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Cadogan Trahem
14th of March, 2003, 00:52
How many game systems/settings do you currently play frequently? Also name them all if you can. By Frequently I mean once/twice a month in real life, or currently on the boards here.

For me thats about 5 or sol

Cthulhu d20
Standard D&D 3e
Forgotten Realms 3e
Oriental Adventures 3e
Big Eyes Small Mouth

14th of March, 2003, 01:03
Call of Cthulhu d20
D&D 3rd Edition (homebrew & FR)

I'd love to play CoC F2F though :(

14th of March, 2003, 01:32
D&D 3ed (Eidolon, Lands of Dinasty, Band of Bumbling Bards and tabletop home-brew).

14th of March, 2003, 01:46
Right now all 3e D&D, all PBP.

4 Homebrew:
- 1 sort of based on Greyhawk (199 After Joker Sinister@3ebb)
- 1 sort of based on FR (Fellowship of Forgotten Fighters)
- 1 sort of based on DS/Ravenloft (Fallen Empires@3ebb)
- 1 free form (Eidolon)

1 Oriental Adventures (Lands of Dynasty)

1 Twin Crowns(a game that will be starting shortly, assuming I get in@3ebb)

14th of March, 2003, 01:52
Cthulhu d20
Homebrew 3e
Freeform 3e
and If i ever get around to it, that LotR Freeform

14th of March, 2003, 11:50
D&D 3rd Ed (various mixes of standard and Faerun)
D20 StarWars - wouldn't mind playing that one here :)

14th of March, 2003, 14:10
Cthulhu d20
Standard DnD 3E
Forgotten Realms 3E
Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game (I will post today honest)