicting normal damage in addition to causing long-term decay and disruption.

Weakness: Vulnerability to sonics [no Damage save]
When Quantum's reality-shifting field is active, it creates a subsonic hum, similar to the bass tone of a powerful subwoofer, that resonates with everything in the vicinity. This vibration is not powerful enough to cause any damage (unless, of course, Quantum strikes something through the field), but might be enough to set some people's teeth on edge. Any sounds that have enough power to cause damage, however, tend to cause Quantum's aura to synchonize with them -- such attacks become magnified and amplified when they cross into his field.

* Note: Feats marked above are linked to his reality shift power, and cannot be used without it.

Primary Power: Reality Warp [82 PP; cost 7/rank, +12 from stunts/extras]
• Flaw: Obvious
When Quantum activates his powers, he is surrounded by a coruscating sphere of blue-purple energy, large enough in diameter to encompass him. This field seems to be shot with crawling lightning and hums slightly -- a lot like the 'plasma balls' you can find at nearly any gift store today. Viewed from outside, things within the sphere seem to warp, shift, and flow slightly. It's a slightly unsettling effect, but doesn't seem to cause damage to anything in it.
• Teleportation 10 [Power Stunts: Flight, Superteleport {4096}; Extra: Passengers]
Quantum can teleport up to 50 feet at a time, and can fly at a speed of 50. Anyone adjacent to him (i.e., within 5 feet) can also be brought along. At a sprint, Quantum can teleport up to 819,200 feet (about 155 miles), or fly at a speed of 200 (about 23 MPH).
• Deflection 10 [Extras: Automatic, Deflect Others, Rapid 2]
Quantum's energy field has the ability to alter space, causing objects that enter the field to have their momentum redirected or halted. Any attacks that enter the field, even those not directed at him, tend to be knocked off-course or nullified.
• Energy Field (Warp) 4
When Quantum physically attacks someone while his power is active, his energy field extends into the target, causing it physical stress and disruption on a molecular level. This is draining, however, and cannot be used to full effect.
• Immovability 4
Quantum's energy field slightly alters some of the basics of physics within it -- things like momentum, inertia, and gravity. A side effect of this is that Quantum is difficult to move around against his will.

Point Summary
Abilities: 28
Skills: 14
Feats: 11
Combat: 30
Powers: 82
Weaknesses: -10

Total Spent: 155
Unspent PP: 0
Next PL: 165

5th of May, 2004, 15:27
Quantum's Background

Paul Forrester was a truck driver, sending cargo from one end of the country to the other, working extremely long hours on the road, and practically raking in the cash for his efforts. Until the accident.

A collision on the freeway caused his truck to turn over with a full bed of cargo, crushing several cars and sending the rig skidding about a quarter of a mile. There were several fatalities, and many wounded. While the media made a big deal of the wreck, the driver was never identified, and he never showed up in any of the major hospitals.

* * *

Paul awoke screaming.

He didn't know how long he'd been out, had no idea how long it had been since his rig took a tumble and threw him about the cabin. All he knew was that he hurt, he was lying on the floor, and he was cramped -- curled up in a ball, in an uncomfortable position, in a small room.

Shaking with the pain, trying to keep his breathing steady, he placed a hand on the wall and slowly got himself up. He could barely see; light was coming from a space near the floor, hardly illuminating things. Blinking his eyes to adjust to the darkness, he began to make out objects: a long-handled broom, a plastic bucket, a small horde of bog-roll.

A closet. Specifically, a janitor's closet. What was he doing in a closet?

Holding his head in a futile attempt to hold back a headache, he slowly opened the door, squinting as the harsh light of flourescent lamps dazzled him. He heard footsteps, coming toward him quickly, and a voice saying, "There he is!"

Before he could react, someone had their hands on his shoulders, and the voice was asking, "Are you all right?" Before he could frame an answer, the pain finally had its way with him, and he passed out.

* * *

Journal Entry #385
Everything seems to be going well, now that the subject has gained consciousness. We had a little trouble at first, when he manifested; before we could bring in any equipment to study the energy he was emitting, it blinked out -- taking the subject, along with some of the probes, out of existence. Thankfully, he didn't get very far. One of the techs found him, just as he was coming out of a supply closet. He passed out soon afterward, and we immediately transferred him to the secure lab.

He woke up this morning, dazed and confused. I explained to him that we had found some traces of latent power -- the so-called Nova effect -- and took him here to study it. He's already gained an enormous amount of control; once I mentioned that he had the aforementioned power, he manifested again and spent several minutes just looking at himself.

Tomorrow, we'll see if we can get him to duplicate the stunt he pulled yesterday.

* * *

Journal Entry #431
The subject -- he's taken to calling himself Quantum, of all things -- is showing an amazing array of abilities. As best we can determine, the energy field he emits alters the very nature of space within it: gravity, inertia, mass, all the basic building-blocks of reality. He has no idea of what he's really doing -- our attempts to explain some physics to him are met with blank stares -- but he's definitely giving a lot of effort to learning.

He can now project himself a goodly distance, instantaneously. We're not entirely sure, but we believe that he is simply altering his own space-time location within the sphere. For all intents, he simply vanishes and reappears elsewhere. Thankfully, he can't seem to get much farther than ten or twelve meters without a lot of concentration, and he's never left the lab.

He's also learned how to use some of the field's reality-altering nature. He spent a whole day last week flying around one of the rec rooms. He even took Dr. Chen for a 'ride'; it seems that anything within the sphere is essentially immune to gravity.

Now that he's got some mobility and seems to be coping, we'll see how he does in a tactical situation.

* * *

Journal Entry #479
Combat training's going well, though he's a little rusty. He's back in shape -- he told us he used to be an athlete. Here's what we've learned so far.

Any object that enters his field of energy is immediately subject to it's laws. Mass, gravity, inertia, momentum, all of them can be altered. This means that any attacks on him -- which, of course, would enter the field -- tend to lose whatever motive force they had. Thrown objects simply stop dead in the field, floating in midair. He's managed it with ballistic weapons, and has even had some luck in deflecting energy-based attacks.

More interesting note: this deflection isn't limited to attacks directed toward the subject; any that pass into the field are subject. This means he could extend this defense to anyone standing within the field. Might come in handy if we need a good guard-type.

His ability with weapons is passable -- he's not ever going to be an expert, but he's good. What's really interesting is his hand-to-hand skills; it seems that he can cause his power-field to affect anything he strikes, causing it disruption on a molecular level. He doesn't seem to have a lot of control over it, but we've noticed damage on our training modules -- things like hairline cracks, rust, other forms of deterioration -- that weren't present before.

* * *

Journal Entry #512
Those bastards are cutting us off.

Just when it looks like we're going to finally have something to show them, something truly worth all the time we've spent, they're making us close up shop and let other people in. Bastards!

At least we're not going to have to terminate the subjects. We've gotten the green light to put the ones nearest completion into cryo-stasis. It has to be on their facility, of course. The sons of bitches. But at least we won't have to kill them.

I've had it. I'm going to go tell Paul what's going on. I don't want him coming out of cryo who-knows how long from now, wondering why we put him there in the first place.

* * *

Log Entry: Subject #4572 / Code Name Quantum
Placed into cryogenic stasis (cell #3546187543248) on 2/17/2007
Cryosleep process complete
All vital signs stopped successfully

* * *

Log Entry: Subject #4572 / Code Name Quantum
Cryosleep reversal begun on 8/03/2009

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Lone Paladin, I take my evil hat of to you. This is a great character and the sheet is done marvellously.

All you other schmucks, listen up! I officially have a new favourite player, and the rest of you shaved gibbons better shape up! :D

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I'm going to get a complex hanging around all you great writers.

And what do you mean shaved gibbons? And why do I have the sudden craving for bananas?

7th of May, 2004, 01:16
All you other schmucks, listen up! I officially have a new favourite player, and the rest of you shaved gibbons better shape up!

*makes a special note to have the death of Dirigible's character to be an especially slow and humiliating one*

I'm sorry, what was that? I was too busy plotting your demise.

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I hate not being the smartest guy in the room.
Shut up IN ADVANCE, Cadrius... :)

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Blast! Foiled again!

2nd of March, 2005, 22:02
He keeps one hand resting on the oversized steering wheel, constantly making minor adjustments to keep himself centered in his lane. His other hand alternates between raising a tumbler full of coffee, and a handful of Doritos, to his mouth. Over the rumbling of a 450-horsepower diesel engine, a Metallica CD blares Ride the Lightning:

Guilty as charged
But damn it, it ain't right
There is someone else controlling me

Death in the air
Strapped in the electric chair
This can't be happening to me

Almost as a counterpoint, the CB radio crackles with static, truckers with handles like Blue Ghost and Dr. Pecker trading stories, warnings about speed traps, and making arrangements to meet at a nearby IHOP. Hauling a load of sheet metal bound for an auto plant in Oklahoma City, everything falls into a routine of constant diversion from the repetitive white lines crossing his vision.

A blue Mercury sedan passes by on the left, and something there grabs Paul's attention for just a second: the passenger, a pale-skinned, gaunt man with very pale eyes, is looking directly at him. It seems as if, in that split-second glance, the man makes some sort of decision.

The sedan pulls ahead, changing lanes in front of Paul's truck -- and slams on the brakes.

Cursing to make a sailor blush, Paul immediately jams on the brakes, rapidly downshifting to try and kill his momentum. For a moment, it seems that he'll be able to avoid hitting the car -- then one of his front tires blows out spectacularly, drowning out the screeching of rubber on asphalt with a loud bang.

And suddenly, the truck is swerving to the side. The fifth wheel snaps under the pressure, and the sudden change in force causes the truck to flip over sideways. All Paul sees through the windshield is a rapidly whirling chaos of sky, pavement, his trailer, the oncoming traffic... and, for an instant, a blue Mercury, with a pale-eyed man watching.

Everything goes black, but only for an instant.

Disjointed images follow, encapsulated in a haze of anesthetics. Doctors working on him, trying to repair his shattered body. His legs held rigid in a frame, while a surgeon replaces fractured bones with cloned duplicates. A doctor, busy wiring together a mangled ribcage, being handed a small, luminescent sphere by a tall, gaunt man... accepting the object and placing it within his work. Interns wrapping the results and slathering it with plaster.

Fade to black again, but change scenes before the audience gets bored.

An oriental man in a lab coat looks over the sleeping man; the tranquilizers prevent any interaction, but some input still leaks through. A glimpse of a name-tag: Chen. He reaches over the bed, pulling something resembling a dentist's light-array over it. Nodding to someone else, he says, "Let's fire this up," then flicks a switch.

Sharp blue-purple light. Intense, jaw-clenching pain. Something rips out of place. Might be the heart, it's near it, hard to tell. Eyes snap open, sees the room, the machine, the lab-coat. And something else -- everything else. Got to get out of here. Got to get away from the pain. Got to--

* * *

With a gasp, Paul jerks upright, panting and running a cold sweat. For a second, he's completely disorientated, and starts to reach for the broom. Something clicks, and he recalls that he's not in a janitor's closet, but his room in the Centinel HQ. Rubbing his eyes to clear out the fuzzies, he looks at the clock on the wall. 3:48.

Turning on the bed to sit properly, he rests his head in his hands, wondering what the hell scared him so badly? Even as he grasps at the fragments of nightmare, the memory of it disintegrates, leaving behind a sense of disquiet, of not being all there. Grumbling in frustration, he drags himself off the bed and casts around for something to throw on. Maybe some hot mud will help clear the lint out of his head.