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8th of May, 2003, 00:37
An amazing thing occurred to me tonight. My Garbage Bin was stolen!

Perplexed, I noticed one important fact. The house across the road appeared to have, TWO bins now.

I was unable to determine the truth about this, as said bins were in the dark, behind his cars, under the motion sensor light.

Being the cunning fool I am, I waited patently until night had reached its zenith, then with all the stealth one gains from wearing boots and dressing in black, I slowly crept my way past his cars, along the wall, through the garden. Slowly, slowly so as not to set off the motion sensing light.

Upon arriving at the bin, I discovered that one did indeed belong to that house, yet the other had been turned so that in order to see the number inscribed upon it, I would have to view it from the minuscule gap between it and the house.

Not deterred I twisted myself between the bins, until I could see the face. Squinting in the dark, I managed to make out the symbol 3 which declared its ownership to me and mine!

Such was my joy as discovering the truth of the matter, I lept to my full height, ready to reclaim that which was rightfully mine! Alas, my joy in that moment was almost the end of me.

Upon standing, the sensor detected my motion and turned on - bathing me in the cursed light, stripping my stealth away! In desperation I realised that now stealth had failed, speed must save me!

Gasping the bin, I heaved it upon my shoulder and fled the site. The gods were smiling upon me, for I made it away free, my trophy safe with me.

As I returned my bin to its rightful place, one question plagued me.

" What kind of fiend steals a garbage bin?"

Based On a True Story

8th of May, 2003, 00:48

Also, black isn't the best color for camoflauge unless it is completely dark. In which case, you could go naked and nobody would see you. Even under starlight, absolute black will stand out against a lighter background.

8th of May, 2003, 01:01
The best colour for night is typicly a darkgrey. Though there are instances where black is good enough, where the eye has not had enough time to adjust to the darkness.

Also was being ever so slightly sarcastic with the boots and black line ;)

8th of May, 2003, 01:03
I know, that's why I picked on it http://smilies.jeeptalk.org/otn/evil/bgfrown.gif.

Now, go and post something in Reflections so I know you're still interested.

8th of May, 2003, 01:11
I was actuly wearing the same thing I am in my picture. here (http://www.online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1437)
Except I had my coat on

8th of May, 2003, 01:14
In that case you needn't have worried. Anyone that saw you would have run away screaming http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/edoom/biggrinbounce.gif.

8th of May, 2003, 02:51
when I read "based on a true story" I demand guns

and less pointers


Cadogan Trahem
8th of May, 2003, 03:53
I had the same problem once... now it is I who has two bins.

8th of May, 2003, 04:05
I wish the various criminals of my area were that illogical. Instead they enjoy smashing rear windshields and stealing entire garbage cans (including the garbage contained within).

8th of May, 2003, 04:12
Somehow I'm reminded of an old Saturday Night Live skit (the Devil on the People's Court).

"I didn't steal your garbage can. I'm the Prince of Darkness - when I harass you, you'll know it!"

8th of May, 2003, 04:26
Good idea Cadirus! I'll go smash his car windows ;)

Seriously, I can't figure out why he would of taken it, yet hidden it so badly.

I was the only one that noticed the fact that he had two bins - so it wasn't that bad a job, but he could of hidden it much better, for only a little more effort.

8th of May, 2003, 04:50
The truth is that like most trash bin thieves, he wanted to get caught.

Deep down, he knows what he is doing is wrong and he wants to stop but finds the lure of the stinking bucket too great to resist. He knows that the dire consequences of rubbish receptacle robbery will someday ruin his otherwise empty life, but the craving gnaws his innards like rats in a dumpster.

The fact that he chose your trash bin only reinforces this theory. Consider: he must be well aware of your eagle-eyed omnipotence. He must also realize the fanatic-like devotion you hold toward said filth farms. Could the candle of his insipid mind truly believe it would prevail against the hurricane of your intellect? Without doubt, he is throwing himself on your vaunted mercies, praying for a salvation from slop.

Remember: give a slob a garbage can and he'll steal yours when it fills up; run him over with a garbage truck and he won't need your trash bin ever again.

8th of May, 2003, 06:41
:roll: Now this is what you do....next time the person in question walks out of the house run past and smack him in the knee with that steel pole of yours :evil:

8th of May, 2003, 16:33
this is why all houses should equip themsevles with security cameras
then you can show him the tape and demand answers :)

8th of May, 2003, 16:59
I don't know how you foreigners treat your bins, but here we only place them on the street the day they'll be emptied. And sometimes neighbours place it back in your garden after it's been emptied, or they make a mistake and place yours in another neighbours garden, thinking it's theirs. So, not a theft, just a bad attempt at being friendly...

Cadogan Trahem
8th of May, 2003, 17:19
Our bins go out to the side of the road on the day of being emptied also. Most people put their bins along side their houses, or in some out of the way place when its done.

No one puts anyone elses bin back here since our houses are actually quite a distance appart. Its just that Ross lives in a cramped street which is barely 30 meters deep off the near by road. So all the people on that street put their bin in the same place along the joining road.

8th of May, 2003, 19:46
No one puts anyone elses bin back here since our houses are actually quite a distance appart.

Distance apart....um what??? We all live in some sort of suburbier, the houses arn't far apart at all, in fact thwey're next to each other.

9th of May, 2003, 01:17
Well yes, the entire streets bins are placed all the way up the road. Which rules out the camera option.

And we used to putout/return each others bins, but then the nice people moved away.

As it is, there are three people in my street. He took my bin. :mad:

Setzer Gabbiani
9th of May, 2003, 01:29
*Looks at picture*

HOLY S***! You look like I do! Well, I'm out of shape, and short, and can't seem to grow my hair out the back, but... ... ... The clothes man! If you see a short guy walking with a black trenchcoat, black boots, black jeans, a black t-shirt (Usually featureing Ozzy, Black Sabbath, or skulls), a black belt (Normal kind), a half-dozen chains, an expensive watch, and a diamond ring, it's me. Gotta give you guys a picture one of these days.

9th of May, 2003, 04:47
hehe you're short :)

I may post a pic of myself at some point

M ymum wants one of me in my tux, so i'll bang that up

9th of May, 2003, 17:01
I think my feet will do. When in doubt wether or not you actually managed to meet me in person, ask if you can see the feet...

9th of May, 2003, 19:57
I think I remember when you took that photo

I still don't get it :)