View Full Version : Holy S***

Setzer Gabbiani
15th of May, 2003, 12:07
I DID IT MAN! It took me 12 YEARS to do it, but I did it!

15th of May, 2003, 12:39
That's some fine shit son

Setzer Gabbiani
15th of May, 2003, 14:13
I should have expected that. No itches, this has a purpose. It took me 12 damn years to do it, but I finally finished Punch-Out!!. One of the best NES games in existence.

Cadogan Trahem
15th of May, 2003, 14:55
You know, in retrospect those 12 years could have been spent doing something constructive, such as getting a job, earning a wage, and the like. ;)

15th of May, 2003, 15:10
i remember that game.... its not that hard :devious:


15th of May, 2003, 16:02
...... 12 years to beat punch-out? er... uhm... remind me to invite you to the next lan party I host... 'k? There's some people that would love to have you there :)

but seriously - that was such a good game... for its time :cool:

Setzer Gabbiani
16th of May, 2003, 03:03
These are examples of people who will never be true Gamers, and should be beaten about the head and neck with an X-Box.

16th of May, 2003, 03:20
are you saying you have to suck at games to be a true gamer ? :)

Setzer Gabbiani
16th of May, 2003, 05:25
Two things about that:

1. I haven't had an NES all 12 years. That is the time from first playing to finishing.
2. Have you ever even tried the dream fight? It's like an epic monk -- played by Beidamon.

16th of May, 2003, 16:26
... beat the game with-in a month of my friend buying it...

Not sure what your definition of "true gamer" is... but if it means that you play purely to play? Then I'm it. If it means you play in an attempt to find all the features and secrets and hidden gems and easter eggs? Then I'm it. If it means you actually worked in the industry as a game designer? Then I'm it.

... what's your definition? :)

Setzer Gabbiani
17th of May, 2003, 12:06
I will hunt you down like a mafioso dog and beat you with a punching glove gun. Now name the game.

Where the hell did you work?

17th of May, 2003, 23:05
Beidamonk !!!!!!!!!!


The doctors just got me medicated enough for the nightmares and day tremors to stop and you had to go and remind me.....

20th of May, 2003, 02:06
NES!!!! mine is still plugged into my old tv up stairs, ninja gaiden 2 is in it right now :P

Setzer Gabbiani
20th of May, 2003, 09:59
Hellz yeah!

Punch Out!! has now in it's place The Legend of Zelda. God bless the classiks!

20th of May, 2003, 14:23
I've worked for both New World (pre and post 3DO), and NovaLogic

Ninja Gaiden!!!! Yeehaw!

Man... wish I hadn't given away my NES years ago to my neice! hahahahaha :)