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15th of January, 2013, 10:33
Here's an ooc thread for people to post in.
Post even if you're a visitor, but be warned! All visitors will be asked to answer some question about the setting!
No promises about what we do with the answer. Or the answerer. Muah hah.

So I got back to Japan after like twenty-four hours of travel and I'm still sort of a mess (work tomorrow ho boy), and my computer's broken (video card).
I'm still planning on starting this Friday night, but it might be pushed forward a day. It seems like we won't be getting any new people, so Hx tomorrowish.
I was planning on pulling a few portraits for backgrounders, but I can't get to my massive folder of them. Will have to do it the old fashioned way.

15th of January, 2013, 10:49
Hadn't realized that you were out of Japan.

15th of January, 2013, 10:52
You're part of Darius' game, so I assumed you were aware of this and didn't say anything, but maybe I shouldn't do that.

A quick note on Apocalypse World before I go about inspecting virgins and making forums . . .

I get that it's blood and sex and filth in a violent world that just doesn't give a shit. While we don't have any explicit rules here against any of those things, we nevertheless have some unwritten rules. In moderation, it's all fine but really, the action should fade to black before it gets too graphic.

"Too graphic" is obviously not a specific guideline and will vary based on the individual in question. I will say that Croaker's game toed the line in a few places and definitely crossed it a couple of times. Let's try to keep it tasteful is all I'm saying.

You've been around for a while, you should be fine if you stick with common sense stuff.

15th of January, 2013, 11:47
Totally aware.

Actually, hey, might as well mention this now. Don't bring up rape. If you know the idea of "lines and veils," torture and the like can go under a veil ("fade to black"), but rape is behind the line. That is, pretend it doesn't happen, even though obviously in the "real world" if the stuff in AW went down it would be all over the place. This is just a personal preference sort of deal. If anyone has anything else they want to put behind a line, PM me.
Except I guess Burroughs might have "mind-rape" or something but that's more like torture.

Anyway, itches, tell me about some far-flung exotic country and what happened to it after the apocalypse, what it's like. This will probably come up in-game, tangentially, if possible. Like regarding a traveler or whatever.

e: Added a thread for background characters/elements.
It's written from a slightly skewed perspective, like if there was some insider traveler guy who knew a lot about the area and was faux-jaded about it. Take it with a grain of salt.

Also take my own posts with a grain of salt. Haven't exactly gotten the best sleep the last few days, feeling wobbly. If you think there's a problem, tell me.

17th of January, 2013, 22:54
The classiest thing on two legs. On a mission to hunt down That Fucker for over seven years. Passed through the hold a couple of times on his trail, never been able to get a good handle on where he is or give much of a description that wouldn't fit dozens of other assholes. Won't give her name, won't show her face.
What did That Fucker do, supposedly?
"Bastard stole my clothes."

I won't lie, I laughed.

18th of January, 2013, 05:35
Well then my job's done.

Unlike your job itches so what about that far-flung exotic country? Hmmm?

Anyway, itches, tell me about some far-flung exotic country and what happened to it after the apocalypse, what it's like. This will probably come up in-game, tangentially, if possible. Like regarding a traveler or whatever.HMMMMMMM????

18th of January, 2013, 22:50
I bought a new video card. Awww yeah.

Also the game's started or something I guess. Direct mechanics questions go here now, the prep stuff thread is for in-fiction tangents.
Fair warning I do not actually know how to play AW that well, please tell me if I make a stupid mistake. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I don't, but it'll still be a surprise.

19th of January, 2013, 21:13
Triple post woo. Turns out some other part of my computer was also broke so it is still broke. I am displeased.

I want to let Marcus catch up, react to the fire, because really Parson's already a little bit ahead of Nero chronologically.
There's a fence between where Nero is now and the gardens, but he could get past it easily enough, if he wanted to.
Otherwise I'll assume he's just watching and update tomorrow.

20th of January, 2013, 10:26
Heh, indoor soccer tournament all day today. Just catching up now. Will post.

20th of January, 2013, 10:37
I'll have a Burroughs post up probably tomorrow.

20th of January, 2013, 12:25
Marcus- I'll defer to z- but if you are trying to grab the guy that's going to be seize by force. Getting attention to the fire in the cornfield? Probably manipulate.

20th of January, 2013, 13:20
I think I've got the three options for dealing with the farmer guy right.
Manipulate's not really on the table because Nero doesn't have time to talk. If he gets the farmer's attention and they get in some negotiation, then it could work.

If Nero misses on a roll (like 6- miss), he'll have to shoot the farmer guy to get him to stop. A miss on going aggro or acting under fire means the farmer ignores him or forces his hand; a miss on seize/tackling means he obviously won't get there in time, and will have to shoot instead. Either way, he'll hit the farmer and then bad things will follow (or he can not shoot, and other bad things will follow).
Actually the only way he can miss is if he goes straight for shooting. A hit on seize/shooting means he shoots the farmer and it somehow works out okay. A miss there means all the bad things happen, basically.

21st of January, 2013, 14:20
I'm totally guessing at how much water Slammer Keep would keep on hand, and how much water it'll take to put out the fire. The point is that it's "half of it."
You can adjust the amounts if you think it would make more sense. "Three months" seemed long enough, longer than that and you probably don't have the tanks for it (good watertight tanks are valuable, and you're using some of the others for gas).

Does that make sense? I vaguely feel like I'm missing something.

21st of January, 2013, 18:18
We might be getting a new player soon. Check out the new "Rules" thread for rules.
Also a new custom move which is new in the sense of Burroughs already used it.

Also I just noticed I referred to Hx twice as "Rx" in the prep stuff op. Super embarrassing.

22nd of January, 2013, 01:37
Hey z- not that it affects me at the moment, but why are you restricting characters from using playbooks that other PCs aren't using?

The rules state that there can't be doubling up by the PCs, but there can be a PC Chopper and a NPC biker gang leader. Same as their can be a NPC cult leader and a PC hocus.

22nd of January, 2013, 03:00
Hm. Well, it's more a matter of what makes sense with the NPCs, and their motivations and actions so far. You're right, I shouldn't have outright said "no Hocus."
How 'bout this: vetos on concepts that come into direct conflict with how the world's set up, counting things that are a little behind the scenes still. Like, a Hocus in the form of an overt cult leader deep in Slammer Keep, a long-time resident, with seances and communion with the maelstrom and all that, super doesn't jive with what the witch has been doing. Her approach would've been much, much different. But, if you've got some hippy spiritual guide passing around the peyote and hanging with the drugged out rabble, that would be alright, the witch's approach wouldn't change.
The sniper and Chopper bits aren't important, yeah.

e: Although I really should've just brought that up if/when someone floated the concept. Hrm.

22nd of January, 2013, 03:39
Side note: Nero swears a lot. Let me know if you want me to start censoring it a bit, as I understand it can get tedious and tiresome.

22nd of January, 2013, 04:17
I'm interested if I can get involved? I'm going to check my game shop to see if they have a copy of book before I grab it online. As I mentioned in my C.A. post, I'm completely new to this style of gaming. I mean I know how to write well, and create characters, and I've tabletopped before. But I've never combined pbp with tabletop, so I have a few questions.

1. How are the rolls handled? Are they all gmed, or do we get to pull out our dice? I saw something about the forum having dice, but I wasn't sure how that worked and all.

And I guess that's really it for the questions right now. I'll probably have more once I read the prep thread, but yeah. Let me know, what I should do, and when I should join in. Again, I need to get the rules and such before I join, but that should be the only hinderance.

22nd of January, 2013, 04:30
Dice rolling is pretty simple. [roll]2d6[/ roll]

If you remove the extra space that I inserted, you would see [roll0]

You can also [roll]2d6+2[/ roll] where the plus two is a modifier so it looks like [roll1]

Despite the protestations of certain individuals, the dice roller is actually fairly balanced.
Oh, and hey, someone else from MD. Welcome!

22nd of January, 2013, 04:50
Thanks. Awsome, I hadn't even noticed. Sweet!

Also, I was looking over the characters, and was trying to think of an interesting concept. Of course, I haven't looked at the playbooks, but I was actually thinking about playing a kid. Somewhere between 12-14. I know the world's rough and all that, but I thought it could make it pretty interesting.

Does Guzzler have a crew or is he a solo act? I was thinking of playing one of his workers if he did. If that doesn't work, I was thinking of playing as part of the Pistoleros under Krieger.

Again, I have no idea if these ideas will work, and I can come up with something else easily, but I think he may be a cool character. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book.

Also, I wanted to try this: [roll0]

22nd of January, 2013, 04:54
My suggestion? Get a hold of the playbooks at least first before deciding on a character.
The nice thing about AW is that it is player driven for the most part. It is not just on the MC (that would be zachol) to create the world, but us as well. So you want to be part of Guzzler's crew? Sure, so long as z ok's it.

That said, PCs tend to be the big shots in the world, and have a bunch of different ways of representing this.

22nd of January, 2013, 07:26
Three things to note about the dice roller:

1. You cannot preview a post and then submit. It will strip out the roll. This is to prevent people seeing a result and then discarding it.

2. You cannot edit in a roll into a post that you've already submitted. This is, I think, a limitation of the way the roll is controlled in the code.

3. If you remove a roll from a post, there will be a warning message at the bottom of the post noting that you did so. This is, again, a way to make sure people don't try to cheat the rolls.


As Darius noted, Apocalypse World is slightly different from many of the rpgs out there. The playbooks themselves are the game. Character creation is not really a mechanical build up the way it is in D&D or Champions or dozens of other games out that. Character creation is much more limited, in that you pick one of the playbooks to use, and then have some small customization options open to you. That said, AW has become this weird sort of go-to standard for a lot of indie game designers simply because it really does cooperative gaming "right" (as much as anyone can really say right or wrong).

Frankly, after playing in Darius' own game and just starting in this one (and having read through many hacks and literally hundreds of other systems), I'm beginning to think this might actually be one of the best systems for a PBP in general.

22nd of January, 2013, 08:06
It would be definitely fine.
However, the thing is, the kid needs to be interesting. Someone who's awesome, who does important things. It could be he's not awesome right this moment, but he's a natural at something, and it'll develop quickly during the game, but then he's still not just a normal kid. Normal kids in AW are sort of disappointingly boring and also a little depressing.
What does this kid do? Why would we want to pay attention to them?

Off hand, I guess I'd look close at Angel (medic, heals people), Battlebabe (getting rid of the "babe" part), Gunlugger (has a big gun) or Savvyhead (fixes things, tech). A lot of the other ones don't really make sense for what you've said about the kid. For example, Chopper wouldn't make sense if you were just a member of the Pistoleros, since a Chopper is the leader of a gang.
Like, if you want my opinion, you could be a Savvyhead. Savvyheads are these intuitively good mechanics, that just know what to do to fix tech. It makes sense that Guzzler would've picked up that you've got a talent, and it explains why you'd be so good at something, and important and worth focusing on, even if you're young.

I put a link in the "Rules" thread to the playbooks, they're here (http://apocalypse-world.com/ApocalypseWorld-playbooks.pdf). You really just need that. The layout's confusing because they're meant to be printed off and folded into little pamphlets, but it basically makes sense. The middle section on the first page gives you some flavor and stuff. The section to the left of it would be more like the last page you look at, if you had it all printed and folded, so ignore it for now.
On the actual page two, there's a part that says "Creating a Whatever." Like for Brainer, when Mercutio was making his character, it said "To create your brainer, choose name, look, stats, moves, gear, and Hx." Name and look are just lists, you pick what looks interesting.
Under stats, it says "Choose one set:" so you'd pick one set and fill in the stats in the boxes. For example, Mercutio picked the first set, the first line, so he fills in +1 in cool and +1 in hard and so on. Under moves it says "You get all the basic moves. Choose 2 brainer moves." Everyone gets the basic moves. On the right hand section, there's a list of brainer moves, with little circles to fill in, so you just pick two.
For gear, it says "You get: 1 small fancy weapon; 2 brainer gear; oddments worth 5-barter; fashion suitable to your look, including at your option a piece worth 1-armor (you detail)." There's a list of "small fancy weapons," and then on the first page, that section I told you to ignore for now, there's a list of brainer gear, where you pick two of them. Mercutio picked a "brain relay" and a "violation glove," whatever the fuck those are.
You hash out the exact details then, we can figure that out, but basically that's how it goes. It just says on the playbook what to do.

e: Oh gosh that's hard to read. Look check out that link and read through it and see if anything catches your eye, and we can figure it out.

22nd of January, 2013, 12:53
Ahahah I did it again. So many words. If you want to read through all that go ahead but don't feel obligated.

Need to get more sleep.

e: Also, Guzzler's generally a solo act but it makes total sense he'd have picked up a kid to help work on his car. Or, like, if the kid was disturbingly good with guns or something weird like that, whatever.
He just wouldn't have, like, a team or anything.

22nd of January, 2013, 16:10
Sweet, and no worries, I'm windy myself and tend not to be tldr person, so you're good. I'm going to go and take a look now. Just got a Guns 'n Roses Greatest Hits album. I have the odd feeling this may be a good theme to start off this game for me.

22nd of January, 2013, 16:19
I apologize, I may end up buggering this thread with a few more posts. Questions so far: What system of dice do we use for this?

What's the deal with hx? What are the basic moves, and after we choose the 2 specialty moves, do we get exp or anything to get more of them?

How does "level up/ advancement/ whatever" work?

It has a list of descriptors, but I'm guessing the game's not that set on appearances and that I'm good to describe things on my own, right? Aside from moves and such.

That's it for now.

22nd of January, 2013, 16:44
So going with the Savvy Head playbook. Can his workshop start on the back on Guzzler's truck, but then change as the story progresses? I imagine that they met out in the wastes when he was young, and Guzzler's vehicle was in some sort of a jam. The kid didn't want to die and asked the man if he could do repairs for him in exchange for board and such. Probably 2 or 3 years ago now. Guzzler was impressed with the "Mcgyvering" of the kid and decided to keep him on, but as his hidden resource. Nobody knows of his existence, but he's been keeping Guzzler's stuff repaired, and has probably made some of the stuff the man's sold (I think you said he was a merchant.). If not, he's certainly given the man a few advantages in the field with his tech.

I imagine that he's 14 now, and does something rather stupid to expose himself in a big way as his entrance into the hardhold (maybe even getting himself locked up if there's a jail.) I figure we can talk more about what that is if that works. He assumes that Guzzler will come back for him, but when he doesn't, he begins to worry.

Does that fit in with the game style? I figure he may be able to rig up something to escape and come to the attention of Parson and the others as a better asset rather than someone to simply rot in jail. Not sure if any of you are Riodan fans, but I imagine and grittier Leo Valdez (son of Hephaestus) minus the Scionness. Let me know if this works. Oh and I figure that he would actually start in the jail cell rather than immediately in the good books of the hardhold if there are good books to be had in this world.

Also, aside from other people, are there any monsters and such in this setting or does this more revolve around survival and pollitical/ non-diplomatic interactions with other people?

Alright, I also found the basic moves and everything, so I answered that for myself. Do I need to stick with the naming conventions given? (This is the last post tonight, I promise. Sorry again, guys.)

22nd of January, 2013, 18:02
Workshop could be a large toolbox, easily.
The descriptors can be anything. It's more to prod you into picking something. Describe the kid's eyes, face, and so on, whether you pick something from the playbook or not. You can name him whatever you want.
The setting has things like wild dogs and mutant hairless bears, but you're almost certainly not going to fight them. It's basically just people vs. people. Besides, fighting the mutant hairless bears directly is a really bad idea anyway.
The number for Hx is a measure of how well you know somebody. For example, if you had like +3 with Guzzler, that would mean you knew him really well. Or, if you had -1 with Nero, means you don't know him much. They tell you what number to put down, and then you maybe change it a little.
On advancement: at a point a little later, you're going to highlight some stats (someone else tells you which). For example, you might highlight Cool and Weird. Whenever you roll either of those stats, like by acting under fire, you "mark XP." On the sheet there are some spots for this, but on a pbp I'd just keep track of it with some X's. There are a few other ways to mark XP too.
Once you mark the 5th circle (or get the 5th X), you get an "advance" and erase them all. There are a bunch of different things ways you can advance, some common ones are getting +1 to one of your stats or a new move.

Right now is a really bad time to be pulling stunts, I think. Everyone's going to be on high alert for saboteurs or the like. Someone breaking out of jail, no matter how clever he is (shit, especially if he's clever about it), is going to be seen as a major threat.
How 'bout this: Guzzler had a thing he had to go do, on real short notice, that he absolutely couldn't take the kid with. Wouldn't say what. Sort of panicking, he dropped the kid off at the Slammer Keep garage, told him to keep his head down, and made a quick deal with one of the mechanics, Bistro, to watch over the kid.
The kid did something dumb, maybe snooped around or tried to rig something up, and this other guy in the garage, Dipstick, found him and got really angry. Like, unreasonably, disproportionately angry. He locked the kid up in a tool shed, got someone else (Lincoln) to help watch over him. For some reason, Dipstick didn't go to Parson, or anyone else official in the hold.
Pretty soon, Dipstick's going to have some problems, and Lincoln will probably run off, leaving the kid unguarded. In the commotion of all this fire business, he can probably escape, and since nobody else saw or knew about what was happening, he'll be off scot free. His toolbox is still safely stored somewhere in the garage.
You'd start locked in this shed, morning after the guy caught you and locked you up, with a commotion going on outside. Also surrounded by tools, considering it's a tool shed.
There are ways for you to come to the attention of Parson (maybe Lincoln goes after you for some dumb reason and shenanigans happen, or maybe Bistro just tells Parson there's this wiz kid), and I wouldn't be surprised if there was need for a good mechanic in the near future.

Does that sound alright? Any rules things you're still unsure about?

22nd of January, 2013, 18:19
That sounds great. I'm in the process of determining the last few things, but have most of it taken care of. How much barter do we start with, and I guess the hx is something I'll need to wait for the others for, but should I post the my first turn part for it here? Also, since Guzzler is an npc, do I give him one too?

Also, what does retiring or making a new character do as far as advancement is concerned?

22nd of January, 2013, 18:23
Retiring a character means they're safe. They get to go do the thing they've always wanted, and I (the MC) can't fuck with them. Happy ending. You can also say you don't like a character, discard them, make a new one, but then that's just a regular NPC.
When you make the new character, you start over like you were a new player. You don't keep the advancements or the XP, it's fresh.
Barter is determined by the playbook. Savvyheads get oddments worth 3-barter, presumably some really valuable tech and random jingle stashed in your toolbox.
NPCs don't actually get a number for Hx. You'd have something like +3 with Guzzler if we were tracking it (just handwaving it).

Start posting your character in the Prep Stuff thread. Hx will happen over there.

22nd of January, 2013, 18:29
Cool, and one more thing, just so I know I'm doing this right. I get 3 pieces of gear right? I wanted to start with a 9mm and two pieces of armor, but cant's find the rules for armor. Just leather pants and some sort of leather top padded with metal. Would that work and how much would it protect me?

22nd of January, 2013, 18:38
Armor comes as a whole thing, the pants and jacket would be one item. Armor that's not obviously armor, like a metal-lined jacket, is 1-armor. 1-armor is actually fairly significant, even a thick leather coat usually isn't 1-armor by itself.
You could have the 9mm, the jacket, and a "trusty multitool" or something.

e: To clarify, you don't have to choose those improvements now. You can pick whatever moves you want when it comes up.
Also it's kind of weird but you're limited to the number of slots on the sheet, for example you can only add +1 to any individual stat once, you can't repeatedly take the same one.

22nd of January, 2013, 18:43
Cool, I like it! Should I put any stats by the multi-tool? I was thinking about asking about that, but it had slipped my mind. Also, how do you manage health? I don't quite understand the countdown.

(Also, I'll probably edit the rest when I wake up in a few hours. I need to sleep.)

22nd of January, 2013, 18:51
The multitool doesn't have stats. It's just that, hey, you've got one handy.
Health has this countdown thing. Basically, it's like everyone has 6 "hit points," except you're counting up the clock. The first 3 harm go to 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, and the next three to 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00. You take harm, which is mitigated by your armor, and fill in that many segments. Harm at 6:00 and lower goes away over time, harm over 9:00 gets worse with time, if you're not stabilized.
We can go into more detail when combat comes up.

Moved your Hx post over to the Prep Stuff (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13129) thread.

22nd of January, 2013, 20:14
Work-space = Toolbox (Looks like a little metal briefcase. It’s bigger on the inside.)Hmm, want to tone this down. There's nothing obviously supernatural going on in AW, at least nothing so... I guess "reproducible"? Blatant, maybe. It might be bigger on the inside, maybe even in a way that unnerves people subconsciously, but it's nothing where you could just pull it out and demonstrate clearly.
Also, the workshop toolbox can't be something you can run around with. It's something you can relocate, yes, but you still need to be bringing stuff back to it, the "workshop," and the act of moving it is relocating it, an event almost.
Does that make sense?

e: Like, when you open your brain, or you do the "things speak" move, or other weird shit goes on, it's inconsistent and confusing. Nothing you can be sure of, the majority of the time. A weird thing that's blatant and obvious is also necessarily rare--a clear vision, a single overt act. A toolbox that's obviously bigger on the inside is both clear and blatant and also consistent, long-term, and it makes the weirdness too mundane. Alright?

23rd of January, 2013, 01:42
Yeah no problem. It was late here, and my brain was going into stereotypes. I'll redesign it. May make it a foldable sort of table with supplies and such. Something he could lift, but not take with me. That answers the question I had about the life support too.

How's this:

Work-space = Toolbox: Toolbox is putting it lightly. It's a bulky box, barely liftable by him. It folds out into a table, and has many of its tools and oddities in strange slots and pouches. Each is placed in the exact place he made for it.

No supernatural elements to it, and I figure as he gets more and more of a permanent fixture in the Hardhold, it'll get bigger, some parts being more unmoveable.

23rd of January, 2013, 05:47
How long has Tannis been at Slammer Keep? Are we going to be doing Hx or starting off at based Hx-1?

23rd of January, 2013, 06:59
Well I thought he was only here like a week. Was going to be Hx -1.

That box is great, yeah. I figure it creeps other people out a little, for whatever reason (why nobody's messed with it).

23rd of January, 2013, 07:24
Does that include the Brainer, since the Hx listed for that playbook says to add 1 as the Brainer is able to know people better than they think?

23rd of January, 2013, 07:27
Let's say Burroughs gets +1 with Tannis, and everyone else has -1. That is, without modifications. Burroughs can see Tannis' talent, in a sense, and is naturally drawn to people with a connection to the maelstrom.
Tannis has -1 with everyone.

23rd of January, 2013, 12:21
Ugh, one failure (and I'm sure there's a bad result coming), and one minor success. From what I can tell, Deep Brain Scan is used in coordination with Read a Person. I mark two experience.

23rd of January, 2013, 13:22
Oh so that means I don't get -2? I was reading the HX stuff and it said that I add a +1 to the greatest threat and a -1 more to each other. I've done that, but can easily change it if need be. Also, will you always ask if we need to roll?

For instance, if Tannis starts in that toolshed, should I simply make up a way out? Or should I roll +sharp to read the sitch? I read the rules page, but I still feel a bit shakey.

23rd of January, 2013, 14:51
Read a situation would be appropriate, yeah. You'd want to make a post about what you see and what sorts of things you look for.
Or, you could describe what you do, making assumptions about what's available. What you roll then depends on what you rig up. But I think you get a bonus when you act on information from read a situation, and it makes sense that you'd take the time to have a look around and ponder.

e: Never mind about the Hx I guess it worked out fine.

e2: Heyo never mind about that. Carry on.

23rd of January, 2013, 15:20
Ha ha what.


Oh my gosh why is there an "ooc" code?

We've been using the "spoiler" code.
Like [ spoiler ]this without the spaces.[ /spoiler ]
As such.

Spoilers that say "OOC" are with a ==
[ spoiler==OOC ]Like this.[ /spoiler ]
To get this.

Why is there an OOC code thing when was this added? Seriously what.

23rd of January, 2013, 15:22
Sweet. Also, I marked an exp for rolling sharp there. Was that right? And will those stats always be highlighted for the rest of my character's existence? Also, when do we get the stuff from advancement if we do advance?


23rd of January, 2013, 16:24
New stats get highlighted at the start of every "session." On a pbp that just means thread. It'll be a while, probably.
Advances happen when you advance, although an object or a gang or whatever would have to take time to gather.

23rd of January, 2013, 18:46
Ha ha what.


Oh my gosh why is there an "ooc" code?

Why is there an OOC code thing when was this added? Seriously what.

Don't make me flashy-thing you again. It's from the early days of the Spoiler tag discussions, I never liked it and it didn't get finished so we didn't release it.

23rd of January, 2013, 18:57
Ha, I almost made a thread in Inquiries.

Also itches you still owe me an answer.

23rd of January, 2013, 19:03
You know what we're doing by end of this week. I'll just push that back a bit so I can write some post-apocalyptic fanfiction about Australia shall I?

23rd of January, 2013, 20:44
Hey I never actually said anything about Australia.

24th of January, 2013, 05:04
Thanks, Darius.

Mercutio: You're maps are freaking cool! Do you do them by hand? Or do you use a specific program?
I use GIMP. For the area map, I used some brushes that are hand-drawn plants, mountains, and buildings (not mine - downloaded, I think, from Cartographer's Guild). For Parson's office, that's done in GIMP. The fill texture is hand-drawn and I scanned it in, but I can't take credit for the idea. That is a mapping style that I think was created by a pretty prolific mapper by the name of Dyson Logos (http://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/about/).

24th of January, 2013, 08:22
Sweet! It's so perfect. I think I'm going to pass the idea around my circles back home. seeing the maps just make life even easier.

25th of January, 2013, 11:09
By the way, I'm trying to keep the "Backgrounders" thread updated. Tell me if you notice a mistake, or an omission.

26th of January, 2013, 00:59
Well that was a crappy roll. At least I got to mark experience.

26th of January, 2013, 01:26
That's the way I looked at the botched rolls both for Fetish and Burroughs.

26th of January, 2013, 03:52
Yeah, I've been botching something fierce too. Both Parson and Tannis are not getting good reads of each other.

Also, what does this game me when it allows you to advance the basic moves? What does that advancement do?

26th of January, 2013, 11:12
Advancement basically gets you some more options, usually stuff you can do on a 12+.
For example, read a situation wants you to ask some specific questions, like "what's the greatest threat here?" Even if the players don't ask them like that, I'm supposed to give answers to those questions. When you advance that move and get a 12+, you can ask any 3 questions you want. If you advance seize by force and get a 12+, you get all 4 of the options (usually you get 3 on a 10+), and can double one of them. That sort of thing.
You can't choose to do this until your 6th advance, though. So that's a ways in the future.

26th of January, 2013, 11:41
Oh. Cool. That's good to know. Also, stats don't tend to get above +3 do they?

26th of January, 2013, 11:51
Generally no. Most things say "add +1 to a stat (max +3)" as far as I can tell. There might be exceptions, but they're rare.

26th of January, 2013, 17:25
Makes sense. That would be definitely high enough to get you by though on most rolls.

29th of January, 2013, 01:47
Holy crap!

I plan on posting in the next 24 hours, but my time is a bit thin in the immediate, so it'll likely be a few hours before I write.

29th of January, 2013, 12:51
Also, Burroughs and Nero?[/spoiler]I'm trying to think of things that Burroughs would do that isn't sitting in the dark jacked into the Maelstrom. Maybe zie will walk out to see Parson again.

29th of January, 2013, 13:03
Well sitting in the dark jacked into the Maelstrom is fine for now. The witch talked to you, that was the italics.

29th of January, 2013, 13:05
Okay. I didn't realize that was a two-way conversation possibility. I assumed, wrongly I guess, that that was the "impression" from my Open Your Brain roll.

I'll post asap.

29th of January, 2013, 13:09
Ah, whoops. Should've been clearer.

29th of January, 2013, 13:55
I probably will erase the move. I totally thought that it was was weird puncturing tool. lol. I'm bombed with homework tonight and my brain is frying a little. I'll post in the morning.

29th of January, 2013, 14:40
You can totally leave it if you want, just reuse it.
The forums leave an ugly blue note when you erase a dice roll, it irritates me.

29th of January, 2013, 17:26
Okay, I definitely shoud've been way more clear, but the witch is pretty seriously fucking with the maelstrom. You were both having, like, a conversation. With each other. So that was her, saying whatever she wanted.
Like imagine most of the time you've got a dinky little shortband radio and all you do is listen to static and numbers stations and call out noise that gets lost in the ether. Except one day you turn it on and someone else is on the channel too. So you talk. It's like that.
Except with mind control and stuff.
And the numbers stations are more interesting.

e: Like maybe she was using metaphor or something. "Grind you into dust" not really meaning actually grinding you into dust etc.

e: Look I'm just worried I'm being too cryptic but I feel like I'm supposed to be? Maybe? Argh I don't know.

30th of January, 2013, 02:14
Fair enough. I can run with that.

30th of January, 2013, 22:16
Hey z- I think this is one of the those places where we can fade to black. I mean, I can talk about how Parson takes the finger and all, but I've got the sneaking suspicion that might be crossing some of those lines the admins were talking about.
Let me know if you want a "seize by force" roll not to botch the operation, though I figure that its a done deal.

30th of January, 2013, 23:11
Nah, it's a done deal, and fade to black is alright.

I was sort of meaning to leave a space open for, like, Burroughs to burst in or something, but otherwise sure. Just describe Parson approaching with a grim expression etc. etc.
I'll cut to outside the gate with Dipstick.

31st of January, 2013, 00:15
Burroughs will, in my head, meet up with Parson in the immediate aftermath of dealing with the finger - like I'm imagining Lincoln being lead away by BeeBee with his gag now wrapped around his finger (to staunch the bleeding) and Burroughs walking in while Parson wipes down the blade.

31st of January, 2013, 00:33
Right, shoved in a jump cut then.

3rd of February, 2013, 00:50
Hey guys,

Things have begun to heat up at work, and I'm finding it hard to get any time to update here or in Darius' game. It's going to get even worse in the next 3 months, as our entire complex is moving to a new building at the beginning of April.

So, unfortunately, I'm going to have to bow out. I just can't keep up with either game.

3rd of February, 2013, 01:14
Aw, bummer. Sorry to see you go. :(
Good luck with work and stuff. You're welcome back if/when you find time.

3rd of February, 2013, 01:27
That sucks but I do know that feeling. Come back when things calm down.

4th of February, 2013, 03:49
Good Luck with everything, man. I hope this move helps you and your company.

5th of February, 2013, 13:34
Well that's a bummer.

I'd still like more people in on this. Like one or two.

5th of February, 2013, 14:17
Knew I should have passed on that roll.

5th of February, 2013, 14:44
Well if you'd gotten, like, double sixes for a 10, would've been pretty neat.

6th of February, 2013, 17:42
I can try to promote it to a friend or two. You may have to walk them through all the steps like you did for me. I can let you know what they say if you'd like.

Also, sorry for the slow posting on my part. School is taking hold.

6th of February, 2013, 17:51
I feel happy with that roll!

13th of February, 2013, 17:16
Hmm. Feeling like I messed up at some point.

13th of February, 2013, 22:16
Why's that? I should be able to post tonight. Started a new temp gig this week and Monday was my birthday, hence my lack of response.

13th of February, 2013, 22:27
Look I pretty much lack anything resembling self-confidence alright?

Also someone should pick a better name than "Nipper."
I was tired.

Gonna put some questions up in Prep Stuff.

14th of February, 2013, 01:51
I'll put my answers up tonight. I'll work on them during class today.

15th of February, 2013, 20:35
I should clarify, in this case I don't know what the pic means. It's what Burroughs saw, filled with terror and rot. I would jolt myself awake, but if Burroughs wants to try talking to it or interacting with it, uh, go ahead. Or, it could just be a vision.
If you want, you could instead have Burroughs be trapped in some nightmare, chased by it, or something like that.
Regardless, bad news.

15th of February, 2013, 23:12
My intent is for Burroughs to try interacting.

16th of February, 2013, 02:29
Hmm, alright. I don't know how much Burroughs has experience with these sorts of concepts, but the sorts of emotions that would be coming through to a normal person are those of rot, perversion (not sexual, but a fundamental disorder of the natural world), and persecution, a feeling that you are standing before a predator, a thing that is designed to hunt and kill, that you're the prey of.
This should be filtered through Burrough's weirdness, but still... like, imagine you yourself are walking through the woods at dusk, when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. There's a cougar, or a pack of wolves stalking you. Or, the illogical, nonsensical terror you can sometimes feel in the darkness, when despite the fact you know there's nothing to fear, you still experience that sensation of there being a threat, some monster or murderer in the dark, despite your best attempts to convince yourself otherwise.
That feeling, only with no real accompanying source--the feeling, that terror, is the primary thing Burroughs is getting, and the image and sensation and any other baggage is added on, constructed from scratch from nothing, the sum total of all your fears simply because the fear is primary and the trappings are draped on afterwards, flavored with the overtones of that image. Like a hologram or mirage; the sensation with the source hiding behind it, in half view.

What's actually happening:

- snip -

e: Actually if you've a different idea that could work too.

19th of February, 2013, 06:03
I'll have a Burroughs post either tonight or tomorrow morning.

20th of February, 2013, 12:43
Hey z- let me know if I can take the +1 for reading the sitch or not on the leadership roll. Marking xp either way.

20th of February, 2013, 17:25
Yeah, that makes sense.

21st of February, 2013, 00:39
Doesn't Parson have, like, big machine guns or something mounted on the walls?
Seriously thought he did... don't know why.

21st of February, 2013, 04:17
I think I'd remember something like that. Armaments are probably limited to rifles, pistols, and maybe the odd grenade.

21st of February, 2013, 09:37
Weird! Well nevermind then.

28th of February, 2013, 00:13
Hey z- are you amenable toward feedback on the game? If so do you want it here, pm'd, or email?

28th of February, 2013, 00:13
Man I am not sure what to do. Hmm.
Feel like I should have a random encounter table or something.

Suggestions? Or comments or something.

e: ha ha whoops
Here's fine. So is PM, either way.

28th of February, 2013, 00:21
I'll have it up tonight then. As for "what next?" just start asking questions again. I know there's things Parson probably needs to get to at the very least.

28th of February, 2013, 00:33
Yeah I definitely feel I'm doing this wrong.
Gonna give it a night.

28th of February, 2013, 11:44
The Good:

I love the way you've captured the setting and the "feel" of the NPCs. You were going for the post-apocalyptic West, and you've nailed it so far. There is also a definite sense of tension and you've go some pretty hefty fronts lined up. Really top notch stuff there. Likewise, I like how you took answers to our questions and ran with them. Keep doing that.

The So-So

I don't feel like we got a chance to follow the characters around for a day, to let us get into their headspace and for you to get to ask questions and see what was important to us. I kind of feel like that sort of thing is key to AW because it tells you what's important to the PCs and to whit, the players.

The Bad

It might not be you intention, or even your plan, but I feel like I'm more stuck in a script than being allowed to improvise. To whit: I don't feel like Parson et al are being allowed to stretch their wings, to be able to act instead of react. I also feel like (Parson at least) is jumping from fire to fire to fire. First the sniper, then the cornfield, then the gang, then the market altercation. You keep throwing stuff at us, rather than letting us go out and find it. (Yes, slightly harder with a solid base like a hardhold, but not impossible by any stretch).

Yes, you should be putting bloody hand prints on everything, but at the same time you need to be a fan of the PCs. I don't get the sense that you are (again, I could be mistaken here, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Give us a chance to shine, to accomplish, and to feel like we're getting ahead a bit. Yes, we are only two days into the siege but the only sense I'm getting out of it right now is "this is going to suck" and "everyone is going to die."

Going back to your "stuck" aspect of not being sure what to do next, well there's a few things.

1. Start by asking questions. Even if is something innocuous like "Parson collects a particular kind of thing. What is it?" or "Burroughs- you've noticed a crack developing in the lens of your mask. What are you going to do about it?" or "Tannis, you've seen Green hacking and coughing a lot more than usual, doing anything about it?"

2. Look at your principles. Those are, for better or worse, the bible of AW. Embrace them.

I don't want you to think at I'm not enjoying the game. These are also my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other players, and I am not presuming to talk for them.

28th of February, 2013, 14:06
Well that all makes sense and sounds like things I've been sort of thinking but not very concretely.

Gonna tone it down a little I guess? Feedback yes I like feedback. Feedback from other people is good too.