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11th of November, 2003, 07:07
The Hub of the Galaxy. The Seat of the Government. Courscant has been inhabited for millennia, and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Renamed "Imperial Center", though only Imperial Officers call it that, Courscant is the one thing that will make any Government's rule easier.

Widely accepted as the Homeworld of the Humans, it is now home to all manners of races and billions, if not trillions of individuals. For as long as any species can remember Courscant has been the seat of power in the galaxy. For the entirety of the Republic's 25,000-year rule, this was the planet where the fate of worlds was decided. The planet cannot even produce enough food for itself, and food is exported to it by the billions of tons daily. All water on planet is either melted from the polar ice caps or, most likely, shipped in off world. Courscant is possibly the most beautiful, and yet at the same time hideous, planet in existence.

The only place on the planet not covered by buildings is the polar ice caps, otherwise Courscant in all ferrocrete and transparensteel. The planet has had buildings built on top of buildings for so long, that no one can remember what the surface of it was like, and there are no records to show them. Massive Construction droids walk the planet's artificial surface, and they are able to tear down and rebuild a building in a matter of days.

It is here, on this planet, that the Imperial Palace is located. A building dwarfing everything around it, it houses everything from the bureaucrats to the Emperor himself. The many towers of the Palace indeed make it look like some fortress, and the Emperor has many hidden secrets within it.

Courscant is a planet that can only conquer or be conquered. It is as such, that it is the most heavily defended planet in the known Galaxy. With Golan III space stations permanently in orbit, massive Star Destroyers beside them, land and carrier based TIEs, and dual shield generators, Courscant is a tacticians nightmare to assault. Which is the idea.

Below the main layer of buildings, Courscant loses whatever appeal it may have. Going down for kilometers, the lower levels are home to beings that have never seen the light of day, mutations of creatures brought in the planet's past, and things present only in nightmares. No sane person in their right mind would ever willingly enter the lower levels of Courscant. Not unless they had a VERY good reason, and even then, it would be unwillingly.

The Core of the Galaxy. The Seat of Imperial Power. Courscant is a planet that everyone knows of, and many live on.