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25th of September, 2006, 05:28

25th of September, 2006, 05:32
Might change it back then...

How come you get a big one? And Xaden, and Itches, and all you other freaks?! ;)

25th of September, 2006, 05:35
You'd have to find a way to edit the picture yourself to resize it to 60*60 pixels. The one you're using now appears to be 60*40.

25th of September, 2006, 05:39
The avatar 'box' has size limits.
Any dimension greater than 60 pixels is shrunk down to fit that, and the other dimension is shrunk the same amount.

It's limited by height in your case.
If you can find something that has an aspect ratio closer to 1 (height and width are equal), it'll look better.

For example, mine is a perfect square, which I did on purpose.

25th of September, 2006, 05:39
Well...how would I go about doing that o' master of the pictures?

25th of September, 2006, 05:42
I'll do it for you.

I'll have to crop it a bit to make it look good, but yeah.
One sec.

Edit: Do you have a larger version?

25th of September, 2006, 05:45
I do, but it's in my documents.

25th of September, 2006, 05:46
Edit: Scratch that, I'll PM you.

Edit 2: Agh, imageshack is not working.

25th of September, 2006, 06:25
...how's it going?

25th of September, 2006, 06:40


Edit: Wazzah.

25th of September, 2006, 06:42
Yeay! But it still is coming up small to me, wah!

25th of September, 2006, 06:45
Well yeah, it has to be resized, and it doesn't look good as a square - it would just have a bunch of blank space on the sides.

25th of September, 2006, 12:03
hmm that sounds cool id like to make an avatar myself and zachol the names frunboon not frun or frunbunr

25th of September, 2006, 12:41
<Sonof> Bioplus Sedasleep Tablets are an aid to insomnia and sleeplessness.
<Sonof> A natural, traditional herbal remedy to help promote calm and restful sleep.
<Sonof> natural herbal placebo
<Sonof> how many should I take?
<twisted_x___> -_^
<twisted_x___> 2?
<Sonof> i have 48 in the bottle
<Sonof> that's a lot of sugar

25th of September, 2006, 13:04
Sugar with herbs, man. Herbs!

25th of September, 2006, 13:07
dude if u take like 20 i bet ull get high

25th of September, 2006, 13:14

If you want fun hallucinations, you can just avoid sleep for a few days.

Otherwise, I don't see why 'getting high' is needed... seems quite easy to pass into an altered state without drugs.

Also, amusing stop-motion gifs (http://www.damnfunnypictures.com/html/Awesome-Stop-Motion.html) (warning: popup & annoying ads).

25th of September, 2006, 13:16
hmm thats very interesting im going to bed yall g'night

25th of September, 2006, 13:35
It appears you've already grasped the concept of increasing your post count.

Ha ha!

Goodnight as well.

Spaaaammm..... mmmm......

25th of September, 2006, 13:39
Yes, tis the lifeblood of this site and all members with 2000+ posts (all you threbbers out there! you know who you are! I'm watching you! O.O)

25th of September, 2006, 13:50
Hey, I'm a threbber, but you don't see me carting around 2000+ posts.

25th of September, 2006, 13:53
Actually, spam does very little to increase your post count.
I've found that having a bunch of pbps jumps it up rather nicely.
As does posting in the rules threads.

Also, why have we not seen you around, Brian?
The same reason as nearly all the other oldies?
(I have no idea what that reason is, actually. Something about suckage, and possibly fitting a watermelon into tight spaces.)

25th of September, 2006, 14:18
I used to be a Threbber. My reasons for leaving are nonexistant - I just spontaneously stopped going there.

And I don't even have 1,000 posts.

25th of September, 2006, 21:06
Ok, how in the heck do you only have 1197 posts Brian and you've been here for over 4 years now? You don't join many PbPs, huh?

I guess that makes you actually sane as opposed to me who joined a baker's dozen games.

25th of September, 2006, 21:20
Ha ha, I still think I'm the king of being in a bunch of games at once.

Not now, but a bit ago... ugh.

It helps when you have games on more than one "area" - I had around 2 or three games here, but also 2 or 3 in five other places.
Then again, I bet someone's one upped me on this, but I haven't seen him.

26th of September, 2006, 08:56
jeez its gonna be a long time tell i get 2000

26th of September, 2006, 09:24
No shizam sherlock! If BRR would hurry up and get back we could get our forum!

26th of September, 2006, 10:12
I had a nice long, rational post typed up that went over this, but I've decided to instead put it in simple and blunt language.

People, please stop posting in Spotlight to try to increase your post total. It's annoying and doesn't belong here.

26th of September, 2006, 10:35

Didn't see if this was mentioned here, but have others heard about Mac Hall's semi-closing?

machhall.com (http://www.machall.com/):

I hate being serious...

I'm going to upset people, but this is effectively the end of Mac Hall in it's current form. A chapter closed.

I've long time said that I'll keep doing to comic as long as it's fun. Over the course of the year the enjoyment has been vanishing. As time fleets away, updates became a chore instead of treat. Ever since I came to this realization I've desperately grasped around for the joy in the process again. I'm still hoping to find it.

Along with the lull between comics there was already, I also was pushing off this strip as much as I could as I negotiated with Matt and mostly myself. I think we've come to an agreement we want to try and make work that will hopefully bring back the fun and breath new life in to our work.

Assuming all goes well, in October Matt and I will switch to the next phase of the comic and the site will have recieved some fresh code love. (I hope.) We'll ride with that for a while, and if it works. Kick ass. If not, well, I'm sure we'll figure something out. This is not ment as doom and gloom but just a simple road sign for things to come.

Again, change is on route. I hope you find it pleasant on your pallet.
It's not that big a deal, but still interesting.

Edit: Also, Permakittens (http://blog.tenderbutton.com/?p=348):

Right now I’ve got research proposals on my mind, and I really wanted to package this idea in the form of an RP, but it’s not going to work out. So I’ll just put it out there and maybe someone could make it happen. One word: Permakittens. Everybody loves kittens. The only thing wrong with them is that they turn into cats. So we’ll make genetically modified cats that never get big. I’ve bounced this off a couple of honest-to-goodness biologists who assured me it is 100% doable and even gave me some tips.

26th of September, 2006, 12:03
Man, I really like Ian's style of art, so I hope he continues in his current drawing style, no matter what he ends up doing with the site. I definitely was tuned in due to the inane adventures of the college students within the site (Hell, I even caused his silver sharpie to run out of ink for our Miami University Australian Rules Quidditch Team shirts (on the back of the "trade your soul for a cookie?" T)). There were lots of funny jokes back in the day. So I'm kind of sad that he's leaving behind the old MH, but glad he's getting involved with something he enjoys.

26th of September, 2006, 13:28

What worries me is the recent Applegeeks (http://www.applegeeks.com/) change ("3.0"), where Hawk's art style switched to a slightly more comic-book look, when it had before been very MH-like.
Then again, they have been going away from the MH style for a while anyway.

Actually, that whole site change thing is annoying, it's hard to navigate.
PvP's done that too...

26th of September, 2006, 13:34
I just got into that one comic, MH. It's pure unadultarated fun I tell ya.

26th of September, 2006, 21:19
Never read Mac Hall.

And I like PvP's new website design. The one I wasn't crazy about was PennyArcade's when they switched awhile ago, but I'm so used to it now, I don't even remember why I didn't like it.

27th of September, 2006, 11:29
Free Hugs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4)

27th of September, 2006, 11:48

So very needed in a lot of places.

27th of September, 2006, 12:37
That video is in Sydney (where I live) and the guy is going to be doing again tommorow. I have just under 24 hours to build up the nerve to go in.

27th of September, 2006, 12:39
Awww, how cute...with creepy undertones!

Finga' Licken Fry That Chicken! (http://youtube.com/watch?v=mzW_BhN0jpU)

27th of September, 2006, 13:05

That's cool.

And everyone needs more hugs.
Not even joking - hugs make lots of things better and solve problems.

It's really strange, actually.

27th of September, 2006, 13:09
I will get some very funny Dave Chappelle videos up here soon.

Everyone needs more Chappelle. And zachol, change your avatar you confuse me with your other avatar on threbb. This ones cooler so keep it.

27th of September, 2006, 13:22
They are both equally awesome, and I don't post much on the 3ebb anyway (you do).

Edit: Agh! Must add content to post to avoid wrath of itches...

Did people see that Elf Only Inn (http://www.elfonlyinn.net/) has started updating again?
It seems Sortelli has decided to get back at it.
Which is nice, considering that this was one of my favorites when it was active.

27th of September, 2006, 13:31
GTA+Dave Chappelle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMbnIhiVnEs&mode=related&search=)

27th of September, 2006, 14:00
Oh and Black Bush! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM-K0QYl_Ck&mode=related&search=)

28th of September, 2006, 05:05
I stumbled across this (http://online-roleplaying.com/forums/showthread.php?p=102608#post102608) today and felt that it should be immortalised.

Q:How do I create a cool signature?

A: Creating a new signature isn't something for the faint-at-heart. It takes dedication, talent, and bright colours. There are few set in stone rules about this task, but one of the key ones is size. You need to make sure that it consists of at least 4 lines of text, any less and you're only going to be betraying the small size of your penis.

Adding colour to the text makes it stand out more, and distracts people from the actual content of your posts. Finally you need to make the signature nonsensical. A quote that no-one gets, a joke that isn't funny or my personal favourite - bad poetry.

28th of September, 2006, 05:56
Elf Only Inn has returned! Once more, I am graced with the presence of two webcomics that poke fun at the concepts of metagaming!

My Fellow Gamers
28th of September, 2006, 10:52
What is the name of the second comic?

28th of September, 2006, 11:04
I assume he's talking about the Order of the Stick (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/GiantITP/ootscript) comic, by Rich Burlew.

29th of September, 2006, 03:41
That's right, you can't beat OotS. (weathercontrolweathercontrolweathercontrolweather control...)

29th of September, 2006, 03:53


29th of September, 2006, 06:19
Lol, it took me waaay to long to get that joke.

29th of September, 2006, 09:33
Hahahaa. I love somantic components.

My Fellow Gamers
29th of September, 2006, 09:47
Crap on a stick, I thought I was goig to find one more webcomic to follow. I am disappointed now.....

29th of September, 2006, 11:32
Well, be that way then.

2nd of October, 2006, 15:25
Hey I liked this video and thought to share it:
Nickelback song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIbFBTWQ-BM&mode=related&search=)

3rd of October, 2006, 09:12
dude that was really cool

4th of October, 2006, 09:30
<itches> 'ello Kittenly
<Kittenly> hey itches :o) how're you?
<itches> I'm okay
<itches> oh no, 10am!
<itches> alarms going off!
<itches> time to wake up!
<Kittenly> lol
<itches> in about a minute my tv is going to turn on too
<Kittenly> now that sounds like my youngest daughter. she has 3 alarms to wake her up
<itches> I tend to sleep through alarms
<Kittenly> she does too
<itches> I have a system set up where if I don't get up within a couple of minutes after my alarm goes off, several irritated monkeys are released
<Kittenly> lol
<Kittenly> wild ones im sure
<itches> well it wouldn't do to have domesticated ones
<itches> I'd wake up to find my hair braided
* Kittenly laughs

4th of October, 2006, 09:48
So true.

So very true.

I recently found a webcomiccomic by the name of Darken (http://www.darkencomic.com/).
It seems pretty good, and unlike other "D&D-style" games (OotS, Goblins, etc.) it doesn't break the fourth wall, while remaining pretty faithful to D&D cannon (as far as there is any.)
Plus, nice art.

4th of October, 2006, 09:54
Yeah, nice art.

4th of October, 2006, 10:02
Hey I liked this video and thought to share it:
Nickelback song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIbFBTWQ-BM&mode=related&search=)
That is a good song, but I myself am more partial to Someday (http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists/Nickelback/showVideo.aspx?fileID=196), as it is the first song of their's that I heard, which made me love the band in the first place.

4th of October, 2006, 21:54
I was a Nickelback fan back when Leader of Men was out, but haven't had much time for them since. They've become too mainstream and overplayed to the point that I'm so sick of listening to Chad Kroger that I change radio stations any time I hear him.

5th of October, 2006, 06:01
Wow, I bet Skidrow would say something to the effect of "Blasphemy!" now.

5th of October, 2006, 06:17

I think I like alot of their older stuff better as a whole, such as The State and Curb CDs.
However, Someday is definitely my favorite, followed up closely by Animals. I have a wild side to me:cool:

Oh and a fun fact, his name is really Chad Turton, he just uses the same name as his brother's dad. I think his mom was married 3 times or something...

5th of October, 2006, 06:18
No you don't you sit in your basement typing on ORP all day like the rest of us ;).

And The Long Road is probablly my fav CD.

5th of October, 2006, 06:47
Yes, but how well can you head bang to your rock tunes?

Kinda like this :nod:, but more.

5th of October, 2006, 06:48
I have longer hair, of course I can sucker.

5th of October, 2006, 07:52
jeez, now I've got to grow my hair out again...

5th of October, 2006, 20:54
Sonof: why is it only 9:30?!
Hayley: because god forgot to speed up time!
Sonof: fucking god
Sonof: remind me to punch him
Hayley: lol

5th of October, 2006, 22:44
Wow. I don't know if we can get more blasphemous than that. Good job itchess.

6th of October, 2006, 08:54
I didn't understand that one bit:S

6th of October, 2006, 08:56
Blasphemy=Irreverence towards god.

Irreverence towards god=Itches.

Make with the connection.

6th of October, 2006, 09:06
Ohh, that makes sense now.

And itches is finally and admin, I see...

6th of October, 2006, 09:38
Yay, itchy admins!

6th of October, 2006, 10:05
This is a Matrix Screencap Redub (http://pjammer.livejournal.com/13772.html).

7th of October, 2006, 11:39
<Janette> I don't know why people like baths.
<Janette> So boring.
<Janette> And much too hot.
<ciN> I do not have a large tub.
<Janette> I get so restless and I end up hopping out and in and just getting tired of the whole thing.
<Sonof> well it's so hard to drown someone in the shower
<Janette> Long hot showers ftw!
<ciN> I like to read in the bath.
<Janette> I tried reading in the bath.
<Janette> Hopeless.
<Janette> I get everything wet and it's just so..
<Janette> Meh.
<rxQueen> that was creepy, Sonof
<Sonof> thank you :)
* Janette pokes s
<rxQueen> -_^
<Sonof> now back to lurking
<rxQueen> it wasn't a compliment
<Janette> *Sonof
* Sonof swirls his cape and shuts up
* rxQueen looks at Nic
<rxQueen> WoKeH!!

7th of October, 2006, 11:54
You silly people and your irc or whatever it is.

And baths make me too lethargic to get out... so I've stopped doing that.

7th of October, 2006, 11:58
I just find it easier to take a shower before school than a bath, silly me.

9th of October, 2006, 21:17
Okay, so I'm buying condoms, I have two boxes in one hand and go up to the register while getting my wallet out with the other. When I get there I lose my grip and drop them on the counter. The girl behind it looks at them, looks at me then goes "They can be slippery huh?"

10th of October, 2006, 00:03
This is a promotional message from itches to all you RP females out there. He would like you to know that he does, in fact, engage in sexual activity and practice makes perfect. Any inferences you make beyond that are of your own volition. If you were to start any rumors conerning the size of said condoms they will not be confirmed nor denied. The opinions expresssed herein are not those of online-roleplaying.com. This is a paid advertisement. Thank you.

10th of October, 2006, 05:48
Hot damn!

Wait... RP females?

10th of October, 2006, 05:57
Role Playing Gamer females was the intention there.

10th of October, 2006, 06:19
Well crud, so much for that.

10th of October, 2006, 07:23
Aw, I can't make Itchey admin jokes then ;).

But yeah, good one akiko. Made me chuckle uckle. :)

10th of October, 2006, 11:33
that was funny Akiko, good luck finding too many RP females, though :P

I've heard that there aren't a whole lot, but they are out there :)

10th of October, 2006, 12:53
I know I haven't posted in here for a considerable amount of time, but as it may be permissible...

I'm dating a woman who is into freeform. I've actually recruited a girl for one of my games, a good friend. Oh, and a few other close female friends LARP, particularly in the White Wolf universe.

So yes, they exist. They tend toward certain forms of roleplaying, in general, but they are there - and in much more prominent numbers than you may have considered.

10th of October, 2006, 12:57
Omni is just a dunderhead. He thinks all nerds must be like him ;) jk.

10th of October, 2006, 15:47
Thanks. No. (http://www.thanksno.com/)

Hi. The person who sent you this link is a friend who likes you a lot but who wants you to respect their email address, their privacy, and their time.

11th of October, 2006, 06:56
OMG! That might actually come in handy, itches.

As for the female gamers thing: I know a few, but not a large amount. Of course, I haven't been to a gaming store for anything F2F in quite some time....

11th of October, 2006, 07:33
I have a feeling itches might be trying to say something...

Also, to MFG: Have you heard of Goblins (http://goblinscomic.com/), the webcomic?
It's another meta-humor D&D comic.
Considering you mentioned OotS and EoI.

11th of October, 2006, 10:48
My GF is a female roleplayer.

I have several other friends who are female roleplayers.

In fact, most of the people I play with are female.

11th of October, 2006, 10:56
Cuz you a player. ;)

12th of October, 2006, 02:46
Unfortunately, none of my gfs have ever been roleplayers. Since a former ex and I have gotten back together, I'm considering playing with the idea of having a game with her and some friends again.

13th of October, 2006, 16:18
I didn't say that there were none, I just said that there aren't really all that many. I myself knew a female roleplayer, so I know that there are some females that do enjoy roleplaying.

13th of October, 2006, 23:11
I had a girlfriend way back in the day that decided to join us for some D&D. She was a really good roleplayer, got the game mechanics down quickly, and had a flair for the abnormal. She was not an interuption to the DM, liked to help other players make their characters, and had no problem staying up until 7am playing. She did however make this autistic drawings that drove everyone up the wall. She now has a child, hates one of the players in our group and thinks D&D is a waste of time. She was the only female roleplayer I ever met besides the geeky girl down at the card shop. She was good at it, but in the long run she didn't have the heart of a true roleplayer.

Although, there was this one girl that liked to do weird stuff in bed, play-act and stuff. I guess you could call her a roleplayer too. So ya, there's plenty of roleplaying females out there. It's just tough to find the ones that also like D&D.

14th of October, 2006, 01:26
Although, there was this one girl that liked to do weird stuff in bed, play-act and stuff. I guess you could call her a roleplayer too. So ya, there's plenty of roleplaying females out there. It's just tough to find the ones that also like D&D.

Exactly. Hence, why I found an ex that loved LARPing, but wouldn't do tabletop. Totally the wrong combo there :(

14th of October, 2006, 02:01
What if it was on the tabletop?

...........please don't answer that.

14th of October, 2006, 03:51
Benicus, you have strayed into the realm where I would be perfectly justified in making this entire forum slightly uncomfortable.

A supermajority of my friends are female, and I have to say that roughly sixty percent of those engage in some form of roleplaying openly, discounting computer or video game based roleplaying. If you include that, the numbers jump to around eighty percent. Thus, like Link, my personal experience is apparently lucky and abnormal.

14th of October, 2006, 03:52
I had forgotten that technically counts as roleplaying......

Can we get off this subject? Please?

14th of October, 2006, 03:54
Yes uncomfortablility!
LARPing...in bed...heheehe

14th of October, 2006, 06:37
I see what you seek to hide, Benicus.

So, this has a dangerous chance of converting the Spotlight to something coherent and useful... in view of changing this, I have a link.


Oh, Canada.

14th of October, 2006, 06:44
Oh Canada, you high monkies! ;)

The Taliban is using weed against us now? How uncalled for!

14th of October, 2006, 07:54
Dude! They gots forests of pot!!

Like, 10 foot high pot!!!


14th of October, 2006, 08:10
I tried to tell everyone we did not go over there for oil. Its all in the weed, man.

14th of October, 2006, 08:13
It all makes sense now! Thanks for enlightening me akiko ;).

16th of October, 2006, 08:08
Afghanimation, dudes! Afghanimation!

16th of October, 2006, 15:08
<Sonof> I had fun supermarket adventures
<ProoN> woo
<Sonof> there was a cute girl
* Sonof nods
<ProoN> oh yeah?
<ProoN> Talk to her?
<Sonof> pft, no
<Sonof> who do you think I am?
<ProoN> Oh, yeah, what the hell was I thinking when I asked
<Sonof> she does live near by
<Sonof> I was walking behind her on the way home
<ProoN> Subtle way of admitting you were stalking her?
<Sonof> no
<Sonof> I was actually a little concered, I kept bumping into her in the supermarket then she was walking the same way home as I was
<Sonof> She was looking at Pasta sauces, which I needed to do too. I stood there for a bit waiting for her to finish before I realised she would be a while
<Sonof> so I left, got other stuff and when I came back she was still there!
<Sonof> and then I ended up in the checkout line behind her
<Sonof> "I'm not following you, I swear!"
<ProoN> lol
<ProoN> Wow

16th of October, 2006, 21:46

Then again, imagine if the roles had been reversed.

17th of October, 2006, 00:39
Itches, you are the most accidental stalker I have ever encountered ^^

17th of October, 2006, 00:42
I always feel guilty when I accidently start stalking people.

17th of October, 2006, 06:25
I really try not to appear to stalk people.

Then again, my appearance (6 foot, hair longer than many girls I know, something of a beard, grunge) makes it so I need to go out of my way not to be creepy.

17th of October, 2006, 06:55
zachol, your avatar does nothing to improve that fact. ;)


17th of October, 2006, 13:37
Don't talk that way about Emperor Norton I.

17th of October, 2006, 13:41
Yeah, Mr. Illithid-Eating-World-Face.

19th of October, 2006, 05:12
<Sonof> If you put a bear and a shark in a pool that was filled with water up to the bear's waist, who would win in a fight?
<Jimmers> Vin Diesel
<Sonof> well that's clearly not a fair match
<Jimmers> It never is when Vin's fighting

19th of October, 2006, 05:17
Obviously Jimmers doesn't know of the majesty that is Chuck Norris.

19th of October, 2006, 05:22
Please, Chuck Norris couldn't beat Bruce Lee (http://www.fightingmaster.com/masters/brucelee/chuck.htm), he can't beat Vin Diesel.

19th of October, 2006, 05:48
People who start this nonsense with Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel or even Mr T (who was the original) may find the site gets harder to access.

19th of October, 2006, 06:22
BRR Your deathly IP ban's still scare me so I won't talk about Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer, too bad he never cries.
Though Bruce Lee is a total badass, I mean, He punched a guy without hitting him and the dude flew 15ft.! How awsomes that?!

19th of October, 2006, 06:34
Good on Ben. ;) Way to sneak in one not explicitly banned by the man.

19th of October, 2006, 06:37
Oh, it isn't the people I care about, it's those damn fact generators and the whole attached drama. Plus they had stopped being amusing long before the Chuck Norris iteration.

See also: BRR is a grumpy old man.

19th of October, 2006, 06:45
Yes, I have been praised.

Revel in it.

Good, now;
Bruce Lee doesn't grow a beard, beards are too afraid of him.


19th of October, 2006, 07:47
And I'll say this because Ben is too afraid of being banned:

Chuck Norris sleeps with a nightlight, not because he's afraid of the dark, the dark is afraid of him!

But on a serious note, I don't see why people obssess over Chuck Norris, it just makes no sense to me...

19th of October, 2006, 07:53
Cuz, it's fuhny?

19th of October, 2006, 08:32
I still don't see why people obsess over him.

What I did find funny, though, was a pic that my friend from another site posted, along with a link that had info on Chuck Norris, saying something to the effect, that if you read everything there, the sheer volume of info would cause your head to do this:

19th of October, 2006, 08:44

Seriously, though. Chuck Norris is ok, but no way am I going to obsess over a guy. I mean, I'm not gay.

19th of October, 2006, 09:53

Wow, that sounds familiar, if only I could remember where I heard that...

And I didn't mean obsess like that, I meant that sometimes, that seems to be the only thing some people talk about.

19th of October, 2006, 10:30

19th of October, 2006, 12:59
Strong Bad. Good stuff.

I know what you meant, but I had to make a joke about it. I don't really evne talk about Chuck Norris unless something like this comes up.


21st of October, 2006, 06:25
<Sonof> Uh, my dad just suggested I look into a career in childcare
<stumple> lol
<Sonof> I laughed, then realised he was serious
<stumple> do it then I can send you all my text books
<Sonof> I don't like children! I'm good with them and they like me, but children are evil
<stumple> lol
<gp|work> Tell me something new.
<stumple> I took child and youth studies in school...so I know all about how they can be
<Sonof> you studied evil?
<stumple> lol
<stumple> yep
<Sonof> why?!
<stumple> lol because I wanted to work with children
<stumple> wanted to be a teacher
<Sonof> wanted? Did you become a teacher or manage to escape in time?
<stumple> lol I escaped in time
<Sonof> I take it you suddenly realised what you were getting into.
<stumple> lol I enjoy working with kids

22nd of October, 2006, 12:36
I found a few old books on sale of the Middle Earth RPG a few days ago. I was considering purchasing them out of my sustained nostalgia for Tolkien's mythology... but then I realized...


Disappointed, I decided to withdraw from the field of battle and save my money for Nobilis.

28th of October, 2006, 03:46

28th of October, 2006, 04:00
Did we just get spammed? Cut it.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday XP.

28th of October, 2006, 04:06
Iudico is my alt account.

29th of October, 2006, 01:49
NI, that picture is priceless

30th of October, 2006, 11:30
Denethor! We who are about to rock, salute you!

1st of November, 2006, 17:19
The hulking hurler shows up and screams, "I wanna ROCK!"

congrats link, you can now make up your own title... like evil psionic cult master of dread

1st of November, 2006, 21:48
Yes, so I can.

2nd of November, 2006, 17:41
<One``> I have tomorrow off
<One``> weekend
<One``> Monday no school
<One``> wooo 5 days of easy
<Janette> oh
<Janette> melbourne cup
<Janette> what a quaint melbourne thing to do
* Janette sniffs
<One``> I should bet my millions of dollars on a horse
<itches> Is losing money on horses as much fun as losing it at poker?
<One``> I've never put money on a horse
<itches> Investigate and report back
<One``> I've put like $6 on pokies, and $10 on roulette
* One`` remembers that $16 well.
<One``> I miss it


<One``> Sonof WHAT HAPPENED??
<Janette> you both pinged out
<Janette> while I rock on
<Janette> rofl
<Sonof> [18:40] <One``> That's a lot to bet on such crappy odds
<Sonof> [18:40] <Janette> but I'm lucky, remember?!?!
<Sonof> [18:42] [Quit] - [One``] - Reason: [Ping Timeout]
<Sonof> [18:44] <itches> well done
<Sonof> [18:44] *** Disconnected
<One``> No, actually, my computer reset itself
<Sonof> sarcasm overload
<Janette> lol

3rd of November, 2006, 07:49
That was kinda lame Itches, your losing your touch.

Funny, now, I command it! So saeth Ben, The Prodigal ORPer!

5th of November, 2006, 00:30
I don't understand most of what Itches is saying, so I try and piece together what he means from everyone's comments on it.

How do you think Steven Tyler gets his mouth to open that big?

7th of November, 2006, 23:05
This game is pure evil. (http://www.zanorg.com/prodperso/jeuxchiants/doublejeu.htm)

8th of November, 2006, 00:02
While playing online poker.

<Sonof> The chips that land outside the circle bug me.
<Elderwolf> heh it is more realistic :)
<stumple> Sonof, do you have OCD? lol
<Elderwolf> sloppy people throwing chips )
<Sonof> If it was realistic it would let me adjust them!
<Elderwolf> I tried to get Oliver to add drinks and cigars
<Elderwolf> depending on how many hands have been played

8th of November, 2006, 08:20
This game is pure evil. (http://www.zanorg.com/prodperso/jeuxchiants/doublejeu.htm)
I can only manage 5 seconds... It is highly entertaining though...

8th of November, 2006, 08:39
16 seconds, but I suck at these things.

And virtual poker will never be even vaguely realistic.
Totally different sort of game...

Black Plauge
8th of November, 2006, 09:17
I got 10 seconds with a touch pad mouse (which I hate). I'm willing to bet that with a trackball (my personal preference) I'd do much better.

8th of November, 2006, 09:32
I got 10 seconds with a touch pad mouse (which I hate).That's what I have to use, and it sucks! Plus, I'm not good at computer games in general, even easy ones like this...:cry:

8th of November, 2006, 11:14
Dummy head, you just suck at life ;).

I love Half-Life Counter-Strike Source...I want my computer back...:cry:

8th of November, 2006, 15:13
Yeah, this game seems like one of those "spiffy with a trackball" ones.

The Hive Custodian
8th of November, 2006, 15:20
19.289 seconds. Optical mouse.

9th of November, 2006, 07:15
I got a 9.671 with an optical for my second try (after I realized what was going on)

Black Plauge
9th of November, 2006, 12:32
21.936 with a good trackball.

The trick seems to be to get the ball bouncing vertically near the center.

9th of November, 2006, 13:10
19.463 with a regular mouse.

10th of November, 2006, 14:00
*** sttumple is now known as stumpy-going-crazy
* Sonof arches an eyebrow
<stumpy-going-crazy> lol no comments
<Sonof> oh stumpy-going-crazy, I didn't see you there
<stumpy-going-crazy> lol

10th of November, 2006, 15:56
I just got 24.185 with an optical mouse.

I just don't find that one funny Itches.

11th of November, 2006, 02:16
<stumple> wb Sonof
<Sonof> danke
<Sonof> I decided I wasn't going to be able to sleep
<Sonof> too busy stressing about something that happened 6 years ago
* Sonof mutters
<stumple> not good :/
<Sonof> it happens, I'm going to "refocus" before trying again
<Sonof> which basically means I get online and bitch about it
<Sonof> New New-Age psychology!
<stumple> lol
<Sonof> Your search - "new new-age psychology" - did not match any documents
<Sonof> success!

My Fellow Gamers
11th of November, 2006, 03:58
You guys are all missing the french comments about the game which basically say you suck real hard all the time.

I manage about 10 seconds in a few try and it says: Not too crappy if you are under 3 years old! hahaha

Black Plauge
11th of November, 2006, 06:20
I didn't miss them. I chose to blissfully ignore them. Just because I can read French doesn't mean I have to.

11th of November, 2006, 08:00
First of all, I wasn't even aware of what language it was in. But now that I know, it'll probably hurt my feelings:cry:

And I finally managed to get 16.245:D

11th of November, 2006, 09:34
[00:10]More harmonica.

[00:16]I got my twelve sided die and I'm ready to roll with a wizard and my goblin crew.
[00:22]My friends are coming over to my mom's basement bringing Funyuns and the Mountain Dew.
[00:27]I got a big broad sword made outta cardboard and that stereos a pumpin zeppelin. (dazed and confused)
[00:33]It's that time of the night, we turn on the black light, let the dungeons and the dragons begin!

[00:38]It's D and D!!
[00:42]Fighting with the legends of yore.
[00:44]It's D and D!!
[00:48]Never kissed a lady before. Nope, I said it, WOOO!
[00:51]C'mon you gonna bring the thunder? I'll bring the fuckin thunder, c'mon bring the thunder, c'mon lets go! Aww that's nice.
[00:57]Why don't you bring some thunder mother fucker. Bring some thunder, alright!

[01:02]Now the lord of the rings the dark crystal and things, we use these as a reference tool.
[01:08]And when we put on our cloaks and tell warlock jokes, we're the coolest kids in the school!
[01:15]No we're not. I know.

[01:17]Now Teich's a real bastard, but a fair dungeon master, he's got hitpoints and charisma to lend.
[01:22]And I rehearse in my room or what I call the dragon's tomb when I'm not out with my girlfriend!
[01:27]It's D and D!
[01:29]Wait wait wait, Teich, c'mon. I'm sorry. Woah hey wait, I'm sorry. Hold on gimme one second. What?
[01:34]Dude come on, seriously. What?!
[01:42]You've got a fuckin...girlfriend? Dungeon master!
[01:49]That's kind of a dick thing to say.

[01:52]It's D and D!!
[01:55]Summoning the demons of hell.
[01:57]It's D and D!!
[02:00]When our shift ends at the taco bell. Gordita! Chalupa!

[02:20]Well my medieval brother, there's room here for another, would you care to take a roll of the die?
[02:25]You guys make me weep, you think that you can keep up with a warrior as mighty as I?
[02:31]See you're in mortal danger, I'm a first class ranger who's half gargoyle and half elf.
[02:37]And if that doesn't scare ya maybe I should beware ya what lurks within my gaming shelf.
[02:43]Next to my junior high annual lies my monster manual, and my customized dungeon master screen.
[02:49]I've got treasures and traps on my graph paper maps, next to my three inch solid pewter figurines.
[02:55]So if you think you got the balls, bring on your dungeon master calls, I'll be protected by my robe of destruction.
[03:01]And I will leave you both in tears cause I'm the dungeon master here and you two are in need of some instruction.

[03:06]It's D and D!!
[03:10]Warriors who terrify.
[03:12]It's D and D!!!!!!!
[03:23]Virgins, 'til the day.....
[03:41]o oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh
[03:47]Do it, oh oh ohh oh {note:oh's from New Kids on the Block song}

[03:50]NO, NO, NO, NO! NO!

[03:56]One,Two fuck you
[4:04]Thank you everybody!

11th of November, 2006, 09:52
Did you make that up over the course of the three or so minutes, or was this pre-thought-out?

11th of November, 2006, 09:53
Neither, it's a song by Stephen Lynch called D&D

11th of November, 2006, 09:54
Uh huh.

11th of November, 2006, 10:16
A brief skim led me to DnD by Semisonic. Clearly I was wrong.

11th of November, 2006, 11:47
Thief tricked by David Copperfield pleads guilty (http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/TV/11/10/copperfield.robbed.ap/index.html)

Copperfield, 50, and two female assistants were walking from the Kravis Center to their tour bus when they were approached by the teens April 23. The assistants handed over money and a cellphone, but the illusionist turned his pockets inside out to reveal nothing, although he was carrying his passport, wallet and cell phone.

11th of November, 2006, 12:01
I saw that elsewhere... excellent.

I like when magicians are able to use their talents randomly and on the street without any sort of preperation.

11th of November, 2006, 18:07
But you'd think someone would know better than to let a magician turn out his own pockets...

11th of November, 2006, 20:17
Futurama Leela case mod (http://blog.americasnewstoday.com/2006/08/13/futurama-leelainspired-computer-nerd-alert.aspx)

12th of November, 2006, 01:52
That's freakin awesome. Though maybe bender, being a robot, would've been a cooler choice.

"Bite my steely ass!"
"Oh your GOD!"

But then again integrating the LCD into her armband and the webcam in her eye was pretty ingenius.

14th of November, 2006, 05:41
And also incredibly creepy at the same time o.o

14th of November, 2006, 05:51
And also incredibly creepy at the same time o.oSeconded. Then again, the only episode I can remeber seeing was pretty creepy... OLD people doin' it:S, bleh!

14th of November, 2006, 05:58
That was a crazy fun show.

14th of November, 2006, 06:15
It depends on what you call "fun." I myself was horrified *shudder*.

14th of November, 2006, 06:27
You got a bad episode as your first one man. Funny enough I know exactly the one you are talking about and you see a lot of nude professor in it. *shudders right alongside* But that was definitely not what it was like all the time. Bender is the man too.

14th of November, 2006, 10:01
I've never seen it, and now knowing that's the kind of show Futurama is, I'm never going to watch it, especially with the off chance of seeing old people doing it.

14th of November, 2006, 12:10
I didn't realize it was possible for a person to go through life not seeing Futurama. What do you people do?

14th of November, 2006, 12:23
Not have cable/sat, maybe?

I know I don't.

14th of November, 2006, 12:28
That's no excuse, you can still find anything on the internet.

14th of November, 2006, 12:35
Yeah, but you actually have to look for it - the excuse is a lack of knowledge.

14th of November, 2006, 12:47
Fair enough, I guess.

14th of November, 2006, 12:54
So, now you have knowledge. Go watch the show.

15th of November, 2006, 01:39
Zapf Brannigan: You win again gravity!

:nod:Great Show:nod:

15th of November, 2006, 02:12
It's growing on me. I'll catch reruns on Cartoon Network now and again. I began to seriously dislike Matt Groenig, so I didn't really watch Futurama. I'm finding out that was a mistake. Much like when I boycotted Fox for ditching Dark Angel and missed out on Firefly, which they then cancelled too. Fox is highest on my list of tv stations to hate. They always have great shows that do well monetarily, but then they shift around the days and times or kill shows for no reason.

My Fellow Gamers
16th of November, 2006, 09:10
I am not sure it was on fox but maybe 8-9 years ago they had a great space show, kind of X-wing commander but better and it got cancelled after like 13 episodes. I cannot remember the title of the show .....

17th of November, 2006, 01:36
<Sonof> who wants to hear a story
<stumple> go for it
<scott-s> has it got a happy ending?
<Sonof> For some people
<Sonof> It's a true story
<scott-s> go on then
* stumple sits ina comfy chair
<stumple> *in a
<Sonof> Last time I went out to a club, we stopped in at a popular bar for cheap alcohol to get the night going.
* scott-s sits on stumples knee
* stumple gets the popcorn
<Sonof> Most of the group went in first while I waiting outside with 2 other people who were having a smoke
* scott-s gets ready to do the popcorn trick
<stumple> lol
<Sonof> As we finished we headed inside and I noticed that the bouncer at the door had a hand metal detector out and was checking these two girls, who were fairly hot
<Sonof> When I saw that I mentally checked and made sure I hadn't taken any weapons with me, and wondered if any of my companions had
*** stumple is now known as TheLameOp
<Sonof> Yet when we got to the door the guy just motioned us, basically ignoring us
<TheLameOp> you often take weapons with you?
<Sonof> I suspect that his main priority wasn't actually finding dangerous weapons
<Sonof> No I do not
<TheLameOp> lol he just wanted to frisk the girls
<Sonof> Just based on appearance the guy with unkempt facial hair and messy hair past his shoulders, dressed in a large coat and combat boots is more likely to have a weapon then 2 girls in mini-skirts and high heels

17th of November, 2006, 01:47
Untrue. Those kind of girls always have a weapon on them. Just not a directly/immediately lethal one. ;)

Good story.

17th of November, 2006, 01:57
Yes but do you find that type of weapon with a metal detector or some other mean?

17th of November, 2006, 02:10
By running my hands all over the body while using the metal detector excuse, yes. Yes I can.

18th of November, 2006, 14:37
Armed robber, 7, in Lego heist (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2080325.html?menu=)

Police in Florida are looking for a little girl, aged about seven, who tried to steal Lego at knife-point.

18th of November, 2006, 15:59
Armed robber, 7, in Lego heist (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2080325.html?menu=)

Police in Florida are looking for a little girl, aged about seven, who tried to steal Lego at knife-point.

What... the fuck?

Seriously, I love Legos more than your average person, but even I when I was 7 or 8 wouldn't have tried holding up a cashier to get them.

I do like the "rode away on her bike" line at the end, though.

18th of November, 2006, 16:05
This is a clear example of why Lego should be outlawed. It's desensitising children to violence and drawing them into a life of crime.

18th of November, 2006, 18:41
Legos = Worth A Criminal Record

19th of November, 2006, 12:04
This may be the best update to this thread yet. Simply hilarious. I can see the little pig-tailed lass now. "You flatfoots'll never take me alive. Nyah see."

19th of November, 2006, 12:28
Perhaps theres more to it than the story suggests. There may be a whole organized crime syndicate set up to steal legos and other such fun toys. The implications of that run very deep. How many more little girl theives are running around america and getting away with the heists. I sure wouldn't expect a little girl of that age to be stealing. It's a good disguise. Maybe that was the case though now that I think of it, perhaps it was a male midget, age 35, that had the legos as a diversion for what he was really stealing. I'll leave that up to your speculations.

19th of November, 2006, 13:01
Dude, quiet, you'll blow the whole deal!
Didn't you get the mes.... oh.


Hah hah, *wink*.

19th of November, 2006, 23:30
http://static.flickr.com/117/300848808_f2d99f3ab2.jpg (http://flickr.com/photos/bigredrod/300848808/)


20th of November, 2006, 00:43
Well while they're working on that, I found a fun little Battle of Waterloo (http://www.pbs.org/empires/napoleon/flash/n_war/ibs/game.html) simulator.

20th of November, 2006, 08:20
Everytime someone posts "I hate my life" in a help community on livejournal, I have the overwealming urge to reply "Don't worry, it hates you too."

20th of November, 2006, 08:37
One day reamer, im going to open a big sports bar


After realising this looked only like spam, i decided it would be much better as an introduction to say hello
i am a new thing

i hope to enjoy it here

End communication

20th of November, 2006, 08:46
Ah that's better. It takes a lot to make something stand out as spam in Spotlight, but I'm afraid in your new version of the post didn't capitalise "I" twice so I'm going to have to ban you. :cool:

20th of November, 2006, 08:53
what if i capitalise everything in my next post ?
will that undo the damage ?

20th of November, 2006, 09:42
--- Sonof has 7 7 7 9 K Three of a Kind, 7s with King and 9
<Jimmers> haha
--- Jimmers has 7 7 7 10 K Three of a Kind, 7s with King and 10
--- Result: Jimmers wins 535.
*** GameOver!
<F-Mercury> ahaha
<Sonof> I seriously hate you
<Jimmers> gutted

20th of November, 2006, 10:01
Ha, that's awesome!

So how's this set up, game-wise?

Actually, where do most of these come from, anyway?

20th of November, 2006, 10:08
Most of the logs are from IRC. The poker is from Dracis.com (www.dracis.com). I was on a huge roll earlier and will post logs from that when I get the chance to clean it up. Now I suck. Just before that one I had 2 pair (aces & 10s) and lost to 4 of a kind. Shortly after I had a flush and lost to a slightly better flush.

20th of November, 2006, 10:47
<ZORTHRAX> damn, isn't THIS an ugly hand lol
--- Sonof has 4 7 8 J K King high with Jack, 8, 7, and 4
--- stumple has 5 7 J Q K King high with Queen, Jack, 7, and 5
--- Result: stumple wins 90.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> wow, such a big win lol
<Sonof> A mighty treasure


--- Sonof has 7 8 K A A a Pair of Aces with King, 8, and 7
--- stumple has 8 8 9 K A a Pair of 8s with Ace, King, and 9
--- Result: Sonof wins 420.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> wd
<Sonof> ty
<Sonof> I've discovered the secret to playing poker
<Sonof> Singing
<stumple> lol


--- Sonof has 10 J Q K A a Ace-high Straight
--- stumple has 8 10 J Q A Ace high with Queen, Jack, 10, and 8
--- Result: Sonof wins 150.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> wd
<Sonof> 150 for an ace-high straight =\


--- ZORTHRAX has 4 7 9 J K a Flush with King, Jack, 9, 7, and 4
--- Sonof has 6 6 9 J K a Pair of 6s with King, Jack, and 9
--- Result: ZORTHRAX wins 315.
*** GameOver!
<ZORTHRAX> hey! i broke even! lol
<Sonof> I hate it when people get lucky at the end
--- stumple has 10 Q K K K Three of a Kind, Kings with Queen and 10
--- Sonof has 10 10 Q K K Two Pairs, Kings and 10s with a Queen
--- Result: stumple wins 375.
*** GameOver!
<Sonof> Sometimes I just hate people
<stumple> I <3 you, Sonof!
<Sonof> Say then when I start winning again
--- Sonof has 2 2 2 K A Three of a Kind, 2s with Ace and King
--- stumple has 2 2 6 6 K Two Pairs, 6s and 2s with a King
--- Result: Sonof wins 480.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> wd
<Sonof> ty
<Sonof> Still <3 me?
<stumple> I'm thinking about it :P


--- Sonof has 3 3 9 Q K a Pair of 3s with King, Queen, and 9
--- stumple has 3 3 3 K A Three of a Kind, 3s with Ace and King
--- Result: stumple wins 90.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> oh
<stumple> never even realized that I had a 3 of a kind
<stumple> or I would have bet more!


--- Sonof has 9 Q K A A a Pair of Aces with King, Queen, and 9
--- stumple has 2 3 4 5 A a 5-high Straight
--- Result: stumple wins 90.
*** GameOver!
<stumple> oh
<Sonof> =p
<stumple> didn't even realize that I had that


* Sonof coughs
<ZORTHRAX> well who's going first?
<ZORTHRAX> stop typing stumple
<stumple> sorry, ppl were calling me on skype
--- Result: stumple wins 165.
*** GameOver!
<ZORTHRAX> thought you were done with the whole voice chat thing
<stumple> nah, just don't use it as much
<ZORTHRAX> oh ok
<Sonof> People who raise before we see the flop go to hell


<Sonof> Do I get anything for having a full-house flush?
<ZORTHRAX> i think a full house is just a full house
<ZORTHRAX> no matter what suit your cards are
--- stumple has 3 3 7 9 Q a Pair of 3s with Queen, 9, and 7
<Sonof> Full-House flush is 3hearts and 2 spades in this case
--- Sonof has 3 3 9 Q A a Pair of 3s with Ace, Queen, and 9
--- Result: Sonof wins 90.
*** GameOver!


~After some agressive raising on both sides~
<Sonof> You can't win stumple, I'm singing
<stumple> lol
<stumple> I have some fool talking to me saying they love me and love my accent
<stumple> and no idea who it is
--- Sonof has 5 5 J J K Two Pairs, Jacks and 5s with a King
--- stumple has 5 5 Q K A a Pair of 5s with Ace, King, and Queen
--- Result: Sonof wins 750.
*** GameOver!
<Sonof> Ask him if he wants to play poker
<stumple> his nick is George Bush...
--- Result: stumple wins 420.
*** GameOver!
<Sonof> Clearly a highly original chap who brings nothing but light and joy to those around him
<stumple> LOL
<stumple> that is the funiest thing I heard all day

20th of November, 2006, 13:03
This may be the best review of D&D the Movie I've ever read (http://www.wulfarchives.com/Dung_Drag.htm).

20th of November, 2006, 13:20
Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree. In fact, I think its the movie's fault that I got made fun of when I told my friends that I play...

As this film has no nudity, I thought that I would make up for it with this picture of a naked mole rat.

That's my favorite line:D

20th of November, 2006, 14:20
Ha ha! Excellence!

For some reason this makes me feel like seeing that movie again, though.

20th of November, 2006, 15:11
I bought that movie. Sad.

20th of November, 2006, 16:54
My cousins got me the movie for Christmas one year. Goddamn Texans.

Anybody ever see the sequel? It's actually an improvement.

20th of November, 2006, 17:24
did it actually continue the story ?

20th of November, 2006, 18:32
I've read that review before. It's hilarious.

20th of November, 2006, 21:33
did it actually continue the story ?
I'm pretty sure not. What was really confusing about the ending they chose for the movie was that they had another, perfectly acceptable ending filmed where things actually made sense. Well as much sense as anything in the movie.

21st of November, 2006, 01:16
And here are several pictures of cats (http://shadowdane.shackspace.com/cats.htm)

21st of November, 2006, 07:55
The second movie was better, but it definitely wasn't a masterpiece. The ending, like itches said, didn't make all that much sense, but they at least tried to make it a good movie.

21st of November, 2006, 07:58
I think they tried not to make it a horrible movie.

21st of November, 2006, 08:38
I'm sure they did, but going with a previously unknown director (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0813309/) may have been a bad idea.

And I like the wierd white cat that looks like its missing it ears:cat:

21st of November, 2006, 11:14
I'm sure they did, but going with a previously unknown director may have been a bad idea.
He had the rights to the movie. D&D was one of the few movies I ever mocked when I saw it at the theatre, but the Star Wars vibes were overpowering.

Listening to the audio commentary on the DVD is also a painful process, the guys are just so proud of the movie that they make me want to like it.

21st of November, 2006, 11:43
the guys are just so proud of the movie that they make me want to like it.
Of course, everyone loves something that they create. I definitely think the movie could have been good, and be something to be proud of, if he had a better budget.

He acquired the exclusive rights to make the film from TSR (Tactical Studies Rules), when he was only 19 years of age in 1990. Over the next 10 years, he put together the meager funding used to make this movie.
I think that if he maybe would have been a bit more patient (though I admit that I would be frustrated too if I had waited that long) it would of made for a better movie. Oh well.

21st of November, 2006, 11:52
I don't think the fatal flaw of the movie was lack of money. The second one had a way small budget and is widely considered a better movie.

21st of November, 2006, 12:03
I personally like the 2nd (which was made by a different director (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006685/) who had more experience) one was better because of some of the references are going back to AD&D modules, which I thought was pretty nifty. I also like to think the acting was better, and the story was much better, though it also had some parts that didn't make sense. And like I said, it was made by someone who had more experience.

To each his own, I suppose.

And on a different note, is anyone excited to see Eragon?

21st of November, 2006, 12:07
Let's be honest about it. Part of why LoTR did so well was because it was the movie we had all thought that the D&D should have been.

EDIT: Just saw the trailer for Eragon for the first time moments ago (ago 3 minutes) and I have to say I am impressed. I have a much stronger desire to go check it out than I have for Harry Potter (which I have yet to see).

21st of November, 2006, 12:08
Very. I heard that the movie is supposed to be excellent.

22nd of November, 2006, 06:09
I've... heard... of Eragon. I know my brother read the books, but I have absolutely no knowledge about the concept behind it. What's the deal on that?

22nd of November, 2006, 06:20
I don't want to give any spoilers away, but its worth a read, though its by no means the best book ever written (which a lot of stupid people I know claim).

It's about a boy who finds a blue "stone" in the wilds, with hopes of trading it for food for the winter. But some unforseen things happen, such as the stone being a dragon egg and the like. I really enjoyed it.

And guess what's cool.

School got out an hour and a half early today 'cause there was a fire in the cafeteria!

22nd of November, 2006, 08:28
Huzzah for pyromaniacs/grease!

24th of November, 2006, 01:41
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it!

And a 4 day weekend puts me in a very good mood!

24th of November, 2006, 11:13
Then again we have times like this. I was just talking to the voices, actually making a speech to a fictional army to raise moral in the lead up into a big battle. When the speech got to the high point I made a fist and slammed it down on the podium/desk thing while I said "And we'll crush them". Except that I wasn't actually standing at a desk or a podium, I was sitting on my bed and ended up hitting myself in the leg.

That's not the crazy thing, the crazy thing is that I continued with the speech for a few moments before figuring out why my leg suddenly hurt.

24th of November, 2006, 11:39
Itches, there is a cure for that, it is called a psychiatrist.

24th of November, 2006, 11:46
Um, wow. Thats one of the stranger things I've ever heard. I mean, I've had moments where I "roleplay" when I'm not playing a game, but never quite to that extent.


24th of November, 2006, 11:50
Hmm. Same.

Though I will say that I've occasionally been as intense (or as "immersed") during some LARP sessions.

25th of November, 2006, 03:50
I can't say I've been that immersed, but I did create a speech to the United Nations on behalf of the United States while in the shower once.

27th of November, 2006, 03:18
A speech to the UN? On behalf of the US? There is no way in hell that you can explain off all that we've done. Especially while in the shower. By the way, in the shower what were you on man?

27th of November, 2006, 03:19
Heh, here's an article (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/teen_tweens) that I found rather interesting.

It pretty much explained to me why me and my sister don't get along.

27th of November, 2006, 04:30
That is a very interesting article, and explained a lot of what the hell is exactly going on at my place. Zoran was at my place and agreed with damn near every line.

28th of November, 2006, 07:38
This was a dream, and let's see you psychoanalyse this! Ha!
I just had a disturbing dream, and not disturbing in the nightmare sense. The contents of this dream was war and battle, two battles actually.


Battle number 1 was a fantasy thing, swords, orcs and so on. As it started out we were outnumbered but things seemed pretty good so we were confident of victory. I was attacked - but not commanding - section 8, one which didn't seem likely that it would end up directly fighting. Section 2 was overrun, section 1 was pushed back, the tower they occupied destroyed, one of our heroes defeated and section 6 had to move up to totally block off the road. At this point I joined up with the commander of section 6 and entered the battle.

I wont go into the details of the individual fighting, there was cavalry charges, cavalry melee, mass fighting on foot, one extended piece where someone who wasn't my character ended up taking on about 8 orcs one after another until eventually the orcs sent forth one of their champions. The entire fight would make a very good story, one which I might one day write or turn into a major motion picture.

It was as this great duel was being waged that my character had to leave the fight and go back to his company. It seems the enemy had managed to bring some men around and was approaching from the south, so section 8 had to go down there and hold them off. This was where things stopped being fun.

Before the dream fights had been all very fantasy, graphic and with some of the good buys dying, but it was still a fun fantasy fight. Things when we moved up to stop being attacked from the side, we suddenly had guns. And the folks we were fighting were suddenly people instead of evil-orcs.


In this location we had a small clearing on the other side of a river, with three trailing coming down through vegetation too thick for anyone to walk through. The commanders had good intelligence that the main attack was going to come through the trail 3. I set myself up to the left of the main formation, took one look at trail 2 and directed some men to quickly try to block it off better and to maintain some of our attention to it. I didn't think there was much of a chance that any attacks except for a few scouts would come from trail 1 as the otherside was no where near the otherside of 2 & 3. The commanders had also put in place some heavy fortifications on the banks of the lagoon (4) to discourage any unlikely attempt over there.

So we waited, and waited and got edgy. Soon a couple of civilians came down trail 2, fleeing before the approaching army right as the main force appeared in trail 3. It paused to regroup where we could only just see the vanguard of the force, then attacked. Right when they attacked, a smaller force appeared in the more narrow trail 2 and also attacked, proving my instincts right.

Our battle plan here was simple, we were out numbered but as long as we could stop the enemy from getting out of the trail and into the clearing we could stop them from brining the force of their superior numbers against us and hold the position. Things progressed pretty well, we were holding them back on both fronts when I noticed a few corpses laying around the entrance to trail 1 - rather strange as there had been no fighting had been taking place over there. I went to investigate and discovered that it was a couple of scouts attempting to set up a heavy machine gun and playing corpse when ever someone was looking that way.

The fact that I saw through the subterfuge was a gave me the edge I needed to take them out, which was a good thing because if they had managed to set up the machine gun it would have cut our flank to pieces. So once they were dead I dragged the machine gun back to our main force, I mean if they were going to goto all of the trouble of bringing it to here it would be rude not to use it.

The battle continued to wage on, the main lot of fighting taking place at the entrance to trail 3 and I would drift up and down the line to where I thought I was needed the most. At times the enemy would threaten to break out and we would only by some miracle manage to push them back, things got especially hairy when they send a group of ATSTs down at us but we held the line. Also of note was that at one point one of my own men shot me in the back, but it was only a flesh wound and this was still only a dream so I gritted my teeth and carried on - I knew who did it too but couldn't afford the time to shoot him back because the enemy were once again threatening to break through and he was actually a very good soldier most of the time.

I ended up on the left flank of the line again and it seemed like we were actually going to be able to hold the position, we were taking casualties but nothing compared to the enemy. Then when our optimism was at it's highest it was suddenly dashed against the hard rocks of reality. I had been correct in my assessment thus far in the enemy movements, the main attack would be along trail 3 with a secondary force down trail 2 and only a few scouts down trail 1.

What we hadn't counted on was that the enemy would have allies of their own, because as things seemed to be swinging towards us a slew of fresh troops suddenly flooded out of trail 1, catching us off guard and ill prepared to meet them. Suddenly all of our efforts to stop the other side from breaching the clearing was all for naught, and the left flank under my command started to swing around to battle this new foe - and if at all possible push them back.

Things were looking very grim at this point, but it wasn't as bad as it first appeared. The new enemy were fresh and had managed to break into the clearing, but my troops were veterans to a man and those of the left had been in the least fighting in this conflict. There was still a chance that we could contain the situation and hold this spot, and I was preparing to do so when news of a forth assault reached us. The enemy I was facing at trail 1 had cunningly sent a sizeable group to cross the lagoon in stealth and hit us from that side, rendering our command centre useless and threatening to cut us off.

With communications with my superiors cut off, not knowing who was in charge and facing an unwinnable situation I did the only thing I could at the point, I ordered the entire force to fall back to location B before it was too late. We successfully disengaged and moved back while the enemy flooded into the clearing, formed up and reorganised. For our part this new location was good, but no where near as good as the one we had been forced to give up, and there was little we could do to improve it. With our commanders re-establishing control we built up a small wall of sand bags and with moral of the troops in the toilet we awaited the inevitable attack, while our incompetent officers expressed confidence that we could hold them here. At this point I also managed to get some attention to that would I'd been carrying around.

Having formed up into a single force, the enemy attacked our line and we repelled them, then they attacked again and we repulsed them a second time while our idiotic commanders grew more and more confident and continued to underestimate them. Once again I was on the left of the line here, and I only belatedly noticed that the other side had managed to send troops into the vegetation to our left - which was still thick but unlike the previous location not impassable - clearly the attacks on our front had been little more then diversions while the rest of their troops surrounded us.

The thing that really bites about this situation is that we could have wiped out the section of enemy that was trying to flank us, easily in fact. But if I had pulled even the small number of troops I needed from the main force, then the main force - now diminished through mounting casualties from the prolonged conflict - would have been weakened significently and unable to fend off a serious frontal assault. So without even having to seriously fight for it, the enemy had out manoeuvred us and we were forced to fall back yet again, this time to position C.

If moral amongst the troops was in the toilet before, it had been flushed by now. But things weren't all bad, in a surprisingly show of foresight the commanders of this section has predicted that we might be pushed back and had had the river and bridge fortified, and not a makeshift fortification like we had at position B. With the river there to stop us from being flanked and some serious vegetation to stop any attempt at crossing it, we had a pretty damn good position.

The downside was that this was our last point of defence, if we lost here we had to break and run for the main battle that was still taking place behind us. In the open ground the enemy would just be able to overrun us with their greater numbers, and the edge in the larger battle would swing away from my side as the enemy would be able to assault the flank of the main force.

Pressure on and not feeling too confident, we watched as our opponents formed up and marched towards our position, having no choice at this point but to mount a frontal assault against our much smaller number of troops. They marched closer, a few opening shots were fired and ... my character suddenly snapped out of it, the whole thing having apparently been a flash back from when he had been involved in the war years again.

Then shortly after I woke up.

28th of November, 2006, 07:44
I think someone has been spending too much time with this sort of thing in the real world.

28th of November, 2006, 14:35
What's interesting is how your dreams were incredibly tactics oriented and ground-level instead of the overseer mode of things.

28th of November, 2006, 18:02
Reminds me of when I used to dream.

28th of November, 2006, 18:28
I hardly ever dream anymore, too. And when I do dream its really weird. Not itches weird, but weird. I hardly ever remember my dreams, too....

28th of November, 2006, 18:37
I hardly ever dream anymore, too. And when I do dream its really weird. Not itches weird, but weird. I hardly ever remember my dreams, too....
If you hardly ever remember your dreams then how do you know that you aren't dreaming?
Dreams are a fundamental part of REM sleep, some people are just better at remembering them than others. If you weren't dreaming though, you'd be on your way to a swift grave.

28th of November, 2006, 19:18
There is a distinct difference between the dream as a physical process and the dream as an emotional and mental outlet. I sleep so little and never remember what dreams I have, thus, for outlet purposes I may as well not dream.

28th of November, 2006, 19:49
Well, I can't remember what the dream was about, if I have one. But I can remember I dreamed. The difference between remembering a dream, and remembering you had one.....Usually its one of those wake up and know you just had a weird dream, and then go to tell someone, and you've forgotten. *shrug*

29th of November, 2006, 05:58
Not itches weird, but weird.
Actually the post isn't 100% exactly what happened in the dream, like all good storytellers I fudged things to improve the telling. For instance when the troops came down trail 1, what really happened in the dream was the enemy put on a movie and they were movie troops who were coming out to attack us.

When it happened my character looked at them in disbelief and proclaimed "They're cheating!"

29th of November, 2006, 06:35
Last night, I kept having Beck's "New Pollution" going through my head in my dream.

29th of November, 2006, 14:13
Actually the post isn't 100% exactly what happened in the dream, like all good storytellers I fudged things to improve the telling. For instance when the troops came down trail 1, what really happened in the dream was the enemy put on a movie and they were movie troops who were coming out to attack us.

When it happened my character looked at them in disbelief and proclaimed "They're cheating!"

Wizards is in your subconcious.

2nd of December, 2006, 11:15
Kahluah: also, just reading the description of Diplomacy, and it takes around a full minute to convince someone to change their attitude towards you
Kahluah: so you won't be able to do so unless you want to spend the full 10 rounds not doing anything else
Sonof: oh well
Sonof : i'll just use the all purpose plan B
Kahluah: hit them with the hammer?
Sonof: aye
Kahluah: *grin*

2nd of December, 2006, 14:14
Heh, I understood that one!

2nd of December, 2006, 15:37
<Sonof> what do you have stumple?
<stumple> not saying
<stumple> :P
<Sonof> but I need to know if I should raise again =S
<Sonof> you might have a flush
<stumple> yes, I have a flush
--- Sonof has 4 6 8 K A a Flush with Ace, King, 8, 6, and 4
<Sonof> oh
<stumple> grrrr
--- stumple has 4 4 K A A Two Pairs, Aces and 4s with a King
--- ZORTHRAX has 4 4 6 6 A Two Pairs, 6s and 4s with an Ace
--- Result: Sonof wins 630.
*** GameOver!
<Sonof> my flush was better

4th of December, 2006, 09:38
* Sonof strangles life
<twisted_x___> yeah, lives can be bastards at times.
<twisted_x___> Not doing what you want them to do and such.
<twisted_x___> CURSE THEM!
<Sonof> apparently today is the 4th, not the 5th
<Sonof> I have an appointment on the 5th. I went out there today.
<twisted_x___> lol
<twisted_x___> That sucks.
<Sonof> I noticed right before I was about to walk in
<twisted_x___> lol

5th of December, 2006, 13:02
*with 4-5-6-7 on the table, an 8 in my hand and after much raising*

<Sonof> you have a 3 too?
<Sonof> split the pot!
--- ZORTHRAX has 3 4 5 6 7 a 7-high Straight
--- Sonof has 4 5 6 7 8 a 8-high Straight
--- Result: Sonof wins 780.
*** GameOver!
<Sonof> ;)
<ZORTHRAX> that didn't take long did it?

5th of December, 2006, 17:14
[Join] - [Janette]
<Sonof> 'ello Janette
<Sonof> we were just talking about you
<Janette> hii
<Janette> who was?
<Sonof> that would be telling
<Janette> TELL MEE!!
<Sonof> Sorry can't
<Sonof> I swore a blood oath
<Janette> fine
<Janette> I'll quit THEN
<Sonof> Why would you quit?
<One``> No one cares if you quit!
<One``> DO IT!
<Janette> FINE
[Quit] - [Janette] - Reason: [QUIT: User exited]
<One``> Muahaha
* Sonof shakes his head
[Join] - [Anika]
<Sonof> 'ello Anika
<Sonof> we were just talking about you
<Anika> Salut.
* Anika nods.
<One``> No one cares if you quit, Anika!
<One``> DO IT!
<One``> Muahaha
<Anika> ...
* Sonof shakes his head
<Anika> Do you care if I leave?/
<Sonof> wait, it isn't working the same this time
<One``> She hasn't left...
<Sonof> Maybe I should mention the blood oath
<Sonof> "Sorry I can't."
<Sonof> "I swore a blood oath"
* Sonof watches
<Anika> You didn't answer. :/
<Anika> I'm leaving.
<One``> No one cares if you quit!
<Anika> Smoking?
<Sonof> that would be telling
<Anika> Tell me what you want.
<Sonof> This isn't working out at all
* Sonof gives up
<Anika> I've screwed up all my servers and things.
<Anika> I'm leaving.
<One``> No one cares if you quit!
<Anika> I care if you shut up.
<One``> DO IT!
* Anika slaps Hayden.
<Anika> No more writing for you.
[Quit] - [Anika] - Reason: [QUIT: User exited]
<One``> Muahaha
[Join] - [Anika]
<Sonof> wb
* Anika nods.
<One``> It worked~!
<One``> Now to try it on Sonof
<One``> No one cares if you quit, Sonof!
* Anika gags One``.
<Sonof> We were just talking about you Sonof
<One``> No one cares if you quit!
<One``> DO IT!
<One``> Muahaha?
[Quit] - [Jinxy] - Reason: [Ping Timeout]
<One``> Damn it, wrong person.
<Sonof> You must learn to focus your power

6th of December, 2006, 08:00
Now that is an awesome game.