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9th of January, 2004, 09:04
Concept: Gadgeteer
Secret ID: Robert Thomas
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145
Size: Medium
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Hero Points: 8
Power Level: 10

STR 12 +1
DEX 15 +2
CON 15 +2
INT 20 +5
WIS 15 +2
CHA 13 +1

DMG +2 (+7)
REF +2

SPD 30

Def 20
Flat 18
Mental 20


Melee +7
Ranged +8
Mental +8


*Acrobatics [6/4]
*Computers [11/6]
Concentration [6/4]
Craft (Hypertech Devices) [10/5]
*Demolitions [11/6]
*Drive [3/1]
Hide [5/3]
Listen [4/2]
*Medicine [4/2]
Move silently [4/2]
*Open lock [6/4]
*Pilot [6/4]
Profession- Inventor: [8/6]
*Repair [12/7]
Science: [17/10]
Engineering [17/10]
Physics [17/8]
Biology [13/6]
Search [9/4]
Spot [6/4]
Swim [2/1]


Ambidexterity: Ignore off-hand penalties, Use either hand equally well.
Hero's Luck: Bonus Hero Point x3
Photographic Memory: Perfect recally of everything experienced. +2 Skill bonus where Memorization helps. (Effect Not included in skills.)
Point Blank Shot: +1 Attack and Damage on Ranged within 30 Ft.
Precise Shot: No penalty for Firing, or attacking into melee.
Quick Draw: Draw weapons as a Free Action.
Scientific Genius: +2 To Science Checks. (Effect Included in skills.)
Two Weapon Fighting: Reduced Penalties for using 2 weapons.
Wealth x2: Rising Sun Applied Technologies...

Luck (Natural) [3]
Hypertech Gadgets (8): Abilities that can be duplicated up to L8 (All powers with cost of 2 or less per rank).

Amazing Save
Combat Sense
Force Field
Microscopic Vision
Natural Weapon
Sensory Protection
Telescopic Sense

Force-Field (Belt gadget-Hypertech) [2]: Extra- Invisible, Flaw- Device
Flight (Anti Grav Device- Hypertech) [3]: Extra- Super Flight, Flaw- Device
Weapon (Pistols) Hypertech [4] Stunt: Dual Damage, Extra- Stun, Flaw- Full Effect
Armor- NextGen clothing/armor (Hypertech) [3]

Quirk, Loves devices… curiosity will almost always get the best of him. (Will Save DC17 to resist)

FEATS [26]
TOTAL [155]

9th of January, 2004, 09:17
Robert Thomas is a brilliant engineer and scientist. He's been building bizarre devices and toys since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver.
With a natural knack for science and a strong lucky streak he blitzed through his lower eduaction due to it's lack of challenge. He graduated from MIT at age 15, and has developed a list of degrees in sciences the length of his arm. There is nothing he loves better than putting his toys to the test... except maybe finding new ones. That's why he's developed the "Not so Secret" identity of the Mechanic. There are few more interesting devices than the ones that "super Villains" put together.
He also serves as a sometime technical consultant with varying government agencies... and some Superhero ones (mostly those who deal with a great deal of extraterrestrial activity; he LOVES alien gadgets).
He is still unaware of some of the ramifiactions he's caused with the Rising Star company he's created... A number of old associates (professors and students both) from his days in college, were rubbed the wrong way... He suspects some of the new villians he's been hearing about are these associates, and are actually trying to draw him out.

26th of September, 2005, 18:12
Gadgets used/ Devices Created:

PCS- Palm Computer System- The favored computer system that Robert Thomas uses to store, transfer and record designs. Also acts as a telephone, personal organizer, networking system, internet access, camera, video/audio recording/playback system. Runs on a single 6v battery. With the kinetic recharging system it carries inside, it can be run for 10 years on it's current power cell without shutting down. Though due to Dr. Thomas making regular alterations and upgrades.... it is seldomly on regularly for longer than a day, before getting a complete re-design.

Earpiece- A small computerized reciever/broadcaster designed by Robert Thomas. Can be interfaced with and programmed by most Rising Sun AppTech wireless software.
Earieces can be programmed to function on general frequencies, specific frequencies, or encrypted formats. The versions used in the "O'Malley Incident", and after are programmed on a specific encypted frequency and with Name recognition software. Uses the bone/skull of structure the user to conduct sound. Coupled with proper systems can be tracked as GPS systems.

Micro-cams- Remote viewing system, typically interfaces (often stored within) a PCS.

Gravity-harness- A belt-like device designed by Robert Thomas. Harnesses the motion of natural gravitic fields around it to generate power, and for it's function.
Capable of reducing the effect of gravity within it's sphere of influence so that "flight" or "weightless movement" is possible. With the proper interfaces (generally a specifically programmed computer) it can also create a gravitic-buffer or "force-field" in common parlance.

Heavy caliber pistols (beta)- A test set of pistols. Currently in testing for manufacture for general Law enforcement. Using gas and motion power stored in kinetic batteries to power the miniaturized railgun design of the upper barrel. The guns use very specific ammunition. Each capable of carrying 10 rounds per magazine, and capable of semi-automatic fire. The initial versions are designed to carry 2 clips of micro-shells. One electrostatic stun shells, the other bullets.

Risun Weave- A remarkable re-design of textiles produced by Rising Sun AppTech. These textiles can be formatted to mimic virtually any form of standard textiles. Linen, Wool, Silk, even Leather (faux Furs are currently in test phase.) are all available and are currently being sold to clothing designers (while not yet haute coture in public fronts...designers specializing in clothing for Novas and "supers" have been using it frequently.) The weave is memetically malleable, so it adapts itself to any Nova or 'super' wearing it to not be destroyed the first time they use their powers. It is also remarkably resilient. Capable of sustaining most small-arms fire with minimal damage (only by the heaviest of current armament), also fire and explosions. Still, the weave itself doesn't deaden kinetic force, so small-arms will still hurt, but are less often fatal.

Multitool (Nanite Vers.)- A programmable engineers workshop designed to fit in the palm of the hand. Made up of molecular computers, which are currently designed and propriatary of RIsSun AppTech. The device can adapt itself to most standard tools. If it requires additional mass or a seperate tool, it can use inorganic compounds from it's local environment to create the proper tool, though it will generally require programming in order to create something seperate.

Com-Set Goggles- Based in aesthetic on aviators goggles of the 2nd World War....the microcircutry integrated into these devices allows them to display computer data from local sources. The version typically worn by The Mechanic are also a computer system of themselves and designed to interface and operate with all his equipment. Generally giving system displays, data analysis, rangefinding and target tracking, accessing the PCS system he carries on his person for additional functionality.

Electonet- A portable binding system. Designed for Nova capture and control. The net itself is compressed into a canister about the size of a small mag-lite. A gas canister projects the net at the target. A small battery charge attached to the net will send a small electric shock through the target on grounding. The purpose of the shock is to startle and distract any given target and prevent them from resisting capture.

Nanite Repair System- A biological/technological marvel... still in testing phases, but with promising results at Rising Sun. By accessing a biological matrix (i.e. body/blood) the nanite system analyzes the genetic structure found within and works to repair any damaged systems back to their optimal function (read original biological design). There are potential projected problems... regrowth of tonsils, surgical alterations or life saving medical intervention early in life. Still, there are experiments being done with medical scans and programmed nanites. There has been success on small scales for localized problems with specific programming, but general use is still far down the line.

Density Amplifyer- Projection array designed to increase the density of objects. All derived features... strength, resistance, durability conciveably increase with the objects density... Secondary effects are still not analyzed. Test targets have thus far been inanimate, including [CLASSIFIED:CLASSIFIED].