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4th of July, 2003, 11:19
Here's a good one to discuss.

Has anyone used any lines at the gaming table, in character, that just stuck in your memory? Or maybe something your character said that everyone laughs about, three months later? This mostly applies to IRL gaming, though I don't see why PbP gaming can't work as well. Some examples to start things off:

Gate Guard: "So, what brings you to our fair town?"
My Character (in a cheerful tone): "Well, I thought I'd come here and get my ass handed to me."

"Why me? Do I have the word hero tattooed on me somewhere?"

(After someone made a slightly bawdy in-character comment): "That's what mage hand is for." -- Arakis Oblodra

4th of July, 2003, 11:27
I really wish I could remember. Lot of the stuff that gets said around my table is funny at the time, but then I think my brain edits it out for sanity..this one I do remember, though.

Dwarf, translating orc for a human: "You won his wives. Orc tradition requires you to service each of them once per night."