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7th of July, 2003, 15:06
Some said it wouldn’t ever happen.

Some said it was the first sign of the apocalypse.

Some said I was just a cheep bastard

For years I've been playing Role-playing-games. For years I have avoided buying any of the rulebooks.

Today I broke, and brought a rulebook. I am now the owner of one Hunter: The Reckoning rulebook

Cadogan Trahem
7th of July, 2003, 15:41
Oh god! He has broken one of the seven seals!

7th of July, 2003, 16:31
And I broke a second

One of my games actually started!

7th of July, 2003, 17:01
I knew I was forgetting to something

I was gonan do a big "what went wrong" post in your occ beid :)


and buying books itches! what have you become?

8th of July, 2003, 01:31
*muahahahah* I am the bringer of apocalypse! *pets the pawn of the Seven Seals*

8th of July, 2003, 01:34
I would point out that Bied's game has to to actualy have a game post by the DM....

8th of July, 2003, 02:00
I knew there was a reason I never made that post
I didn't want to tempt fate and stop it before it began :)

8th of July, 2003, 04:17
Im just trying to get everything sorted out, the post should be soon...

That and I keep staying up until 2 in the afternoon and forget to post.....

9th of July, 2003, 01:04
There, I proved you all wrong. It may not be much, but its something....

29th of July, 2003, 07:45
Some said it was the first sign of the apocalypse.

*looks at thread*

*looks at WoD ToJ*

*looks back at thread*

I'm sorry:?

29th of July, 2003, 07:55
it's ok he seems to have stopped posting

29th of July, 2003, 12:40
Bad Itches! What have we told you about destroying worlds? :fun:

29th of July, 2003, 16:14
I think he has learned his lesson...now be a good boy and go play :)