View Full Version : Where did the "New Feats" thread go?

31st of May, 2003, 11:07
I posted a couple of related feat ideas I wanted feedback on, and now the whole thread is gone?

Does this kind of thing happen often?

31st of May, 2003, 16:27
No, it has not happened before and it is unlikely it has happened now either. Most likely a user-error was involved...

31st of May, 2003, 18:02
or the thread was an "in-game" thread.

Talked about here. (http://www.online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1559)

2nd of June, 2003, 21:53
It was an in-game thread. Prior to your last couple of posts, Smrasmus, I mentioned that. I also said I'd be deleting the entire discussion after Cadrius updated his original post, since the thread was a place for new feats and not the discussion of new feats.

Sorry for the confusion - as you'll find in Itches' link, I did save the last feat you threw up for discussion.