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9th of June, 2003, 22:11
I have never imagined myself so happy to go to work. Well lets see:
1-More money then I expected
2-Directly across the street
3-Computer stuff at cost
4-new computer in a few months to play real games!!!
5-will work with my school schedual

Gods I never realized how fun work could be:-)

PS I won get into the really hot guys that work there or the cute customers... What happened to the few girls we had around here....

10th of June, 2003, 04:11
what do you do?

Take lots of drugs? :)
I didn't think there were good jobs

Still good stuff with all that coming together

If anyone needs an update on my awful life read my LJ :) it's there to stop me whining here :)

10th of June, 2003, 04:44