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27th of May, 2003, 01:33
Does anyone run a game using microphones to enable live chat? I have played several online games where everything is typed out, and it always seems so "quiet". The wait before you see more text can sometimes drive you crazy, not everyone is a fast typist ;)

A live chat game would do more to recreate the "feel" of a conventional game where everyone is sitting at the same table, and even people on 56k can handle voice with the programs out there now. Those same programs that enable people to taunt each other while playing counterstrike could enable some really good roleplaying.

27th of May, 2003, 02:01
that would be really neat, and reason to get a mic....

27th of May, 2003, 03:07
that would be quite cool
not sure if my current connection would deal well with it though

27th of May, 2003, 03:24
Even dial up can use voice chat without too many problems. I am on cable now, but I used Roger Wilco years ago with dial up just fine. During a roleplaying game chat, the voice chat will be pretty much the only online activity, you won't be competing with online game transmissions as well. Even combined with a text chat system (like yahoo messenger which has text and voice built in) it should work out.

At the very least you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

27th of May, 2003, 03:47
no I mean my uni connection actually fights some transfers
so it may not work at all

but I'll have to pick up a microphone and try

some one be nice and provide step by step idiot instructions to test it

27th of May, 2003, 04:01
lol i get a 21k connection most of the time... i doubt that it'd work 4 people like me n e since... downloading a single mp3 can take hours sometimes... damn PHS cheap dial up server!!!!

27th of May, 2003, 08:52
Sign up for Yahoo Messenger and try their voice chat rooms. You can type text as well as talk over the microphone. When I tried it some people I could hardly hear, but others came through just fine... I think some people didn't have their microphone set up correctly.

You can also try Roger Wilco. It has a very good compression system for transmitting voice. There is a shareware version or you can subscribe and unlock more features, exactly what I am not sure.


27th of May, 2003, 20:38
well I was missing a y! to complete my collection of IM accounts
i'll sign up later

27th of May, 2003, 20:55
You can also use Netmeeting. It allows audio, video, text, and program sharing. I use it for playing some games over the internet. Though you might have firewall problems with it if you're trying to host the meetings.