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9th of February, 2003, 00:05
This is less a FAQ then it is just instructions.

Letís being by getting you a handle of your own:

/msg AuthServ@srvx.devcore.co.uk REGISTER <Handle> <Password>

Where <Handle> is the handle you wish to use and password is your password. Keep this safe in your memory but don't write it and leave it lying around. When you return to the IRC network in the future, to "identify" to your handle (tell the services that it is you) simply type:

/msg AuthServ@srvx.devcore.co.uk AUTH <Handle> <Password>

Where <handle> and <password> are the same ones you registered with. Once you have typed this, you are all ready to go. There are a multitude of AuthServ commands, you can read all about them by typing:

/msg AuthServ HELP

You've probably noticed that some commands are sent to 'AuthServ@srvx.devcore.co.uk' and some commands are sent to simply 'AuthServ'. Whenever you are using a command that your password is being used in, you MUST use AuthServ@srvx.devcore.co.uk as this method means your password cannot be picked up by someone pretending to be AuthServ.

Here are some other basic commands.

This command allows you to ignore a specific user. For example, if a user is flooding or harassing you, the user can be silenced. When you ignore a user, all messages, notices or ctcp events initiated by him will no longer reach you. Others see this user's messages normally. To use the ignore command specify /ignore plus a nickname. To remove an ignore, issue the same command with a minus sign "-" in front of the nick. If the person changes nicknames repeatedly, use /whowas <nick> and then /ignore *!*@*.domain.com

/ignore Whiner
/ignore Whiner!*@*.third-wave.com
/ignore *!*@*.third-wave.com

This command will change your nickname to a new one that you select. This will update all the channels that you are on. The example below would change your nickname to lucky. Nicknames are limited to 30 characters.

/NICK <newnickname>
/NICK lucky

This command will allow a user to change their password.
/msg AuthServ@srvx.devcore.co.uk pass <oldpassword> <newpassword>

If there are any other Questions, please ask them here, or join the chat room and ask in there :)

Please note, the Majority of these instructions were not written by me. I do not own them nor do I claim any responsibility for them.

15th of October, 2003, 15:31
Lets add some more.

Everytime I join I get a message saying something about commands. What does it mean?

The chatroom has a very basic bot running. If you type !commands you will be shown a list on commands to issue to the bot. Remember, you need to type the '!'

I join the channel but no one is there or there is someone there but they aren't talking. What's up with that?

The channel isn't the highest paced thing in the world. typically it is only me in there, and often I'm not paying attention to it. If you do join and I don't respond, you have my apologies for my rudeness.


Remember: If you have any questions ask.

26th of October, 2003, 15:28
What server/port and channel is the chatroom on?

The server is irc.devcore.co.uk:6667
The channel is #online_RPG

23rd of December, 2003, 17:57
Does the Chatroom have a Dice Roller?

Yes it does. To roll the dice type !<number of die>d<type of die>

For example !2d6

The are up to 10 dice, of the type 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20.

Edit:The chatroom Dice roller is temporally gone.

2nd of March, 2005, 18:02
Well, In my downtime the channel dropped. I'm now giving up on the return of the chatroom, which makes this sticky rather pointless. Would one of the admin's fix it up?